Written by paul

10 Aug 2003

About four months ago we moved into our semi-detatched,top end of a cul-de-sac,with a shared access to the garages.The first couple of days were spent emptying boxes and sorting things out generally, we didnt get out of the house much, just on the odd occassion to get the daily paper and milk.My wife Tania is 22 years old ,slim size 10 with pert little tits got a call to return to work early as one of the girls had gone off sick and the shop where she worked couldnt function with just one girl. The following morning Tania got up early took about two hours to get ready flirting in and out the bedroom searching for make-up and brushes, eventually around 07.45hrs she left having given me strict instructions to clear our garage out of all the crap that we had stored in there.

At around 11 i finally rose and began to get dressed when there was a knock on the front door [should be called a side door as it exits straight out onto the driveway.

Wrapping the first thing i could grab around my waist i went down stairs holding onto the hand towel which was partially covering my privates.

I opened the door to see a smartly dressed 50 something woman stood there, trying to cover myself the best i could and half pushing the door closed to offer me some form of cover, before I could say anything she introduced herself as Sandra from the house opposite, Sandra began to explain that she lived in the house to which we shared the driveway and our car was blocking her car in the garage,she must of apologised around seven or eight times but all I could do was try to hold onto the towel and keep the door closed.

I told Sandra to give me two minutes whilst I put something on and I would move my car.

Not wishing to upset our new neighbour I rushed upstairs and put on a pair of jeans and trainers then went out to my car, Ibegan to reverse the car off the drive when in my wing mirror I caught sight of Sandra bending over near to her doorstep picking up papers from the drive, i couldnt help but notice that she had one of the most sexy arses you could ever imagine, she was wearing cream trousers with a white tee shirt top her top had riden up revealing the waistband of a Red thong, I guessed that she was around fifty, size 14, with a pair of tits that were three times the size of Tanias.

I slowly reversed back and as I passed Sandra on my off side I took a good look at her arse, Sandra looked up and must of known that I was admiring her backside.

Having parked my car on the path I walked back up the drive towards her and I began to apologise for blocking her in, she was still picking up her papers but was now squating down, Sandra said it was ok and asked if i required anything from the shops as she was popping to the bank and then getting a few odds and sods, knowing that we needed milk, I said I needed milk, two pints and asked her to hang on for the money, she said it was ok she will get it when she got back, for some strange reason and totally out of character I said ' your not wrong there' Sandra just smiled and said 'promises'.

I couldn't believe what I had said, yes I had always fantasised about older women but I was in a good relationship, plenty of sex not much variety but plenty all the same.For the next twenty minutes I paced around the house wondering what to do, just then I heard her car arrive on the drive, I gazed out of the side window and saw Sandra enter her house with bags of shopping, my cock was now bursting, for the past twenty minutes I had imagined what she looked like naked, Sandra then approached our door and tapped the glasss with her keys, I opened the door and she said 'put the kettle on then' Sandra came into the lounge and sat down I took the milk and went into the kitchen and continued to talk to her about the house and the neighbours previous, my hard-on wouldnt subside it was huge I tried to ajust it to the side and then took her coffee in.

Sandra was looking even better close up her nipples were quiet obvious through the white tee shirt and I found myself talking to her tits rather than her face.

Sandra explained how her husband had left her four years previous and how she found single life frustating, I began the usual tact of praising her up how a nice loking lady like her should have no problems finding a bloke, she asked me if I thought she was sexy and I said that I did, she then said ' IS THAT WHY YOUVE GOT A HARD-ON THEN OR WAS IT BECAUSE YOU WERE GETTING A GOOD LOOK EARLIER', i SAID 'BOTH' At which she stood up and walked over to me and took off her top to reveal the best pair of tits I had ever seen. 'GO ON THEN HAVE A PLAY' she said , and without a second thought I buried my face into them sucking on her large nipples,Sandra began to moan and I then stood up at which she began to undo my jeans which fell to the floor.

She pulled my boxers down revealing my 7 inch cock and began to wank me, Sandra then said' JUST FUCK ME THEN' Without a second thought for Tania I pushed her onto the settee and she took off her trousers to reveal a red thong which was clearly soaked, pulling it to the side she opened her legs and again said 'fuck me then' that was it I went straight in pushing my cock deep into her causing her to scream, within seconds I came, very embarassing to say the least but Sandra told me not to worry and SAID 'YOU BETTER LICK ME OUT THEN' I knelt down and began to tounge her pussy out from behind ,she smelt loverly and tasted sweet, within about a minute I felt her begin to buck and moan loader then she came and screamed out 'YES..YES..' Sandra collapsed on the settee spunk now dripping onto the carpet.

Sandra got up and dressed she left the house and since that day weve fucked at every opportunity, last week I even fucked her in her garage whilst Tania was in the bath.