Written by Kev

7 Sep 2005

This story is completely true and happened about two months ago. I work next door to a woman in her late forties red head nice figure lovely tits and pert arse anyway most days she takes her dog for a walk over the road on to the fields which have some lkarge rocks surrounded by trees. Everytime we bump into each other we flirt and she has this twinkle in her eye that makes me think if I tried I could be in with a chance. One day I saw her walk accross the road with her dog and I thought sod it I will chance my arm so I shouted out of the window would you like some company walking your dog to which she replied yes please,So over I went. The dog was busy running all over the place so we stood and chatted and quite quickly the talk got round to sex and I asked her if she liked it outside "don't know my husband is very boring and won't try anything like that he's not into sex and anything adventurious" I asked her what she would like to do that her husband won't and straight away she say's " I want to be fucked up the arse" jesus I nearly fell over, I grabbed hold of her hand and walked her into the bushes where there is a big flat rock with trees round it and told her to lie face down and I would give what she needs and to my surprise without saying a word she did as she was told so I knelt down and lifted her skirt up she was wearing a red thong and her pussy was eating it and was already wet so i took them off her and put them in my jeans pocket( which I still have by the way) and when I put a finger to her pussy she said no thats my husbands you can only have my arse so I licked my finger and began to rub her bum hole working my finger in which seemed to send her wild I was dying to lick it and tongue fuck her butt so i opened her cheeks with my hand and put my face close to her hole and stuck my tongue out I could smell her pussy it was heaven I started to rim her arse and she was moaning that she was going to cum amd my god did she a jet of cum sqirted out of her pussy and on to the rock it was just ace by now I could wait no longer I pulled my aching cock out of my jeans and offered her it to suck which she did with gusto all the time me fingering her arse then all of a sudden she spat my dick out and yelled fuck me fuck me now so I did big time I pounded her arse like a man possesed all the time she was reaching under neath and rubbing my swaying balls this went on for about ten mins and she must have squirted 3 or 4 times then when i was ready to cum she said please cum in my mouth wow she was cock hungry I just pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth she sucked me dry and never spilt a drop she asked me if we could do it again the following day and of course I obliged we have done this now 7 times but still she won't let me touch her pussy still you can't have everything can ya.

if there are any ladies out there who need my help please feel free to email