Written by willarey

3 Jul 2015

I have lusted after my older (and late ) brother’s wife for over 40 years. He was 10 years older than I and Barbie, his wife , just 5 years older. They married when Barbie was just 20 , Barbara was blond attractive, with legs to die for.

My feelings did not reduce over the years, and the older I got, the more I wanked.

When i was about 23 I even tried it on at a wedding in the darkened dance floor During a slow number I held her close, she had had a few drinks and did not resist, in fact she seemed to enjoy it and as I rubbed my crotch against her she pushed against me too, with the result that I became very hard; something that she seemed to appreciate, judging by the soft sigh she emitted as she rode the bulge in my pants.

However when i started to rub her tits with my thumb she came to her senses and said we should sit down . A difficult walk back for me as I tried to hide my cock poking into my trousers!

About 5 years ago, my brother died of a heart attack, and since then she has not been out much.

That was the end, that is until a couple of months ago, she won 2 tickets to an ABBA tribute show, and had no one to go with, my wife was away and my mother asked if would take Barb to the show to keep her company

I ‘reluctantly’ agreed.

I arrived at Barbara’s house at the appointed time, and as I got out of the car, she called from the upstairs window to come in and wait in front room, which I did .

A few minutes later, Barbara came down the stairs and took my breath away.

She was wearing a short sleeved red top with black bow fasteners over a calf length pleated skirt and red tights with black heeled shoes.

Fuck she looked gorgeous!

On the drive to theatre we chatted happily, and I said that if I had got her through an on-line dating service, I would think all my birthdays had come at once, and send them a bonus!

Barbara laughed, said I was a flatterer and rested her hand on my thigh. She left it there for the whole drive, and it drove me crazy, Not to mention the erection it gave me.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar before Curtain up then went in to enjoy the show,

Knowing where to put your hands and arms in theatre seats can be a problem, but Barbara made it easy shortly before the interval, by taking my hand and holding it in her lap.

I had pre ordered drinks for the interval, but it was tremendously crowded, and we were squeezed together, and to stop Barbara getting pushed away, I put a protective arm around her waist, and she allowed me to pull her close, where I could breathe in her seductive perfume.

Back in the seats for the second half, Barbara held my hand from the off and leaned over to me, occasionally resting her head on my shoulder. Now and then she would let go of my hand to squeeze my leg. This was getting me worked up out of my mind.

Once the performance was over we walked to where the car was parked with our arms around each other , just like a couple of young lovers.

Nevertheless, a bit of flirtatious behaviour was one thing, but where would it lead?

We reached the car and I opened the door to allow Barbara to get in, as she did, I got enough of a leg show to see that her legs were clad in stockings!

As we settled in and sorted seat belts etc, Barbara let out a mild expletive.

I asked what was the matter and she said that modern suspenders were not nearly as good as old ones and the stockings frequently slipped out. As she spoke, she hitched up her skirt and re –fixed the suspender. Stocking tops, white thighs!! My God, paradise!!.

I could not stop myself from staring.

“What’s up?” Barbara asked,” Haven’t you seen legs before?”

I replied that it had been a long time since I had seen stocking clad legs, and never a pair like hers.

She laughed and said I could touch if I liked, and got hold of my hand and placed it on her leg at the join of her thigh and the silky stocking top.

I was gone! My hand moved of its own accord, stroking up and down, getting higher each stroke. Barbara sighed and pulled her skirt up out of the way to give me free access to the top of her thighs.

I touched the tight fabric of her pants and stroked her cunt. Just as things were getting critical, a noisy group of people approached our part of the car park. Barbara sat up straight and lowered her skirt.

“Let’s get home quickly”

I did not argue, and did the journey faster than ever before, urged on by Barbara’s rubbing of my thigh and regular squeezes of my cock and balls

Well we made it home without me cumming in my pants, and as soon as we got inside we were all over each other, but Barbara calmed it down telling me to put some music on while she opened some wine,

When that was done we danced around a bit teasing and raising the state of arousal. Barbara showed off her lovely legs again and let me take a few pics on my fone as she stripped off down to her matching undies.

I could not resist the way her panties pulled tight across her cunt and had to slobber over it and pull the aside to work my fingers in and get her well open and wet.

Don’t let anyone tell you that older women have tight cunts. Barbara’s was loose and juice, I’ll never forget the sound of my cock slopping in and out of her, or the way she screamed for more as I put her legs over my shoulders

It was not necessary for me to go home that night .so we spent hours-making love in every position, and talking dirty.

Barbara kept me well hard telling of how she and her younger sister Lizzie shared a double bed as teenagers and learnt all the ways to enjoy their bodies and practice on each other.