Written by Arthur50

2 Dec 2003

Another 4 months passed and Kathy’s lump was now just starting to show as she was 6mnths gone and she was dead randy just like she was with the other two at this time. Something about needing to be appreciated as a woman she said, not just a fat pregnant woman, but no way was she fat. She was getting a bit touchy and frustrated as we never went out in the evening except to visit relatives and that wasn’t a barrel of laughs and since Russell left two months ago I hadn’t been out on a Thursday night either.

But I had been working overtime and had a little spare cash so I suggested we dress up and go out for a drink in town on the Saturday night and if she liked we could go to the Cinema first for the matinee and go on for a drink afterwards, her mum would have the kids. She went for that and it cheered her up so we arranged it with her mum and on the Saturday went to the Cinema and watched some soppy Love film and left around 8.00pm to go to a pub.

She was conscious of her small lump so wore a loose fitting short dress but I was pleased to see it was quite low cut in front and showing some nice cleavage which I had enthusiastically explored during the boring film which took me back to my youth.

I avoided the soldier’s pubs after what happened last time with Russell, in case they remembered me, so we first went to a smart Hotel bar in town. It was half full and dead quiet and we just talked about the kids all the time like we always did when we were on our own but luckily a bloke called Terry who used to work with me came over and after I introduced Kathy he joined us and we were able to have more adult conversation. Terry said he was supposed to meet a woman there but she hadn’t turned up so he was pleased to see us. He suggested we move on another place he knew, a lively pub he said which surprisingly wasn’t full of rowdy kids getting drunk so we agreed and went there with him.

It wasn’t far and on entering we could see it was busy and it took a while for us to get a seat but Terry was quick to get the drinks in as he knew the barman and didn’t queue, I was really impressed with that.

Kathy hadn’t had a drink since that night with Russell and Jacqui and after a couple of Port and Lemons she was quite merry and talkative, saying she felt self conscious with her lump but Terry said she looked lovely to him and didn’t look pregnant which pleased her.

Later an older couple in their late thirties called Dennis and Fran who knew Terry came over and joined us at the table, so we were now five, Fran was tall and blonde, good looking with lovely tits and larger than Kathy’s which caught my eye as they were on show even more than hers. Both the women were getting a few sly looks from single men there, especially at their large tits on show, so Dennis suggested we all go back to his place as there was plenty of drink and we could have a good chat and a laugh. I was keen and so was Terry and Kathy looked at her watch and seeing it was still just after 10.00pm agreed if it was not too far, saying she was pregnant and didn’t want to walk miles.

Dennis smiled and said you would never know, which made her night, and he offered a lift in his car as he had a Volvo estate and it wasn’t far anyway so off we all went when we finished our drinks.

It didn’t take long and they had large detached house which impressed Kathy when she compared it to our council terraced one. It had central heating as well and was dead comfortable on their wide soft sofa and chairs having a drink from their portable bar unit on wheels. Dennis said he was an expert at making Cocktails and he was quick to make some of his own with cherries in etc, I would have preferred a decent pint but we all humoured him and tried his cocktails which were nice but a bit sweet for me although they must have had a good alcohol content as I began to feel quite merry and relaxed, probably because of mixing them with the beer we had earlier. Kathy was very merry after the drinks she had and was very talkative again after she got over her initial caution at meeting a new couple.

We talked about the girls and our life in Aldershot then Dennis and Fran told us about theirs and finally Terry said he was divorced and out of work and had no life at the moment which we all sympathised with but thought it funny in the circumstances.

The conversation soon became more sexual and Dennis asked Kathy if she still enjoyed having sex being 6mnths pregnant or had she gone off it. Kathy looked at me, laughed and replied although she felt like a “Dag” at the moment it actually made her feel more randy for some reason and said it probably was her hormones in a mess.

Dennis laughed at that and said she was no “Dag” and she can be as randy as she likes.

The lounge was large and he suggested we all have a bit of dance, so he put on music and I sort of danced with Fran in a circle with Dennis and Terry dancing properly around Kathy who hadn’t danced for years and was really enjoying it.

Fran moved close to me when a slow number came on and as she put her arms around my neck our bodies rubbed together close, so very soon my cock was standing to attention and she must have felt it against her as her hands came down and one was soon discretely around it and squeezing. I was really horny looking down at Fran’s heaving chest, being so close. I pulled her arse cheeks tight into me while we danced and quite ignored the others for a while my imagination ran riot.

When the music had finished I gave her arse cheeks a tight squeeze and pulled her close one more time as we turned to join the others and as we all sat down again I saw Kathy was quite flushed herself but smiling and her dress was now undone and wide open to the waist with her bra and breasts showing.

We all carried on laughing and joking as Dennis passed around refreshing drinks after all that dancing and soon we all were feeling quite horny and my arm was around Fran and slowly worked its way round her to the front, squeezing and holding her breast through her dress while the other hand was undoing her buttons to feel the flesh.

Kathy watched this and smiled at me as Dennis boldly then reached across her, loosened her dress completely and dropped it off her shoulders and down to her waist, then calmly turned her towards Terry, unclasped her bra and removed it so she was sitting there between Dennis and Terry completely topless and while we all continued chatting he was cupping and squeezing both Kathy’s breasts in his hands.

A little later, after spending time squeezing Kathy’s tits, Dennis said he didn’t know about the rest of us but he felt horny and suggested we all have some fun and split up for a while and proposed that I stay here with Fran in the lounge while he and Terry go to the main bedroom with Kathy and see how randy she really is when pregnant.

I looked at Kathy who smiled and said I was fine with that and as Kathy stood up Terry quickly pulled her dress down over her hips and completely off leaving her just in stockings as she fell back on Dennis. He laughed and clasped her breasts again then gently felt her small lump while Terry clasped her pussy.

Fran and I watched as Kathy was played with for a while then the three of them wandered upstairs with Terry close up behind her and as she reached the top I could see Dennis pulling Kathy close up to him and lifting her up off the ground by her arse cheeks.

Fran quickly moved closer beside me and I didn’t hesitate to avert my eyes to her then kiss her deeply and start exploring her tits which I had wanted to do all night. She helped by standing up and slipping her dress off revealing herself in just a bra, stockings and suspenders, fixed to a belt. No panties, which gave me a view of her lovely mound and as she knelt down in front of me I quickly had her bra off and enjoyed her enormous tits and large nipples while she loosened my trousers and had my cock out.

I was so engrossed in her tits I never noticed what she had started to do with my cock at first but I was aware it was wet so looked down and was amazed she was licking it and then took it in her mouth. I had heard of blow-jobs and lots of blokes bragged about having them but I hadn’t and this was heavenly bliss as after a few minutes I shot my cum straight in her mouth and was delighted to see she swallowed most of it. We lay on the sofa kissing and with her caressing my cock it soon became hard again and as I fingered her I could feel she was already wet so I easily slipped it inside her and began thrusting. She didn’t just lie there but gyrated her hips and talked real dirty so I did back to her and it was a really nice fuck and I came again in 5mins and she licked my cock afterwards which was fantastic.

She told me Dennis uses a cock ring which I had never heard of but she explained how it worked at the base of the shaft and also how next time she would squeeze it herself which would help me last longer when fucking. It wasn’t long until we tried that and her squeezing added a few more enjoyable minutes as she said before I came and I was very pleased I had been given a blow-job and fucked her twice. I was still playing with her lovely tits when suddenly I wondered how Kathy was doing with the others upstairs and mentioned it to Fran.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled saying I must have noticed that she was fucked at the top of the stairs by Dennis up against the wall and then Terry took his turn afterwards, before they even reached the bedroom, and she would be very surprised if Kathy hadn’t been very well fucked non-stop from then on with two experienced and horny men like Dennis and Terry. She asked if that was a problem for me, as it obviously wasn’t for her, as she would have cried out or come back down, long before now.

I was honest and said it wasn’t a problem as long as she was safe and enjoying it and for some strange reason I just had to tell her all about the night with Russell and Jacqui and how much it turned me on watching him with her which didn’t surprise her and she said we were both a lovely couple and both Dennis and Terry are very experienced so she will be kept very busy with them, enjoying it and not to worry.

She followed that up by saying that Dennis has a fetish for pregnant women so I smiled, not having a clue what a fetish was. This line of talk soon had my cock hard again and she enjoyed mounting me this time and doing all the work and I didn’t complain, that was a another first for me and doing it that way seemed to make me last longer still before cumming. I would remember that.

Afterwards Fran suggested we could go upstairs and watch the other men with Kathy, but I could probably guess what’s happening, so if I would rather, we could stay down here and play until they came down with her.

I thought about it and reminded her how turned on I was watching Kathy being fucked by Russell and she said you will certainly see her being fucked by those two if we go upstairs and led the way to a bedroom on the first floor.