Written by Carl

11 Jul 2004

We had booked into a hotel in Bath for a couple of nights prior to Dianne’s 40th birthday. We both knew what we wanted from our break, a relaxing time, a visit to the Roman baths, but most of all plenty of good old fashioned sex. The anticipation had been building as the break got closer and on the morning we set off there were plenty of innuendos about what we were going to get up to.

As we were driving along Dianne was teasing me by saying that she will be sucking my cock, swallowing my come and then allowing me to do whatever I wanted, my cock began to twitch at this and with the rubbing it was receiving as I drove along I soon had a raging hard on. I pulled into the next services and no sooner had I stopped Dianne had me unzipped and she gave my cock a quick little kiss. I was at bursting point as she got out of the car saying that ‘there was more of where that came from when we get there’. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and give my wife the fucking that she both wanted and deserved.

When we arrived at the hotel we were pleasantly surprised to be giving an upgrade to a suite as I used the hotel chain for business stopovers. The room was impressive, a huge bed, massive bathroom with walk-in shower and two settees for lounging around on. We didn’t do much lounging that first afternoon, I virtually ripped Dianne’s clothes off as I needed to see and appreciate her wonderful body. Her 36D tits were the first to come into my view and they were as magnificent as usual, but as I pulled her thong down I got a wonderful surprise, her pussy had been shaved bald, and I had not seen it like that since we were first married. I had her on her back in no time at all and having nuzzled her nipples to full erection, I worked my way down to that freshly shaved pussy. I lapped at the lips, teasing her, occasionally touching her clitty, she was going wild, ‘just fuck me’ she wailed as an immense orgasm hit her. Who was I to turn down a request like that? I moved up her body nibbling on her nips and entered her. Her legs wrapped around me as I gave her my full 7” cock, ‘Faster, faster’ she pleaded and not much later I emptied my sack into her.

After we had had our evening meal we went downtown for a couple of beers, the England V Sweden football was on the big screen of the pub, we managed to get a couple of seats and necked a few beers whilst the game was playing. After about 75 mins of the game Dianne was nagging me saying that she was bored and wanted to go back to the room and I could do anything I wanted as long as we let at that moment. Well, an idea sprung into my head that I could use that I had wanted to do for a long time. As soon as we got into the hotel room I sat on the bed and told Dianne to get across my knee for making me miss the end of the game. I gave her 3 slaps on each buttock then told her to stand up and lower her jeans, well she only lowered her knickers as well, so I reprimanded her for not doing as told and said that would be another 3 on each buttock.

Here was a lovely rounded arse across my knee, a thong to hide her modesty and her jeans around her ankles she received another 3 slaps on each buttock before I told her to lower her thong for her final round of spankings, there was a little protest, but she soon was back over my knee with a bare bum quivering waiting for the final spanks. When I had finished her bum was lovely shade of red and a delectable sight. I told her to remove her jeans and knickers all together and get on the bed on her hands and knees. I told her to open her knees wide apart and I felt her pussy, it was absolutely soaking, the juices were pouring out. ‘Will you fuck me now’ she pleaded but I had a little bit of a dilemma, I had a gorgeous woman on her hands and knees, juiced up and wanting me right then, and the sight of luscious arse that needed some immediate attention, what was I to do?

Well I thought, why not have both, I entered Dianne slowly and she moved her body back to get more of me in her, and I poured oil over her bum to ease that whacking it had just received. I was rubbing in the oil and slowly fucking her from behind, my hands were all over her bum, the cheeks the crack and over her tight little hole. I had been allowed to lick her hole in the past but that was as far as I was allowed to go, when I tried to push my finger or cock in all I got was rebuffed and ended up disappointed. But this time was different, her bum was grinding backwards towards me, my cock still giving her pleasure as I reached over for her 5” vibrator. I moved the plastic cock around her hole expecting to get told off again but there were no complaints, it didn’t seem that long before I had the full 5” buried in her arse. What came next really surprised me, Dianne looked round at me and said ‘Put your cock in there’, who I to refuse, my dream was was coming true. She was wailing with delight and pain as my cock stretched her and in no time at all I was spraying my come over the still red cheeks of that wonderful arse.

The next day was just as wonderful, our sex life took another surprising turn but that’s another story. Whoever said life begins at 40 wasn’t wrong!!