Written by Jack and Diane

3 Mar 2005

We recently went to Hamburg and visited the Reeperbahn. I'm 48 and my wife, Diane is 41. She has a 38d bust and enjoys flirting. Whenever we go on holiday we do like to sunbathe naked. On our second night in Hamburg, we had a meal in our hotel's retaurant Traders Vic and stayed after the meal as the cocktail of the night were MAi Tai's at 5 euros each. It was about midnight we were quite merry and decided to go and see a live sex show. we got to the Safrai Club at about 1pm. We were taken to seats right at the front. There were about 10 blokes and two couples already watching a show which were two naked busty girls doing a 69 on each other. They then started to play with dildo's and ende up fucking each other's shaven pussy with them. I got quite an eyeful sitting in the front row. When they finished there was a break of 5 minutes and the next show began. This was a show with classical music involving a scene from dracula. A male performer was dressed in black and a girl in a corset and stockings. He grabbed her and in time to the music ripped her clothes off, until she was naked. He then stripped and stood in front of us with his limp 8 inch prick. Diane whispered to me that she would like to play with it. A bed was lowered onto the stage and the girl got on it on all fours, Dracula went over to her and she gave him a blow job, bringing him up to a 11 inch erection. I could hear Diane saying"I'd give that a try anyday". He then walked around the stage showing off his erection and then proceded to fuck the girl in various positions. They kept moving around to show the audience that he was fucking her. After 10 minutes the curtains were closed.The show lasted for 2 hours, where watched girls strip and more girl on girl shows.The drinks were not cheap, but we were enjoying ourselves. The male came out and did a strip. He got down in the audience and got the women to take his clothes off. When he got to Diane, he mad her take his g string off with her teeth. He than allowed her to rub her hands over his body. She went to his prick and played with it and his ball bag. It started to stiffen. He then moved it across her face, as she went to kiss it he jumped back on the stage and the act finished.The next act was the girl that had been fucked on stage. she stripped and came into the audience with a dildo. She would place it on men's laps and then mount it and bounce up and down. She got to me and faced me as she fucked the dildo. I stared to massage her lovely large tits and as she got off the dildo, I fingered her shaved pussy. She winked at me and rubbed her crutch up and down my leg before walking up the steps back to the stage.Diane wanted to stay and see the dracula show again. The couple came on as the last act of the night. The male performer fucked her and near the end of the performance laid the girl on her back and fucked her. He then withdrew, his prick twitched and he spunked came over her stomach. The curtains closed and people started to leave. Diane said she had to go to the toilet. After 10 minutes she had not come back up the stairs, so I went to look for her. The toilets were next to a open space where the 'actors'dressed. I looked in and saw Diane with her tits out and down sucking dracula's prick. He waved me over and the young girl he had just fucked was still naked, she came over to me and invited me to suck her tits. I started to suck them and got an erection. The girl unzipped my flies and started to wank my prick. She asked me if I wanted a fuck. I said yes. She then led me up some stairs to the stage and laid on the bed. She told me to strip and produced a condom and rolled it on my prick and I started to fuck her. I then saw Diane come up the stairs she was totally naked, closley followed by dracula. She laid own next to the girl and dracula put a condom on and started to fuck diane. She started to moan and shout out. I could not hold on and came. I withdrew from the girl, who turned on her side and started to suck Diane's tits. Dracula was pumping away. he fucked for a good 20 minutes. She had 3 orgasms. He finally came and withdrew. We sat around and had a drink with them and finally got back to our hotel at 6 in the morning. We had to leave that afternoon, otherwise we would have gone back and Diane would have been up on the stage as an actress doing a fuck show. Diane is now looking at going to Amsterdam or Barcelona, to try their live sex shows and hopes one of them will allow her either with me or another male to fuck on the stage in front of the rest of the audience. She is desperate to do a live sex show with or without me.