Written by Charles

14 Nov 2005

My wife and I had talked a number of times about how sexy she is and the fact that she is 41 and in great shape makes her sexier than ever. As she gets older she thinks she is loosing her sexual appeal and wondered if she still "had it". I assured her that she was great looking and I was willing and more than ready to help her prove that she was very atractive and a hot looking woman.

I convienced her that if we went to a club that we don't usually frequent that she could test her looks on whomever she chose at the bar. We talked about it for several weeks and finally during one of our hot loving making sessions I convienced her to go for it!!

As planned we arrived at the club and I let her out at the door and went to park the car. She was to enter the club and take a seat at the bar and I would follow later and sit opposite her at the bar and let her feel the freedom she had enjoyed as a single lady 15 years earlier.

She took her seat, ordered a champagne and crossed her great looking legs as her short skirt showed off her good legs. It wasn't long before several guys had approached her and asked if they could buy her a drink. She said no to all of them but one. A good looking bloke about 35 years old and in great shape. He stood beside her and let his legs touch hers. They shared several drinks together as they talked and laughed for about 45 minutes. There was a DJ playing some soft rock and slowing dancing music so it wasn't long that they had joined others on the dance floor.

Pat was really enjoying the attention and could feel her body heating up as they danced closer and closer with every movement of their bodies getting hotter and her honeypot getting past the damp stage to becoming wet with the feeling that something great was going to happen tonight.

They were together for about 2 hours and occasionly she would look across the bar and wink looking for my approval, which she got with a return wink and nod.

I saw his hand drop from sight below the bar and saw Pat look down at his hand as he slide it between her legs and he must have touched her wet spot as I saw her take a deep breath and looked down at his hands that were now out of sight. Her hand reached down to meet his hand and their eyes were fixed on each other. By now she wasn't looking for any approval from me she was on her own and loving every minute of it.

IF there was ever any doubt about her sexual attractiveness it was fast leaving her.

I watched them leave the bar together and they were gone for about 2 hours. When they returned they took a seat at a table away from the bar and I could see the gleam in her eyes as she winked at me which was my sign that everything went as she had planned and she had a great 2 hours of good sex with a total stranger.

When we got home we must have fucked for 2 more hours as she detailed every minute of their sexual pleasures that included everything you have read about including being tied to the bed with her panty hose as he licked her body all over before his 10 inch shaft entered her. She had been blindfolded and his hands massaged every part of her body before his hard cock found its way inside my good looking wife. He gave her one of the best and hardest fucks she had ever had and loved every minute of it!!

She told me that she no longer doubts her looks and knows for sure that she "still has it"

Why not let your wife or mate try this and see how good she is..............