Written by Anonymous

21 Oct 2018

Once we had recovered from our exertions, it was time to clean up, a shared shower, followed by popping Sue’s things into the washing machine. Thank heavens for the permanently good drying weather!.

When we had both recovered our strength and our urges, and we started talking about situations we might be able to engineer that could lead to us shagging the girls for real.

Naturally this produced two very hard cocks in need of more fun.

“Shall we role play again Frank, this time you be Josie What have you that you could wear?”

“ Wait there, put some soft music on” Said Frank “I think I have the very thing in Jo’s closet”

So I found a CD of slow ‘Julio’ music, Just the thing for a sexy party mood. Then I got myself a gin and Nordic Blue tonic, and a Bermuda rum for Frank and waited.

I was getting very excited at the prospect of some more cock fun and fantasy when I heard the click of heels on the tiled floor of the hallway and in swept Frank in a silky looking emerald green halter neck dress which finished just above his knees. His legs were clad in flesh coloured tights? I hoped not, surely stockings? On his feet were a pair of Sue’s heeled shoes.

Frank had clearly listened as I talked about the first time that I ever met Josie, giving her a lift with 2 other mutual friends I was dropping off. I had a 2 door car and Josie was in the back, I told Frank how the memory of seeing Josie bending over to get out, her short skirt rising and showing off her hold ups and pink panties had stayed burnt into my mind ever since, for he went over to the TV and bent low to find the remote control. His skirt rose up as he did, revealing lace topped hold ups and deep pink panties. I didn’t hesitate, in a flash I was behind him my hands on his hips. “Now there is a sight for sore eyes, your arse is as inviting as Josie’s has always been”

Frank stood up and turned to face me, I caught the distinctive scent of Josie’s favourite ‘Pagan’ perfume. “You haven’t danced with me all evening Ian, are you going to let Frank enjoy feeling Sue up all night and not enjoy some yourself?” he said, pretending to be Josie with a seductive smile

Frank stood right up close and put his arms around my neck pulling my head down and kissing me, his tongue working on mine. “There, now don’t say you didn’t enjoy that darling , come and dance Very close with Josie . See Sue and Frank aren’t bothered” .

Frank was holding me so close and moving himself so sexily that for a moment I believed that we really were man and woman, that the soft body in my arms , giving herself to me was truly the round, adorable Josie. I ran my hands down his back and under the hem of his skirt feeling his soft skin of his thighs and cheeks of his bottom. I pulled him hard against my stiffening cock. “Oh Ian, that feels so good , I just love the sensation of you against my pussy mound, I think you need a reward”

Frank / Josie undid my trousers and let them drop, following them down as he lowered himself onto the seat of the big leather sofa so his face was level with the tip of my naked cock which he slowly started to kiss and draw into his waiting mouth. God it was one hell of a sensation, fucking his mouth was like dipping my prick into warm liquid velvet, and the air was full of Josie’s perfume. It was a confusion of experiences; on the one hand my cock was being sucked by my close friend, and his fingers were expertly entertaining my balls in their sac which was constantly bringing me to the edge of orgasm, whilst at the same time, seeing him in Josie’s green frock, and breathing in her aroma made me feel as if, after many years of wanting, I was at last making love to Frank’s sexy wife.

We were not either of us ready to cum yet , so after some minutes of treating me with his mouth, Frank stood up in front of me , raised the hem of his frock and slipped the pink knickers down his thighs, he wrapped one arm around my neck and drew me into a loving embrace , his other hand he used to hold our 2 cocks together, trapped between ourselves.

“Oh my Josie” I gasped “I need to feel my cock in you now, as far as it will go, I want to feel my balls smacking against your sweet body”

“Yes! Now!” Frank whispered, and pulling his knickers back up, he drew me quickly into the master bedroom where I wasted no time in bending him over the end of the bed, and crouching behind him to kiss his arse cheeks and run my tongue up and down his thighs before pulling the gusset of his knickers to one side to allow my tongue access to his waiting hole..As I started to lick, he let out a great sigh and fell forward onto his elbows. I immediately applied liberal does of KY to my cock and his arse, before pulling his knickers down to his knees and mounting him, my cock being instantly on target and forcing its way into his back passage.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and held myself firmly inside him as I pumped in a steady rhythm enjoying, for the first time in my life the extremely tight grip of a man’s arse on my prick. I was close to orgasm, but I was not ready to give up yet, there was something else I wanted us both to experience; I slowly withdrew my cock and turned us both around so that I could sit on the edge of the bed. My cock was still iron hard, so pulling Frank down onto me so that I slid back into him as he sat back in my lap was not difficult. We were now facing the full length mirror which let me relish in the sight of Frank , in Josie’s halter dress, the front pulled down to give me access to his stiff nipples with one hand while I wanked his dick in time with my tpulsing with the other.

The physical sensation, together with the sight of what I could easily imagine to be Frank’s cuddly wife bouncing on my cock swiftly sent me into a shattering orgasmic spasm. Likewise the feeling of my spunk into him sent a stream of cum shooting like a hosepipe from his circumcised member.

We slowly came down to earth, and after about a quarter hour recovery we took ourselves to the shower again to wash each other, then get back to normal for the rest of the day, during which we discussed many different scenarios which we might be able to employ to induce Sue and Josie into letting our real and longest held dreams come true and take part with us in a foursome.

When time came to turn in, I gave Frank one of Sue’s nighties to wear, and he in turn presented me with Josie’s so that we could live out another favourite fantasy, our 2 women sharing a bed and indulging in ‘ pink on pink’ action.

We stroked each other gently and sensuously, kissing and whispering sweet nothings, using our mouths on each other’s nipples before going into 69 position.

It was while we enjoyed sucking on each other that Frank remembered Josie’s super-vibro. He reached into her bedside cabinet to find it, but came up empty handed. “It was there on Monday!, Where is it?” Said Frank. Well I did not have , that was for sure, so there could only be one answer; Josie had taken it away with them for some fun!!!.

Wow! That gave us a whole new set of fantasies to act out that night.

The next day was devoted to getting everything cleaned up and back in place before the girls arriving home that evening, and to exploring more and more ideas on how to get our cocks into them.


In Part 3 read how we review the top ideas, and put one into operation during our next visit 6 moths later..