Written by T

23 May 2004

My husband was away and I did not feel like cooking, so I went to the local store for a microwave meal. I left my car at home and walked to the shop, I was feeling quite sexy as i had been fucking my lover Kev at lunchtime, I was dressed in a short cream skirt, stockings g string light red top and high heals, as i went into the shop a yoiung guy about mid twenties went in to, he was very rough looking but very good looking, shaved head, very well defined muscular body and some tattoes on his arms, I usually hate tattoes but he looked very sexy, and he was wearing no top, and some jeans and he looked like he had a big lunchbox! He saw me staring and smiled and came over to me where i was looking at the frozen meals, and said hello darlin, not on your own? i said I was my husband was away and he asked me to go to the pub for a drink, so I agreed, the pub is a bit rough too, and he was known there as i went to sit down i heard someone ask him who the slag was.

He came over and gave me a very large vodka, and had his arm around me and his other and on my knee moving slowly up, he cahtted and made me laugh, and told me he though i was a horny bitch and would love to fuck me, no going round the houses here! His hand was inside my gstringa nd he was fingereing me and two of his mates came over same age, muscular and good looking guys, they all chatted with me, and after two more drinkgs Jeff the first guy said we were going bak to my house for some fun, they put me in their car and we went home, as soon as the door was shit we went to our bedroom, and we all stripped they had huge hard cocks 9", 92 amd 10.5" and all thick, they shoved me on the bed licked me, and fingered me, and hey fucked me in every hole in my arse and cunt and mouth and fucked my 38c tits, they left me with love bbites, and bruises they were very rough and abusive when they fucked, I loved it. They stayed the night and I took the next day of and they satyed until the evening taking photos and using me as they wanted in the bathroom they even pissed over me. I have seen them on four occasions now and they are still great fucks, they consider me their whore and that is what I am called. My husband has no idea and neither does my lover Kev.

I love this tyoe of treatment, so any offers email me.