Written by Liberator

15 Mar 2006

I always met them on a Friday at 11am. Some were single, some married, some should have been at work. They all were happy in life but just missing that little buzz of excitement, the possibility of surprise that life used to bring - that buzz they wanted to just make them feel alive again and awaken them. They were all beautiful but in differing ways and all wanted to become someone else and escape reality for a while - to liberate their mind to the possibility of adventure.

The first was a woman who claimed to be Trisha. She rushed back from dropping the kids of school to excitedly open the email. The pub was to be about an hour from her home to make sure there was no chance of anyone she knew seeing her. She had to rush to get ready - too little time to change her mind... She dressed as if for an interview in smart business suit, white blouse, black high heels but with the naughty exception that underneath she was clad in a lacy black bra that would show straight through, suspenders and no knickers. She wanted me to ask her questions about her sex life before she married, her previous lovers, her fantasies in her head that she felt unable to share elsewhere, the affair she had had whilst engaged that she had told not a single person about, her fantasy about a stranger... She did most of the talking as it turned out - it was obviously arousing her - whispering about her innermost sexual thoughts in a quiet corner of the pub to a virtual stranger. Talk was enough for her and I was sure she then went home to relief herself although she never admitted as much..

Becky, at least that was what she called herself with me, was more physical. She had explained that she wanted to exhibit herself as openly as possible. The first time we had met she had sat me in the front window of a bar looking out on to the street then slipped her breasts out right there and then within minutes of meeting me. Her nipples had looked fantastic and were very large and she obviously got off on shocking me. Several people in the street obviously saw although couldn't linger without it appearing rude. As her back was to the bar no-one within could see but I think a waiter at a restaurant across the road and people at the bus stop will have had quite an extended show. She was probably ten years older than me - probably close on 40 but her body was perfect and she teased me by rubbing her high heeled foot into my crotch. We walked to the riverside then she sat astride me and gently rocked herself to and fro against my crotch as we sat on the bench overlooking the water. It was quite busy with people walking closely past us but the slight movements were enough to bring us both off quickly.

Becky obviously needed something wilder. She had no children and did not plan on having any. She had a partner who worked abroad and I got the impression he treated her as a sex toy - to the extent that she seemed to expect to be treated as one by all. But she was disappointed if you treated her as anything more - always attempting to lure me back to her flat get drunk on Cava - I took her champagne once but it went unnoticed.

Ann was on a business trip to the area and only wanted to meet once originally. She was due to get married and her partner was going to Amsterdam for a stag do. She was concerned - but more that he might have a last adventure and that she would not. She booked the hotel room and I met her in there. She said nothing on the day - was on me as soon as I was within the door - obviously very aroused. We still meet-up now once ot twice a year when she needs a little relief - has a need to free the restaints in her mind and let her body free...

I still receive e-mails regularly from Becky and Ann with ideas. Becky is by no means subtle - she wants to be seen flashing on buses, trains, in public places - she obviously loves to show off the great body that she has. Ann likes to hear all about my newest liberations - her mind is very sexual and she like to take their ideas and adapt hem to her own fantasies. She is excited about her secrets being exposed on this site and she wants me to share responses with her, if people allow, to keep her aflame until our next meeting.

Friday will be here soon and it is time to pick someone new this week I think in need of liberation.