Written by Timbo

7 Jun 2006

To put you in the picture, Emma and I were enjoying the 'honeymoon' period of a new relationship. Both recently out of poor marriages we were indulging ourselves in the liberating experience of this new and open friendship. By open, I don't mean that we were sleeping around with whoever took our fancy, but we were being open and honest with each other about what turned us on and our fantasys. The resulting sex was electric and the most intense I have ever known.

Over the coming months we developed these thoughts and the subject of trust and monogomy came up we both agreed that sex is sex and love is love, the two are intertwined but not mutually exclusive. This led us to fantasise about sex with other people involved, Emma with other men, (more of this another time) and getting involved with couples. About this same time we were visiting a site similar to this one, and were often reading the stories about other couples expliots. This usually end in us getting very horney and 'talking it up' all the way through the sex. One particular story caught our eye however, about two couples who got together for a dinner party with a dress code. The boys were to dress smartly, but the girls were only allowed to wear indecently little black dresses, with stockings or hold ups. From this story we sort of accidentally hatched a plan

Our social circle was fairly tight, and full of old friends of both of ours, however there were two new kids on the block. A young couple, James and Katie who both seemed very fun packed and flirty. One drunken evening back at ours after the pub the four of us were talking about sex and what we liked. I mentioned the story to them and received quite a favourable reaction. By the time they left to go home we had arranged our own dinner party.

The following Saturday evening I was just finishing off laying the table when Emma appeared at the dining room door way. She looked stunning, Her dress bearly contained her curvy figure, infact her 38DDs looked like they could make an unscheduled appearance at any moment! As she walked past me smiling into the kitchen I could clearly see the tops of her stockings. I was twitching already!

7.30 and the door bell rang, I let our guests in, Katie, looking demure as ever rather sensibly had worn a long coat to travel in. I asked her if I could take it for her, rather shyly she agreed, I think she caught sight of Emmas attire and relised she wasn't the only one in fancy dress! Well boys I have to tell you what a wonderful sight, a slim 23 year old, shapley long legs encased in black hold ups, and the most perfect pert breasts, squeezed beautifully together by her 'up and at em' bra. I think I let out an audible gasp of appreciation and completely forgot to fix anyone drinks! James in the mean time had made his way into the kitchen to find Emma, and by the look on his face was very pleased with his current eyeful.

We sat down to a rather superb dinner, with excellent wine and great company. Just like many other foursomes that night. It was what came afterwards that might not be considered the 'norm' When we had finished eating Emma suggested that we retire to the living room with a couple more bottles and some music. I went upstairs to the toilet and and on entering the lounge noticed that Jame and Emma were sitting cosily on on sofa together. Emmas skirt had ridden up to reveal, what in polite company would be considered far too much of her well rounded thighs. However tonight she was doing nothing to reclaim her modesty. On the other sofa sat a rather nervous looking Katie, legs crossed, but as you can imagine with a fantastic amount of upper thigh on display. I poured everyone more drinks and sat down close to Katie. It was now I could really smell her perfume, different to Emmas, really heady. Her scent and sitting close to her started to arouse me. The conversation was helping too, there only seemed to be one, sex!

Quite soon James was getting bolder his arm was round Emma and his hand was casually cupping her left breast as we chatted away. An amazing rush of feelings came over me, anger? Jealousy? No, just pure unadultered horniness! Emma looked across at me and asked if I was okay, from the look I gave her she didn't need to ask twice.

The dynamic of the conversation shifted at this point and we started to talk as seperate couples. My girl and James and his girl with me. I checked with Katie how she was feeling, she was okay but didn't look as comfortable as either James or Emma. It was what happened next across the room that seemed to change everything. As I was chatting to Katie, out of the corner of my eye I realise that Emma and James were locked in a very passionate kiss. His right hand was moving slowly under the hem of her dress and as his hand moved so Emma opened her legs slightly to allow him better access. Katie and I watched, transfixed by our partners behavour. By now Emmas hand was stroking what looked like a very ample bulge in the front of James trousers and he, from the look of his hand movements, had got my ladies knickers to one side and was fingering her. I looked back at Katie, she hadn't taken her eyes off the other pair, I leaned towards her and said "its like watching the best porno ever", she answered with a low, distracted "yes" I leaned in still further and kissed her gently on the lips, she responded hungrly, tonguing my mouth. I ran my hand up onto her thigh and started to caress her, as I did her legs parted and my hand reached the smooth flesh at the lacy top of her hold ups. My hand brushed across the silky front of her panties, I could feel her heat and was sure I caught the scent of her moistness. She stopped kissing me for a moment and looked past me to the action unfolding across the room. Emma was taking James trousers off for him and easing his tight shorts over his massive cock, easily the biggest I'd ever seen. She then knelt in front of him ran her hands up his thighs letting her hungry mouth follow. Emma loved to suck cock and I suspected she was going to enjoy this one more than most. In the meantime my hand was rubbing Katies silk clad wetness and she was pushing down onto me. I slipped off the sofa and on to the floor whilst my hand continued its exploration, I could now see straight up Katies skirt to her Knickers, clearly moulding themselves to the shape of her increasingly aroused cunt. Just in case my view was impeded in any way she opened her legs wide apart. I love to see a girl surrendering herself in this way, such a turn on. She continued to watch the 'porno' unfolding infront of her as my mouth closed in on her muskyness, she was so wet. I eased her black panties to one side to reveal, to my suprise, a wonderfully hairy mound. In the middle, protruding, glistening, were her highly aroused lips. I had to taste her. As I did her hand fell on top of my head as if to hold me in position. With my free hand I pulled her hood back to allow me unrestricted access to her clit and as I circled the nub with my tongue Katie started to moan, Pushing my head and tongue harder onto her sex. I could only imagine what was going on across the room but with the visual stimulation and the ministration of my my mouth Katie came very noisily. I think we all found that very liberating. In no time at all we were shedding clothes at an alarming rate! As I watched Emma sit on James lap and lower herself gingerly onto his superb cock the now insatable Katie ripped at my shorts. I studied James opening up my beautiful girl as his lady engulfed my cock with her warm mouth, I was in heaven. Emma was now riding This new invader, taking the whole length, she looked over her shoulder and caught my eye the look of lust and pleasure I will never forget. Within minutes I was listening to Emmas screams as she came. I myself was loosing it too though, as the seemingly so innocent Katie probed my arse with her finger. I too gave in to the inevitable and gushed into Katies hungry mouth.

We all had a bit of a breather at this juncture and sat around totally naked chatting and finishing the wine. How wonderful to be this uninhibited I thought. James and Emma announced that, if we were okay with it, they would like to go to bed together for the rest of the night. Katie and I looked at each other, didn't really need to say anything, our eyes said we hadn't had enough of each other just yet!

Sorry for rambling on a bit. This was the start of a cracking relationship with these two friends and we had many other get togethers. Some in the same room, with everyone touching and licking anything that came with in range. Some were seperate room affairs, where I discovered Katies penchant for having my tongue buried deep inside her arse whilst she gave her clitty a good seeing to!

Sadly James and Katie broke up sometime later however we continue to play with James when we get the oppotunity. The trust and knowlege of each other is really something. To the point where James and I play together infront of Emma now.

Thats horny!