Written by Ron

16 May 2005

I am in my late forties and so is my new wife. I have always got on well with her mother, Moira - a widow, who is in her seventies. She is very short, petite with small boobs but a great sense of fun. Almost from the beginning our 'hello' kisses were mouth to mouth and, whenever my wife was not there, very long-lasting!

Before long I was visiting Moira often to sort out various "domestic problems" and she soon had me under her thumb. Soon she had me stripped to my underpants and doing her cleaning and hoovering while she relaxed with her feet up on the sofa. It was not long before she had me naked whilst doing her house-work.

If I did it well, and she had very high standards, she would take me to her bedroom and play with me. This entailed mocking my small penis, slapping me around the face and buttocks and teasing me with her body.

Usually I came before she wanted me to and I got reprimanded for that. We never had sex but her domination was complete.

Eventually she contracted Altzheimers and she is now in a home but her 'Hello' kisses still turn me on!!