Written by steve

6 Oct 2006

Today’s highly topical issue of Muslim women and the veil brings to mind a horny episode from a few months ago. As long time swingers and frequent world travellers Sue and I have been able to fuck with all sorts of different nationalities. A few months ago I was working in the middle east while Sue stayed back in London and having some time on her hands was seeking a bit of fun of her own. Sue is very pale skinned and is fascinated by partners with brown skin. In persuit of which we have fucked several Indian and Pakistani couples, including one from Bradford were the girl had a surprisingly shallow pussy but sucked cock like a pro - so naturally Sue was very taken by an ad from a sexily coloured couple. She made contact with them, they sounded OK - told her they were usually based in the middle east, the wife was bi curious and they were visiting London and hoping to satisfy their curiosity.

The next day they arranged to meet in their fancy hotel where, after a slow and nervous start Sue and the girl got down to some girlie fun. The newbie was clearly hot for Sue’s pussy and after protracted 69 the husband joined in for a threeway where both girls sucked him and fucked him.

A further meeting soon followed, this time Sue arrived to find the girl was dressed like a total slut and the fun started quickly with the girls taking turns using their new toy, a huge strap on. During a breather the couple told Sue that they were both Arabs and came from the same Arab country where I was based. Naturally they were Muslim and in public in her own country she often went out fully veiled - Sue found that an amazing admission coming from a girl who was currently wearing nothing but a huge black strap on dildo.

For their third and final meeting they asked if Sue could bring a friend and she was fortunate to persuade Mal, who is a regular swinger and a reliable partner.

The two guys seemed to encourage each other to get rough and the girls took turns being man handled into double vag penetration. By then Sue was too far gone to care so although out of bounds the guys took turns fucking both girls in the ass. The fun should of ended after some gentle girlie action, however the guys had recovered while watching the girl's sex show and Sue was persuaded to take the Arab guy back to ours so his wife could spend the night with Mal! Sleeping together is not usual swinger fun but as Sue was the only one not keen she did’nt want to spoil things and agreed.

That’s what I call good international relations.

Sadly I never met them in the Gulf, perhaps one day?