Written by Lucy French

11 Apr 2005

One Friday night my husband Joey and I went for a drink at out local pub. We met up with Joey's mates, before long it was closing time and it was just us and Robert left. We invited Rob back for a night cap. As I was pouring the drinks I felt a hand on my arse, I turned around a smiled at Rob who continued to lift my skirt and touch my arse and pussy. Rob bent me over so that my tits were against the breakfast bar and my arse up in the air. He spread my legs and started to lick my pussy and arse. Joey walked in at first shocked, then I could see a bulge in his jeans and a smile on his face, he nodded at me and winked as Rob continued to lick me. I could feel myself coming all over Rob's tongue, and what made it even hornier was that my husband was encouraging me. After I'd finished coming I looked at Joey and he nodded for me to carry on, with which I bent down and unzipped Rob's cock. I started to suck he huge cock, half watching Joey and half watching Rob. They both looked at each other and Rob threw me over the breakfast bar and stuck he cock into my pussy, my pussy was so hot and his cock was throbing. Joey came over and put his cock into my mouth it felt so good having a cock in each hole! I came again all over Rob's cock, i could feel that he was starting to come in my pussy. I wanted to lick my come off his cock so I pulled away and beckoned them both upstairs. Then I asked Joey to fuck me and Rob to fuck my mouth, I got on my hands and knees and Joey slipped his cock up me and started to slowly fuck me, while Rob watched and wanked. Rob then came over and I sucked his cock tasting all my come, this made Rob shoot his come all over my face, while Joey was still pumping away. I turned and looked at Joey with come all over my face and he thrust a couple more times and shot his load inside me.

We still meet up with Rob and sometimes he comes back for a nightcap!