Written by Dave

24 Oct 2003

Lynne, my girlfriend at the time and I had been out for a drink when I pulled in to a car park in the woods which I know is used by doggers quite a lot. Lynne at the time was 21 and very attractive with auburn hair and a nice body with large firm breasts. She was also very sexually adventurous.

We had been parked a few minutes and kissed only when she commented on the number of people around. I told her that some of them would be dogers and some couples. Of course then she wanted to know what a dogger was. I explained as much as I could and she said ' You mean that they would come and watch us through the window and look at my boobs and show me their cocks.' I agreed that they would and would probably like a lot more too.

She sat and thought about it for a moment and then said 'Lets give it a little try'. I was very turned on hearing her talk like this as I had thought she would be almost impossible to persuade. I reached up and gave a flick of the interior light . leaving it on for a few seconds. Presently a guy in his 20s walked past the car and stood in the bushes. I opened Lynes blouse and unclipped her bra pushing her blouse well open so that he could see there was some action. Cautiously he approached the car and standing on her side looked in. Lynnes nipples had gone hard with the excitement as she looked out of the window. Looking about the guy unzipped his jeans and took out his semi- erect cock which he bagan to wank. As it hardened it became apparent that he was quite well endowed. She whispered to me how excited she was and how she would love to grab it. Then she said ' Would you like to see me hold his cock?' I agreed that I would but told her that he would want to feel her also. I reassured her that I would be ok about that if she was enjoying herself.

Lynne gently wound the window right down and the guy reached in to feel her breasts as she reached out to take hold of his thick cock. He teased her hard nipples and cupped her breasts one then the other as she ran her fingers up and down his length, pushing his foreskin back and forth. He opened his jeans so that she had access to his large balls.

His hand moved down between her thighs which parted as though by magic for him. I reached down and slipped her panties down and over her ankles allowing her the freedom she craved. Lynne was using both hands now on his cock cupping his balls with her left and working him with her right. She was amazingly wet as he fingered her to an orgasm. As she subsided she pulled his cock further into the car and I watched her lips close around it as she began to suck him. This carried on a little while and then I realised that there was getting to be quite a little gathering outside the car, three other guys having moved over to watch. Hands began to slip into the window andshe was being groped by all four guys who had their cocks out. Their ages would be 20's and 30's wich I was pleased about as I knew she wouldn't like old guys feeling her up. Lynne plpayed with each cock in turn enjoying their different feels but didn't suck any more. After a while she turned to me and indicated she wanted to go. I started the engine as a signal that it was over and they said their goodnights and wandered off back to their cars.

We drove off and she was silent for a while before saying to me ' Did you like to see me playing with other men?' I admitted that it had been a turn on and felt her hand move to my leg to check if I was still turned on. We headed for my place quickly and went straight to bed where she told me how it had turned her on and what she would like to do with those cocks as I screwed her as hard as I could.