Written by Indianlover

26 Dec 2004

I have been told about this site by a work colleague and thought you might like to hear about my chnage in lifestyle.

My name is Doreen.I am aged 51 and my husband is Tom who is aged 65 and I ove him dearly but unfortunately due to a car accident 12 years ago he is unable to perform in the bedroom department,but thanks to him I get all the cock I need.Ok here we go.10 Years ago Tom arrangedfor us to go on a 3 week holiday in India without telling me and I wasn't happy at first mainly due to the fact I am a large lady just under twenty stone with a huge bum and of course huhe breasts which always get attention despite my body size.At least Tom had arranged for us to sit at the front so I had room to stretch out and the flight was awful as I couldn't stop sweating and felt like I was melting.I was pleased to get off the plane once we arrived in Inida and once we got to the hotel I just stripped off and Tom told me the bagge boy got a good view of my body but I didn't care and went under the shower and had a nice cold one which made my big nipples stand out.After my shower I changed into a skirt and a baggy t-shirt and we went to the bar and as we walked along the young male staff members were giving me quite a bit of attention and Tom pointed out that my nipples were showing through my t-shirt and I just laughed.I went up to the bar and got chatting to the barman who asked how long we were staying for as he kept looking at my nipples,I jokingly asked if he wanted a closer look and he just smiled and nodded so I told him to follow me to the toilets and he asked asomeone to cover for him as he walked off behind me I winked at Tom and we were soon inside the gents toilets and Ajit(his name) pushed me against the sink and kissed me on the lips and I opened my mouth so he could find my hungry tongue and he smelt so good my knees nearly buckled as he lifted my t-shirt and massaged my huge tits togther and he kissed each of them through my bra and I helped him undo it as they swung free he flicked his tongue against each nipple I could feel his cock rub against my leg I just told him to fuck my body and he led me into a cubicle and turned me round and ripeed off my damp knickers and slid his brown cock up inside me and grabbed my udders and fucked my hard and was rough but I didn't care I needed him and he needed me but sadly he didn't last long and shot his cum and told me he had to go but would like to fuck me again so I told him to put note under door when he wanted to meet again.He left and I cleaned up and returned to Tom and he knew I had just been fucked and when he saw no one looking he slipped his hand up myleg to feel how wet my nmatted pussy was and asked if he coulf lick me out and we went back to the room and I lay down parted my legs and had all the indian spunk removed from between my legs.We both fell asleep due to jet lag and the next morning were awoken by room service which were two young waiter types around 17/18 who seemed to be looking at me in the bed so as they brought the trays over I let the sheet drop and revealed my heavy bosoms and one of them nearly dropped the tray and I patted the bed and asked him to feed me my breakfast as he eyed my tits I ran my hand over the bulge in his trousers and managed to get my hand inside and began to pull back his foreskin abd he was moaning and Tom asked if he was enjoying it and just managed to murmur yes sir as I took his cock into mouth his pubic hair brushed my face and he smelt so sweaty and dirty I sucked him good and hard and soon he shot his seed down my throat and I remved my mouth and some globs of spunk dropped onto my breakfast bit all was eaten up.He kissed me and left and I now had the pother one two deal with so I pulled back the sheet and he saw my hairy bush and rubbed his big cock up and down and then lay down for me to climb aboard with my big weight I soon bounced up and down and was screaming like a mad woman and he played with my tits and called me a english whore and his cock felt good and he shot his cum inside me and I carried on riding him until his balls were empty and climbed off and sat on his face and ordered him to lick his own cum out of me and he lapped it up like a kitten.He got dressed and left me there like a two bob slut.

More to come soon