Written by Ian p

15 Sep 2005

The following I can assure is 100% genuine and has happened in the past couple of months!

I was talking to a friend of mine and he was telling me that his sex life had gone a little stale, what with pressures at work etc and he needed to find a way of spicing things up. What he thought of was quite original and that was he wanted someone to film him and his wife Kate having sex and said he even had her blessing, but no way would she let anyone who they knew have the pleasure of filming all of the action. " well thats the story of my life" I thought but it had planted some seeds in my head - How many other couples out there would liked to be filmed and to watch it for many years to come, so I decided to test the water and place an ad on this site (337346). The response was quite encouraging once I had gone through the time wasters from the genuine replies.

I liked the look of one couple from Cardiff and contacted Paul and Bev who are both in their early fifties and arranged to meet up with them the following week.

I was quite suprised to meet this reserved couple but they had obviously thought this through and Bev said " I have for years wanted to star in my own film and to watch myself getting fucked " well I couldn't believe what I was hearing but to say it turned me on was an understatement indeed. I explained to them that this was the first time that I had done this and said that I would totally respect all of their wishes and keep to my word and just be nothing more than a cameraman. I couldn't wait for the following week to come around and duly arrived at what looked like a very nice house in a very respectable area. What greeted me made my heart miss a beat - Bev opened the door dressed in a blouse , shirt skirt and high heels, but what I noticed was that she was wearing stockings, as the skirt was more than on the short side. She greeted me with a kiss and said that she was a little nervous but was like a kid at christmas and could not wait to get started. We agreed that this would be unscripted and unedited, with no holds bared. I quickly got my camcorder out and for the next 45 mins filmed this Very sexy woman who I thought butter wouldn't melt take the lead and basically give paul the time of his life. She certainly knew what she wanted and undressed Paul and slowly took what looked like, not so much a long but a very thick cock indeed. How she got all of his cock in her mouth I will never know, but she did quite comfortably and slowly wanked his cock at the same time. Slowly licking down his very thick length, she licked his balls and then his arse - I just could not believe what I was seeing and filming very close up. Paul then took over and undressed Bev until all she had on was her stocking and suspender belt, moving down he proceded to expertly lick Bev's pussy and by the moans that were coming out of her mouth, she was in complete heaven. Holding his head she pushed his mouth firmly against her pussy to her delight. The sight of her swollen lips I must admit made me start to get hard and it was probably the best looking pussy that I had ever had the pleasure to see and all from about 18 inches away.

Moving up, Pauls's face was smeared with her pussy juice, which I must admit was a nice sight and confirmed just how wet Bev's pussy was! Moving her legs wider apart, Paul then put his cock very slowly into her inviting pussy and moved in and out what was a steady pace and all the while Bev's hands were fimly on Pauls bum pushing him into her deeper. All the time I had filmed this I didn't say a word, I didn't have to as they had obviously talked about what they were going to do before I had arrived, but I could not resist and told Bev to put her legs over Paul's shoulders - well what I was greeted with was the sight of Paul's thick cock fucking his wife and all the while in front of me I could see her beautiful puckered hole that looked very inviting indeed. What seemed like ages, Paul was now fucking Bev as hard as he could and he said "I'm going to cum where do you want me"? Without saying a word she pushed him off and took his very wet cock back into her mouth and wanked him at the same time, within seconds Paul started to cum and Bev wanked his cock until he shot all over her face. Without saying anything Paul left the room to go and have a shower, I said to Bev how did she find the experience and she replied "Fantastic, the best I have ever had". She said at one point she wanted me to join in and only just resisted. I told her that I respect both of them and that on this occasion I would just be the cameraman. But we have arranged another filming session soon, so we will see what happens, but I'm happy to stay this side of the camera.

I recently had a response from a 28 year old female called Joanne who wanted to be filmed whilst playing with herself and give her boyfriend the tape as a birthday present. She took no notice of me filming her and she played with her clit, fingered herself and totally pleasured herself with the biggest dildo that I had ever seen. Joanne is quite small so how she managed to insert all of the dildo I will never know.

I will continue to place my ad as at the moment I'm having fun, so if you are in the South Wales or South West England areas who knows it could be you who I film next.