Written by Harry

26 Jan 2007

My wife Lucy and I posted for the first time back on 25 Oct last year and have just had our second occurrence worth putting in S/H. Lucy is 41, 5'8" 34 C with dark brown hair.

Last night we attended a Burns night at the invitation of Eric, someone we met during the 25 Oct story. We traveled to a club that he has the lease on and I expected him to try and screw Lucy again. I was not far wrong.

We had a room above the club for the night so I could drink a little. The Burns function was great, flaming Haggis etc. Lots of Scotch flowing, Lucy hates it so she was on wine. After the speaker was done it was all out to the main bar. Later still a chosen few were quietly ushered into a side bar for after hours drinkies. By around 2AM there was Eric, the manager/barman, five other men and one couple who left around 2.15. A few were discussing who was the better sex object, Kelly Brook, Madonna or Rachael Stevens? Lucy was floating after too much white wine and was quiet but with a twinkle in her eye. I asked what the three celebrities had that Lucy did not? Perched on a bar stool with the split in the side of her light blue evening gown showing a lot of thigh and, the low cut revealing a fine cleavage, it was a good question. One of the younger guys said fame and money of course, so I pointed out that all that meant was every one knew of them, it did not make them look better. Eric pointed out that they all revealed lots of flesh at one time or another. I adjusted Lucy's gown to show leg up to above the stocking tops, showing the light blue suspenders that matched her other clothing. This got a whistle or three. Lucy just grinned a little.

An older guy, maybe early fifties remarked, "Lucy is very nice indeed, but Kelly Brook has shown almost every thing before now!" Good point but! "Yes I imagine she has" I said "But, how close were you?" He said he held the pictures in his hand. So I put my hand over Lucy's shoulder and took hold of her left tit firmly, saying "But you only felt paper where as I can feel this!" This elicited a few groans and every one was paying attention. Lucy made a half hearted attempt to brush my hand away. Eric helped out by saying that that was alright for me but no one else. So I said that they all had more chance with Lucy than Kelly Brook and the rest because they were famous and untouchable and so Lucy must rank higher than all of them. That got some general agreement and the tension in the room became almost visible. I nudged Lucy off the stool and withdrew my hand to undo the zip at the back. The gown slid down to the floor as I said "I bet none of you have seen Madonna like this then?"! A few gasps and a "Cor" were made but a guy who had not spoken up to now piped up as I got Lucy to give us a twirl. "Yes but would any of us get the chance to give her one?" Bingo! I simply said "Some one in this room other than me already has!" That got them all going except one. As the Manager asked who, I nodded to Eric who put his hand up. A voice said "Never" to which I replied "Well if you don't fancy it, just sit there and watch the rest of us then." Eric took Lucy's hand and led her to a clear table the other side of the bar and removed her pants in one swift move. Between us we laid Lucy along the table and Eric tongued her rather wet pussy while I fed her my cock. First over was the Manager, Kyle, and he just started to maul Lucy's tits. Soon Eric slid his cock in and Lucy started to buck on to him and moan, long deep moans from deep in her belly. The other blokes crowded round, two having to sit on the bench between the table and the wall, and hands were all over Lucy. I came in minutes and Lucy dribbled some cum along her cheek. Eric suggested the floor would be easier so he pulled out and he and another guy lifted Lucy to the floor in the middle of the bar. Eric went straight back in and fired a load a couple of minutes later. After that it was just a queue at each end. At one point Lucy was turned onto hands and knees and at least one cock went up the tradesman's. Lucy came time and again and I think every one went twice.

By four o'clock the rest had bid us a fond farewell and Eric and Kyle came up to the room with us for another drink. Lucy and I showered together as I had to help her due to her still being blotto.

When the alarm went off at ten I asked Lucy how she felt and what she could remember. She felt pretty good and thought she remembered most if not all. As we ran through it I had to take her again. We got home about thirty minutes ago and Lucy is now soaking in the bath. I may have to go up and see if I can squeeze in too having written this all down. I hope we have more to write about soon.