Written by David

1 Aug 2005

9 o’clock had arrived and I was standing at the door having rung the bell. Lyn opened the door. Lyn is 5’ 6” tall, shoulder length blond hair gorgeous looking, with blue eyes, very nice smile. She is about a size 10 or 12, firm tits, large nipples, nice pert bum and long legs. She was wearing a loose white top with a brown leather mini skirt and brown high heals. She greeted me with a peck on the cheek and invited me in. Showing me into the lounge she asked me if I would like a drink, white wine would be nice I replied. Make yourself at home she said as she disappeared through the door to get me my drink.

She returned handed me my drink and sat opposite me. With a smile she said that she was a bit nervous as she hadn’t done anything like this before (meeting a guy on her own). She went on to tell me that Glen had gone to the pub so that we could get a bit more acquainted. As she was chatting I could not take my eyes off of her legs, her skirt had risen quite high, not so high that I could see her panties but high enough.

She told me that when I saw them at Beacon Fell it was the first time in ages that Glen had fucked her, Lyn went on to tell me that Glen had been having a problem getting an erection for some time now and what they were looking for was a long term relationship with a single guy, purely a sexual relation ship with no strings. She put Glen’s problem down to pressures of setting up his own business. I replied that it was fine by me and that I would conform to their rules.

Lyn got up from her chair and sat next to me. She started to kiss me and began to unbutton my shirt, we kissed and I gently caressed her tits through her top feeling her nipples. My shirt was now open and Lyn was sucking and biting my own nipples. Her hand had now moved down to my bulge in my trousers. Oh yes she breathed as she started to stroke and squeeze my cock through the material of my trousers. Franticly she pulled at the fastening of my trousers and pulling the zip fully down she released my cock from the confines of my boxes and grasped it, squeezing me gently and slowly wanking me. I stood up to remove my trousers and boxes, kicking off my shoes I completed this task in seconds

Lyn had kept hold of my cock through out and she more or less pulled me back down onto the sofa. Slowly she sucked my cock into her mouth, clamping her lips around my shaft she started to wank me whilst sucking me. She removed my cock from her mouth, a string of saliva and pre cum stretched from my cock to her lips. Licking her lips she stood up in front of me. Just sit and watch she told me. Slowly she grasped the bottom of her top and drew the top up over her tits and over her head, her tits looked fantastic with very erect nipples. Smiling at me she unzipped her skirt wriggling out of her skirt she allowed it to drop to the floor. She was stood before me in just her heels and a sheer white see through thong. I could see her shaved cunt through the thong.

Lyn pulled on her thong so that it disappeared into her cunt, she was letting out low moaning sounds as she continued to tease her clit with her thong. Slowly she turned and started to lower her thong. She bent to push her thong below her knees, what a site I could see her cunt framed by the cheeks of her bottom. I remained seated watching the show in front of me. Slowly she turned to face me, with one hand she was playing with her nipples and with the other she was fingering her clit, she opened her legs slightly so that she could finger her cunt.

God I need fucking she smiled at me and with that she moved forward toward me positioning her self above me. I was sat on the sofa with Lyn's knees either side of me, her cunt was inches above my cock. I looked down and Lyn’s cunt juices were dripping onto my cock. Lyn steadied her self by holding onto the sofa with her left hand and reached between us for my cock with her right, slowly she lowered herself down onto my cock. She was hot and very wet.

Fully impaled on my cock Lyn fell forward and whispered into my ear that she had been horny all day wanting to be fucked. In between moans she kept whispering things like fuck me deep and I want your spunk in my cunt. I was holding her bottom in both hands, pulling her arse cheeks apart and sucking on her nipple. I moved my hands so that I could feel her little puckered ring. Oh yes she moaned finger my arse hole, every time she pushed down onto my cock my finger would penetrate her arse hole. She was now biting my neck and breathing very deep. With a groan and a scream she came grinding her cunt down onto my cock and her arsehole onto my finger. Her cunt muscles were squeezing my cock and her juices were flooding over my cock and balls. She continued to shudder on my cock for what seemed like hours but could only have been seconds.

Lyn smiled looked into my eyes and kissed me. She started to move again up and down on my cock. Her hair had become tousled and stuck to her face she looked so sexy. God I love your cock she moaned, I was almost coming my self, I tried to hold off for as long as I could. I am going to cum I cried, yes yes I want your spunk deep in me she breathed with that I cum pumping spunk into her, once again she let out a groan as she said that she was coming again. She muffled her cries with biting into my shoulder as she orgasmed again. We held each other tight until both our orgasam's subsided.

Lyn was kissing my face and lips thanking me for fucking her. It should be me thanking her I thought. I could feel both our juices running over my cock and balls. As Lyn got off me, more of our juices flowed out of Lyn onto me. Lyn saw this and said that it shouldn’t go to waste and bent down and started to clean me up, licking all around my cock and balls. When she had finished she kissed her way up my body to my lips. I could taste both of our juices, the salty taste of my spunk mixed with the sweet taste of Lyn’s cunt.

I slumped back into the sofa completely drained. Lyn was curled up with her head on my chest, she was tracing her nails up and down my thigh stopping just short of my cock. She asked me if I had enjoyed our fuck, yes I replied feeling a stirring in my cock. Lyn noticed this and ducked her head down to suck my cock again. I reached down her back and started to run my fingers down the crease of her bottom past her arse hole to her cunt. I started to finger her. She was moving her hips fucking my fingers. I managed to insert two fingers into her in this position. She released my cock from her mouth and moved so that I could finger her cunt. She was now laid across me wanking my cock onto her tits.

I managed to reach down so that I could use both hands on her, my left was underneath Lyn fingering her cunt and my right was between her arse cheeks toying with her arse hole. I want to lick you I told Lyn, she moved off my body and sat in the corner of the sofa, legs wide open, yes lick me, make me come with your tongue.

I moved Lyn so that I was sat on the floor looking into her very wet open cunt. I kissed the top of her legs moving from one to the other letting my tongue brush ever so lightly over her clit. Lyn was moaning again telling me to fuck her with my tongue. With my hands underneath her I parted the lips of her cunt with my thumbs. Her juices were bubbling inside her.

I plunged my tongue deep into her tasting her juices and traces of my own spunk. I sucked ho her clit, softly biting both the lips of her cunt and her clit. Lyn loved this pushing her cunt onto my face. I traced my tongue down from her clit past her cunt and started to rim her arsehole. Oh yes do me there she shouted, I eased a finger into her arsehole and continued licking her cunt and clit.

Lyn was fucking both my finger and tongue. She was bucking up and down clamping me with her legs and arsehole. With a shudder she orgasmed covering my face with more juice, she clenched her arse cheeks so hard that she forced my finger out of her arse hole. Lyn was holding my head by my hair and was literally rubbing her cunt onto my face. After she had stopped shaking from her orgasms she sank back into the sofa.

That was great thank you she said, I told her not to be so daft it should be me thanking her. With that she got up off the sofa and said she was just visiting the loo. A couple of minutes passed, Lyn shouted down for me to come upstairs and to bring the glasses and bottle of wine out of the kitchen.

I found Lyn in the bedroom sat at the dressing table, she was repairing her make up (lipstick). She had put on a long flowing white see through negligee. I set the glasses down and poured us both a glass of wine. We both then lay on the bed.

The night was still young and we were both still very horny. More of Friday night to come. Thanks to all those that have e-mailed me. Please e-mail me if you want to know more.