Written by Steve_1

30 May 2003

"seeking males to play with" read the add. please e-mail me. It was quite late in the day, but i thought I'd send an e-mail anyway. was due to go offline quite soon. Got a reply almost straight away requesting a pic. I sent a picture back and also left my number, as I really had to leave work.

An hour or so later I got a text message saying that she wanted to play with me, and did I have any friends that wanted to play too. Unfortunately, it was too short notice to get any mates to play with us. She then sent another text saying that she had another man lined up and would i mind him playing too. "not at all" I texted back. She rang me and we set up the the meet for the next day down in Cardiff.

The next morning I set off from Stoke on Trent pretty nervous. I hadn't seen a picture of her, but she sounded so sexy on the phone. Half way there I got a call to say that Tony couldn't make it.. he had had a car crash en route. She really did want a threesome, so I asked if she wanted to rearrange for another day. But she suggested we could meet up anyway, seeing as I was on my way. So I finished the journey with increasing excitement about what lay in store in Cardiff.

I asked for some directions from a chinese girl when I got near the house, and parked up outside. Could feel myself shaking as I walked up the path and knocked on the door.. oh my god I thought... what am I doing here? so far from home.. planning to have sex with someone I have never seen.

The door opened.. and there she stood. She lookeda little shy, probably as embarrassed as me. Tall in knee high 5" heeled stilleto boots, she was striking in her thigh-high split black dress. Her gorgeous smile beckoned me into her home. Her bleached blonde hair and blue eyes suggested sex long before we did.

we exchanged pleasantries and stories of past swinging experience over a cup of coffee, but the electricity was buzzing between us. Shall we go upstairs she ventured.. and held out her hand. We walked upstairs and into her bedroom.

We started kissing.. and touching. clothes were removed without parting.. I could feel her lovely soft tits touching my chest. I felt between her legs to feel her pussy wet. she reached down and felt my cock hard. we moved onto the bed, and continued kissing and stroking. she suggested that i might like to look in her toy box. I took out a blindfold and vibrator. she put on the blindfold and started fingering herself, and wanking me off at the same time. I slid the vibrator into her wet hole to squirms of delight. I moved my cock towards her mouth; she opened her mouth and started to lick the tip of my cock. she then took my whole cock into her mouth and sucked and licked me.

I moved the vibrator to the edge of her arse. her pussy juices were all over it, and it slid slowly into her arse. I moved round and slid my cock into her wet pussy while the vibrator edged further up her arse. The sex was getting more and more thrusting.. the cock up her pussy and the vibrator up her arse. we were both loving it.. fingers, tongues everywhere. She was still blindfolded and didn't know where she would be touched next, and she kept gasping when i touched her in different places.

We were both close to cumming and she asked where i wanted to cum. I told her I wanted to cum all over her face and in her mouth. she took off the blindfold and started sucking me again. the vibrator was still up her arse, buzzing away deep in her. My fingers were deep in her pussy, and my cock being sucked hard. This felt so good.. and a world away from normal life in suburbia. Faster and faster she sucked and licked till I gasped that I was cumming.. she took my cock out of her mouth, and wanked me off till we both came. My hot cum was all over her face, and she was licking her lips to taste it all. she was squirming as she shuddered to climax too, gripping my fingers deep inside her.

We both lay there sweating together, smug in the afterglow of great horny sex. We lay chatting about our lives outside of Fantasy Island; it felt so horny lying there.

We had another great horny fuck later that afternoon... as good as the first. god what a day.

we went back downstairs and had another coffee.. and more pleasantries..and then i was outside, back in my car heading north again.

What a day! I smiled all the way home as I re-lived the horny, dirty sex I had just had with the girl from South Wales.