Written by bad man

17 Oct 2018

We were visiting our friends in Spain for a short break before the cold weather set in over there.

Josie had arranged a shopping / sightseeing visit to Madrid for a couple of days, with a group of local ex pat ladies. They were to take in the Terracotta Army at the museum and the Cirque de Soliel at the opera house during their visit. Frank and I were left to our own devices.

I had my lap top so was able to chill out with some games. Frank, in the meantime, was working away at his computer. Mid-morning I opened a couple of beers and took one to him.

“Hi, fancy one of these?”

“Thanks, I could do with one; this is a long old job”

“What are you doing then?”

“Transferring all my old photo collection onto the computer” (Frank had an enormous collec-tion of photos, he had always been a keen photographer, and they were mainly 35mm slides)

“You remember the slide shows we used to have back in the day” (A visit to Frank and Jos, often used to include a run through their latest holiday snaps, plus a ‘look back into the ar-chives’)

“Yes they were always fun”

“I’ll never forget your face when I slipped in the pic of Josie topless!”

“God yes that was a treat then!” I had never dreamt that evening, that 15 years later we would be on holiday and I would see them in all their glory for real on a beach in Spain.

“There is something erotic and ‘naughty ‘about a photo, forbidden fruits almost!” I comment-ed.

“I’ve got quite a few more of Jos, if you are interested”

“Interested! Too bloody true”

“Well sit down and watch”

Frank then opened a folder and started a ‘Slideshow’ of pics, showing Jos in various poses, dressed and undressed.

“Fucking hell Frank! They’re lovely. But pause it there for a minute” I shot off into our room and came back with my special flash card

“Here, feast your eyes on these and let’s go for broke!” Frank did as I asked and download-ed my special file of Sue’s pictures.

“I hope these are what I think they are “


There for Frank’s delight was my collection of Sue from age 19 right up to date.

“Wow! Thanks Ian, these are lovely”

Side by side on the settee we started to enjoy the 2 slideshows. In no time we were both sporting large erections which we were rubbing through our clothes. I was the first to break.

“It’s no good Frank; I am going to have to have a wank”

“Me too, so there is no point in being shy. “ With that Frank stepped out of his joggers and pants releasing his engorged cock.

I followed suit and we sat down again and started to wank our respective cocks.

“This is another first for me, wanking off in male company”

“Me too” Said Frank.

We continued in companionable silence, making the odd appreciative comment on the pho-tos being displayed before us.

I said something about the panties Josie was wearing in one photo , something to the effect that I wish they were wrapped round my cock.

Frank murmured in response, “I know what you mean; I would love to feel those lace panties Sue was wearing under her white trousers yesterday. Mmm to feel my cock in them.”

There was no need for further words; we both got up and headed for our respective rooms, coming out holding a pair of our wife’s panties which we swapped before stepping into then and settling back onto the settee to resume wanking.

‘We are lucky aren’t we?”

“How exactly,or in particular?”

“Well we are both married to attractive women, with good figures, and nice arses, and I do like a nice arse, don’t you?”

Had to admit that I did. Frank went on to say how his favourite part of sex with Jos was to for her to lie on her front while he stroked , licked , kissed and bit her quite cute backside.

“Mmmm, what a thought” I said. Then John replied “I love Sue’s figure too,and I think she has super legs, leading all the way up to her bum”

“you’d enjoy running your tongue up them too would you?”

“Too true, !!”

Being that close we could not help rubbing against each other. At first I flinched, and then I thought, “What the hell!” and spread my legs to get more comfortable. My left leg rested over Frank’s right, which he did not seem to mind, on the contrary, he spread his further, and after a few minutes of gentle wanking, I felt his hand on my thigh which he then started to stroke up and down. It felt good, very good and I responded by reaching over and taking his large cut cock in my hand.

“Oh yes, that is sooo good, wank it for me Ian.”

I readily obliged as we carried on looking at the photos of our wives.

Josie had grown bigger with the years but still retained an undeniable sexuality.

“Bloody hell Frank, I could eat her arse, and just let me get my cock between those tits, I’d be in heaven!”

“And I could watch you all day mate, especially if I had Sue’s legs over my shoulders”

“If only I could make it happen for you, if only”

“You’d enjoy watching Sue fucked?”

“Oh yes, more than anything”

“Has she ever had another cock?”

“Not that I know of, more’s the pity, As far as I know , only one guy has ever tried it on with her, and he did not get very far.”

“Oh, who was that then?”

“Mick Stevens, at Chris K’s 40th, he only got to push his cock against her and have a quick feel of her tits before she managed to get away”

“OH , she didn’t tell you about me then?”

“Come again? About you?”

“Yes, do you remember this outfit?”

Frank brought up a photo of Sue at Jos 40th, in a cream blouse and long wrap over skirt.

“Yes I remember that party, in the community hall. Did you have her there? Tell me all”

“Well. We had made quite a strong punch that night and everybody was very merry, inhibi-tions were down, and I found Sue quite amenable to some smooch dancing, so much so that when I saw her heading off down the corridor that led to the ladies, I followed and was waiting for her when she came out. “

“Go on, what did you do?”

“I said I though she looked very sexy, and I wanted to have another dance with her, a slow one but in private, and she asked where would we possibly do that, I told her I knew a place and grabbed her hand and dragged her into a nearby room where I held her close and started to grind myself against her”

“What did she do?”

“She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself tight against me, so I found her lips and started snogging like mad, at the same time my hands were up inside her blouse, undo-ing her bra, and finding her nipples”

“For God’s sake don’t stop there, what did she do then!?”

“She started moaning, and begging me to pinch her nipples and hurt her, to bite her, so I nipple to get the most attention.”

This was hurting my cock; I pumped it like mad while Frank carried on.

” I managed to get my hand between her thighs and started rubbing her through her panties,

Suddenly she started shaking and moaning and cumming like mad.”

“Did she hold your cock ?”

“Yes, she squeezed the hell out of it when she came”

“Oh my God, that was so good. What happened next?”

“She told me to quickly go back , and she would follow later”

“God yes, I remember her coming in and saying she had been feeling peculiar and had been in the loo for a while, I never guessed she had been with you like that. All I got all night was a feel of Jean’s nipples, and a quick squeeze of Mary S’s tit, you lucky dog. Did you enjoy it?”

“Not half! I had always had the hots for Sue, and rubbing her lovely mound like that was just so good, as for sucking on her tit, Well..................”

I had always wanted to hear that my wife had been had by another like that and the cum shot from my cock, across the room and all over my hands.

“MMM” said Frank as he dropped to his knees in front of me and sucked every last drop of cum from my cock.

It took a short while to recover, and all the while the slideshow continued, so we at back with a beer and watched the show.

“Fuck Ian, I’m still horny! Are you?”

“Yes, I can’t get the picture of you and Sue out of my mind. If I put some of her things on will you role play what it was like having her ?”

“Mmmmm, you bet”

So it was that I went thro Sue’s things till I found a wrap over skirt and pale blouse with ties , a similar outfit to what she wore on the night of the party I added white bra and panties plus a liberal splashing of her favorite perfume . So we set about role playing Sue giving it up with Frank whispering sexy things in my ear as he held me close and we swayed to the music. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close and kissed him hard. His big cock was getting hard and pressing into my groin.

Frank showed me how he eased her into a dark corner to start with and found her nipples. I loved him caressing my breasts and teasing my nipps like he did hers.

“You like that Sue? How about my cock…..you want to feel it between your thighs?”

“Not here Frank people will see”

Still playing the role of my wife ,Sue,I took Frank’s hand and led him to the bedroom where I undid his pants and pulled them to the floor. His lovely cut cock was in my face, so I took hold of it and started to suck it gleefully.

“Don’t make me cum Sue, Not yet”

I gave it a few more slurpy sucks, then stood up facing him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me gently easing me towards the bed so that he could push me down with my legs over the end. It was his turn to drop down, open my skirt, pull my panties to one side and use his mouth on me for a few minutes until I was rock hard again.

“Get right on the bed Sue” he urged, and so I wriggled up until I was full length on the bed, whereupon he threw himself on me, spreading my legs so that his cock was fully pressing into the base of mine.

“God Sue, you smell delicious, you taste wonderful, and I cant wait any longer to feel my cock in you. I have known you for 3 years, and not a day has passed when I have not dreamed of this moment”

As he spoke, Frank pulled my panties down , then grasped my legs and put them over his shoulders. His wet cock was now at the entrance to my virgin arsehole.

“Oh my darling Sue, are you ready for this? Can I really fuck you tonight?”

“Oh yes sweetheart, I have wanted this too, let me feel your cock in me”

It was a tight fit, Frank pushed, but he was not wet enough, he leaned into their bedside cabi-net and produced a tube of K Y , a squirt on his cock and my arse and he slid in easily.

“AAAAHHHH that is lovely” ,I sighed as he entered me and started to pump me rhythmically.

As he fucked me , Frank continued to whisper sexy word of love and passion to ‘Susan’ . This kept me a a high level of arousal, so when at last ,with a shout of joy ,he released his full load of sperm into me, I too was ready to shoot a load onto our bellies, A sticky load which Frank spread over our bodies by rubbing himself sensuously over my softening cock.


In Part Two, read how Frank played the role of his wife Josie, and I played out my fantasy of fucking her, and how we put our plans together to make our fantasies come true get to fuck each other’s wives for real.