Written by rob

12 Sep 2006

i was called by my mate to see if i wanted to und his for a few beers. 'i dunno mate' i answered as i was getting bored with it being just me him and his missis. it would get uncomfortable when they started their cuddling and shit and as much as i would love to join in on his girl i didnt see that as an option.

'dont worry dude lisa will be there too so you wont feellike a prick'

now lisa is cute tho maybe not stunning; long blond hair sparkling blue eyes and a body to die for. really nice breasts that just the right size for me and an awesome ass in the tight jeans and skirts she wears. anyway, an hour later and im round his when the two girls turned up lisa a 19 yr old cutie and claire a 19yr temptress. where lisa is slim blond, blue eyed and cute, claire is a slightly bigger in all departments. she isnt fat, far from it, but is bigger. she is so beautiful is was well stoked when my mate got the courage to ask her out.

anyway they turned up, claire in hipster jeans showing off that lovely ass of hers, a tight top which equally showed off her luscious breasts. she said high and gave my mate (dave) a kiss. next came lisa in some fashion ripped jeans tight enough to show no panties from the back and a lovely tight white top showing no bra.

so the night began with some banter and arseing around, all of us becoming more and more flirtatious with the alcohol we were consuming. anyway before long the board games came out and we started playing monopoly and watching the music channels. we were going round when my mate finished his roll and his phone rang.

'buisness ill take it outside'

so he disappered into his garden.

'my roll' said a now extremely tipsy lisa.

she landed on my oxford street with 3 houses

'shit i havent got enough!' she moaned

'you could always pay him in kind!' claire smirked winking at me

'like what' asked lisa slightly niavely

'a kiss' claire suggested

so lisa lent over and gave me an awesome kiss, slipping her tongue gently into my mouth. i of course responded but as she pulled away eyes closed with a big smile said 'well thats part of it paid for'

'what you mean?' lisa asked with a puzzled look

'im out a fair few quid there sugar that stay will cost you much more than a kiss. itll cost you a BJ'

lisa never even said anything and slowly moved towards me placing her hand on my now straining cock. looking deep into my eyes she bit her top lip in the ultimate innocent look and said 'ok'

unzipping my jeans she pulled down my boxers and stroked my 6" cock. then she slowly lowered her head to it and began to run her tongue over my pulsing knob. then she started to bob her head up and down on my cock giving me a mind blowing BJ. all the time i looked at claire who was transfixed on the scene, feeling her breasts and tweeking her nipples.

'get them out claire' i said and she automatically took off her top and bra and began roughly playing with her nipples. i was about at the point of no return when i told lisa to stop.

'suck her tits lisa' i told her and she duefully did so. claire was moaning even before she started and as she nibbled and sucked she began to groan harder. i was still hard but carmer so crawled over and joined lisa. lisa removed her top and bra and as we sucked on her tits claire fondled lisa. soon my hand was there too. it was then i noticed lisas hand down claires jeans fingering her best mate expertly. then lust took claire and she forced lisas head away from her tit and down to her jeans which were removed, as was lisas hand, and replaced with her tongue. claire went wild, grunting and sighing as lisa hungrily lapped at her drenched shaven pussy. i was on fire too and needed to fuck one of them so i shuffled behind lisa, removed her jeans and slowly began to finger her pussy. she to was shaved and was very tight, my second finger seriously struggled to get in her. i went down on her and kissed her to what was her first orgasm. then as she groaned into claires pussy i stopped, knelt behind her and slowly dipped the tip of my cock into her. man was she tight. im nothing special ladies and gentlemen but the metaphor of velvet vice was so true with lisa. as i slipped further in she obvioulsy tried to pull away from claires pussy because she was grabbed with both hands and forced back in 'fuck her you bastard' growled claire as i began to fuck her mate. soi did as she said and began to pummel her mate. lisa was screaming into claires pussy, sending claire wild and as lisas finger dug into her thighs claire screamed as she came all over lisas pretty face. she slumped back in the seat and abscent mindedly striked her body as i laid into her friend. lisa was grunting and yelping as i fucked her as hard as i could for the next five minutes and as i felt my sperm rising i pulled out and flipped lisa over onto her back reentering her and placing her legs over my shoulders. then i really fucked her as hard as i could for another few minutes and as she screamed she was cumming i filled her with gallons of spunk. i kept fucking her until i was hard again and withdrew, stood and stode over to claire flipped her round into a kneeling position on the settee and entered her

'wait! dave!' she panted as i tried fucking her as hard as i had done lisa

'fuck dave' i said 'youre being treated like the slut you are!' and with that she placed both hands on the back of the seat and let her head drop. this act of submissiveness spurred ne on and i fucked her even harder before cumming in her too. i dismounted and sat next her as she turned and sat too spunk running out her tight pussy lisa crawled back between her legs and sucked on her used cunt. claire lowered her head to my slimy cock and sucked it. at that moment my mate returned and just stared at the scene

'outstanding rent due' i said with a smirk as her laughed, stripped and kneeled behind lisa and restreched her exquisit pussy.

that night i broke in lisas arse and fucked claire anally too. dave took his share as well and we kept swapping partners until lisa was too sore in both holes so we concentrated on claire who was more than willing to have two cocks in her.

i am now with lisa but often do the dirty with claire and dave. thats what friends are for