Written by S&D

17 Sep 2006

My hubby and I have a superb relationship where we talk, act and discuss our sex lives openly.

A couple of years back we started threesome fun and met one guy who we had oral fun with then another who we joined us for a night of 3sum fun then a guy who became a regular in joining us for fun. The regular guy met someone closer to his home so then we stopped meeting which was unfortunate.

We agreed someone close and if it just happened would be ideal. That was 18 months back and I thought it would never happen again despite wanting to see Sara enjoying it again. That was until this young chap (24) started to work at my company. We seemed to get on superb straight away and had loads in common. We finish work early on a Friday so I got my mum to have the kids while me and (internet name, Gary) Gary had a few drinks then Sara met us later on. Gary couldnt believe it when he saw Sara and said crikey you were right mate she's stunning phew. Sara thanked him then joined us. I went to the bar to get Sara a drink as they chatted. On my return Gary was at the toilet so I asked how they got on. Sara said you were right I do think he's fit, very nice. I smiled and said he thinks the same about you babes better be careful. Sara said why be careful babes if your ok I'd let him join us.

I said lets see how the night goes then ay. We stayed out drinking, laughing and talking. Gary admitted to doing a threesome with his mate and his girl and said I'd love another. Sara said we have to and said if we meet the right guy then we would again. Without hesitating Gary said what you looking for then. Straight away Sara said a guy like you. He nearly choked on his beer and said honest!! Sara looked at me and said I'm happy to let you if you are babe. No probs I said. We went outside and caught a taxi home with all of us in the back. Sara was rubbing both our cocks as the driver tried to watch and steer!!! Gary started kissing Sara and stroked her pussy on top of her knickers saying she was soaking down there. Better dry it up then boys hadnt you. We got out and Sara and Gary eagerly rushed to the door as I paid the driver, have a gud un he said!! I got in to find Sara pulling her dress over her head and Gary hurriedly undoing his shirt. Sara was down and unzipping his trousers in seconds and pulled out his big fat cock. A lot bigger than me I have to admit and Sara commented she was gonna enjoy this. I watched as they didnt seem to acknowledge me being there as she sucked and wankned him. I walked up and unclipped Sara's bra. I then lifted her up and rolled down her knickers as she moved out of them. Gary squeezed her tits as she wanked and sucked with mouth and both hands at his huge thick cock. He murmered I'm cuming Sara, she held his cock tight as he fired off into her as she desperately gulped away. She couldnt swallow it all so eased him out squirting it on her face and tits. My cosh she said how much have you got as he still fired cum at her. He was a very very heavier load and totally soaked her. On this I'd stripped thinking well I'll get the chance to fuck her now but watched as this guy stayed hard and lay on his back telling Sara to come and get seconds. She didnt hang about and eased onto his huge dick slowly feeding down onto it as she heaved out, fuck thats big!! She slowly but surely despite having her eyes nearly dislodged eased up and down taking every bit of him. She screeamed out as he successfully brought her off on a number of times. Gary looked and said can I cum in you? Sara replied you'd fucking better!! I watched as she held down tightly as he unloaded his cock into her. She couldnt believe how much he came again and said she swore blind it was goona come out her mouth any minute now. He stayed there for ages emptying into her. He eased her off his still hard cock and lay her down as she squirmed I watched as his cum poured from her engourged pussy. I climbed on and fucked away at her warm wet pussy as she begged me to re-fill her up. Neverless it didnt take long before I was shooting my load into her stretched pussy as she came with me. Sarah lay there with a huge smile on her face watching the cum ooze out. Fuck that was brill she said. No sooner had she finished the sentenece when donkey cock Gary was climbing back onto her. OH yes she said go on fuck and fill me up big boy. She was like a demon as Gary fucked her fast and hard and within minutes he pulled out and fired his third load all over her. He was like a fucking tap and absolutely soaked her and most things around her (yes me too) as he shot his load. Well this did the trick for me as I was hard again so climbed onto her kissing the cum off her face and squelching in it as I fucked her. I lasted a while before firing into her well used pussy, cosh it felt superb! She sighed out that she was well and truley fucked and headed off to the bathroom to shower up. We went upstairs and waited for her return. She thought we were a sleep but yes you guessed correct Gary had a steaming hard on that needed to empty its load. I watched as he fucked her hard as she gripped the bed where ever she could. After about twenty minutes he hoisted her up and held her arse tightly as he heaved out and fired his load into her again. Sara collapsed as he pulled out and never said a word. I looked over as she smiled and said I'm knackered. I left her be as she and Gary nooded off. The morning is another story but I can tell you Gary fucked her about twelve times the next day as he stayed with us until the kids got dropped off. I think Sara was relieved when they come home and she got the earliest night I'd known for years. WELL AND TRUELY FUCKED TO HEAVEN