Written by Arthur50

4 Dec 2003

Fran opened the door slowly and as we went in to their main bedroom I was faced with lights dimmed and the three of them naked on top of a large double bed.

Kathy was on her back with Terry by the side of her and she was holding and sucking his cock while Dennis was on top fucking her, squeezing her enlarging tits with one hand and lightly rubbing her expanding tummy with the other one, while she had her legs wrapped tight around his waist. He told her she was a sexy horny bitch which certainly seemed to excite her as she groaned and he looked over and grinned at me when she did.

Fran and I quietly watched and soon we saw Terry hold Kathy’s head in his hands and cum in her mouth which Kathy clearly enjoyed, she did swallow most of it , but not all like Fran did with me, turning around and grabbing a tissue to wipe the remaining cum from her mouth.

Dennis kept on fucking her steadily for a while then finally turned her over on her tummy, fucking hard and playing with her large swinging breasts until he cried out as he filled her with his cum.

This was really turning me on and I was as stiff as a rod as Fran pressed her bum backwards against me and my cock nestled right between her arse cheeks but I didn’t realise then what she really meant.

Terry certainly seemed well satisfied lying there as did Dennis who had quite a paunch on him and was quite hairy but he had a nice sized uncut cock which I thought Kathy must have enjoyed. He said Kathy was a very sexy pregnant bitch and he could fuck her for hours more because she loves it at the moment. Kathy went red as Terry agreed but he then apologised and said he had to go but it was a really enjoyable night and would love to repeat it with us all which we all laughed at and wished him a safe journey home, wherever that was.

Fran moved away from me and Kathy saw my rigid cock standing to attention and licked her lips so I took that as invitation and went over to her, joining her on the bed.

We kissed then I had her turn over on all fours and fucked her from behind easily without any foreplay while the others watched and encouraged us, including Terry who hadn’t gone yet. I immediately noticed the cum in her pussy made it sloppy and she was slack after Dennis had just cum inside her so I decided not to cum like that and after some good fucking while I played with her tits I then lay on my back and surprisingly she straight away went down on me, licking and sucking me for the first time ever and I could see Dennis grinning and holding his cock as Terry moved closer to Kathy instead of going home. Her intention was to suck me off I think but after a while I told her to get on top, which she did and it was fantastic as she fucked me like that for the first time as well, after all these years always on her back, and I managed to hold off cumming for a while before I filled her with my spunk to mix with Dennis’s.

When she got off she lay on her back next to me and Terry surprised me by going down on her, opening her legs then licking and sucking her pubic hair first then her cunt which must have been full of mine, Dennis’s and perhaps his own cum.

Dirty bastard!!! I thought, but didn’t say anything and was amazed to see her soon start moaning, arching her back and jerking her hips beside me saying how good it felt and held his head tight on her pussy with both her hands when she had another orgasm. So I thought I would try that sometime myself. He kept on sucking her for ages after she came, until he was satisfied then said he really must go now, dressed and quickly rushed off.

After he had gone the women went downstairs to organise some food and Dennis opened the bedside drawer and showed me a range of sex toys he sometimes uses and Fran used herself. I had heard of sex toys but had never seen any before and was amazed at the range and different shapes and hardness of them. He explained to me how they were used which was new to me and then showed me handcuffs and something he called a paddle, shaped like a hand and said they were all bought abroad in Amsterdam.

Dennis asked me how it was with Fran downstairs and I told him all we did in the lounge and how some was new to me but I enjoyed it then asked him about Kathy.

He said I was lucky she was a very hot sexy bitch when pregnant which didn’t surprise me, I already knew that, but I was more surprised when he said he had spanked her twice (another thing I have never done) and she found that erotic and fun. He said he fucked her three times which she enjoyed, especially the first time at the top of the stairs when he fucked her up against the wall, because she didn’t expect it.

He made her talk really dirty on the bed and she soon loved that and when he did to her, she said it turned her on and I had to admit to him we had never done that either together. She was a little hesitant at first he said when she sucked him but soon was enjoying it and even he was very surprised when she swallowed it all first time. Terry played with her a while and fucked her twice he said, one before they entered the bedroom and another doggy style on the bed while she sucked Dennis and she also sucked Terry as I witnessed, but she didn’t swallow it all with him.

That is fucking hot for Kathy I told Dennis and said all these years we have been together we just fucked with her on her back most of the time and occasionally on her tummy and there was no sucking. He said he has found that with some other pregnant women which is why they are so lovely to fuck when pregnant and I should make hay while the sun shines. I asked him about Terry sucking Kathy and he explained all that to me so I was very pleased we had met them and both Kathy and I seem to have learnt a lot in a short time.

We then went downstairs and the women appeared with some snacks and we all had more of Dennis’s famous cocktails with them. He was not backward now in openly fondling Kathy’s breasts and playing with her pussy as we all chatted together, even suggesting to her she might consider shaving her cunt after the baby was born as she had lovely pussy lips and it was a pity not to show them but she didn’t like the idea of that so he sensibly never furthered it any more. I cuddled Fran and played with her cunt as he wasn’t backward with Kathy and we listened to his jokes first and then some tales of his and Fran’s occasional experiences over 5 years with different couples and singles they met, a couple of them were really hilarious.

While he was talking he even confidently guided Kathy’s head down and had her suck him slowly until he came again and I could see she didn’t hesitate and enjoyed it as much as he did. Later Fran did the same with me as Dennis had Kathy mount him as he lay back on the sofa, just as I did earlier with Fran and upstairs with Kathy, I was certainly impressed with his ability to recover so quickly after cumming, being at least 10yrs older than me.

It was soon the early hours of the morning so he phoned a Taxi to take us home later and charged it to his Company and we soon dressed before it arrived and were home within half an hour of leaving. We just fell into bed knackered but we were up and ready when Kathy’s mum and dad dropped the kids off at 8 next morning and everything was back to normal.

It really seemed quite flat during the day after last night and I felt bored and restless so I mentioned it to Kathy during the afternoon, she agreed and said she felt just the same; it had been fun last night and as it doesn’t really affect our normal life or our relationship together so why not have fun? I asked her if she felt any guilt as I did a little when I woke up this morning but she said not really, there was nothing wrong in what we did as it was open and not in secret from each other, we both enjoyed it and we are a long time dead so let’s enjoy ourselves, we might not have much money but meeting Fran and Dennis doesn’t cost much.

So we met with Dennis and Fran a couple of times a month over the next couple of months and Kathy was still as horny as ever with me as she grew larger and right up to the birth. It was only about 10 days before going into labour that both Dennis and me had fucked her together at his house, which Kathy loved and said it made her feel good, us taking turns with her from behind. She went on all fours with each of us playing with her now larger nipples, heavier breasts and rotund tummy hanging down beneath her, while Fran watched and took some sexy photos of each of us with her for their album which looked very erotic and different.

The actual labour was the shortest yet for Kathy at 3hrs after her waters broke and there were no problems at all, so they were both back home within about 8 hours as the maternity ward was very busy, which was amazing. I joked about it being like shelling peas to Kathy.

We had a phone installed now and it was very busy with calls from Dennis and Fran as well as relatives, before and after the birth..

About four weeks after Louise was born I went to bed, kissed Kathy after she had fed her, then carefully slipped my hand up her nightdress at first then removed it completely then stroked and kissed her pussy and began to squeeze her breasts and suck her nipples hard, which were still full of the milk I swallowed. I was surprised and pleased when she then grabbed hold of my cock, which was ready for fucking, and slowly wanked it and she surprised me yet again by asking me to lie on my back as she began sucking me until I came and shot it all in her mouth and she swallowed it all. We had a horny 2hr fucking session that night, talking really dirty as well and we did all the things we had learnt from Dennis and Fran and she came herself a couple of times which was fantastic after a month without any with Kathy.

Everything was great after that night, Louise was very good and soon sleeping through the night so then we had regular good sex and Kathy was back to being her happy self.

Dennis and Fran made sure they never became a nuisance which I was thankful for, just the occasional phone call for a chat, a few presents for Kathy and Louise and no mention of meeting with them. I did meet Fran and Dennis once at their place though and she taught me how to lick and suck her how she likes it done, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of others, and also showed me her clitoris and explained all about multi orgasms etc. Afterwards Dennis showed me how to do anal with Fran and explained all about the importance of using plenty of lubrication and I loved it when it was my turn and she said she I was very good at it, I hoped she meant it and to be honest I felt abashed at being in my late twenties and knew so little about women’s anatomy.

Around 10weeks after Louise was born and she was now on solid food Kathy’s mum and dad willingly had the kids and Louise when Kathy said she would like to go out, so we went with Fran and Dennis for a smashing meal at a posh Chinese restaurant they liked to use with another friend of theirs called Edwin who was a black doctor at a local hospital and came from Ghana originally.

Kathy spent ages getting ready and wore a really sexy, almost transparent, tight fitting black dress that she hadn’t been able to wear for many months, plenty of cleavage which I always like to see and this one had a big split up the side so when she crossed her legs you could see her lovely shaped legs and thighs in sheer black stockings and heels. She certainly received some appreciative looks from guys in the Restaurant and her tits were now back to a lovely 36DD which was just the right size for play and admiring.

Before we came out, we had both agreed to go straight home afterwards as this was her first night out and Kathy could take advantage of the girls being away and rest but she said she felt fine now and since Jessica was on solids and sleeping all night she was back to normal, not so tired and the night was still young.

Dennis and Fran were very pleased when they heard that and invited us back with them for a drink to celebrate Kathy’s return to normality, so we all went back to their place and Kathy was in good spirits and thank god Dennis had gone off the cocktails so we all had decent drinks and Kathy had a double.