Written by John & Debbie

8 Jun 2004

This is a true account of a night in Plymouth with my girlfriend.

Sue and I had been playing spanking games for about a year and able to explore each others fanticies extensivley. Sue liked to be treat as schoolgirl, tart or maid, all involved me being dominant, spanking and paddling my naughty girl and giving her a hard fucking whenever I, as master, felt like it.

Sue also insisted I had a collection of short skirts and a maids uniform, for when she felt dominant, but that is another story...

We had been in Plymouth for about 3 days, Sue was into dressing as French Maid when we were in our rooms and had taken several over the knee spankings up to press. On the third night, after a particually long spanking and hard fucking, Sue asked if we could indulge a fantasy that had been forming all week. Sue wanted to be spanked with some one watching, we talked, preferably male or a couple. We discussed the possibilities, that the witness might join in ? Yes, Sue reolised that, and that there might be some sexual contact between all of us.

Sue was ok with this, and she asked was I. My cock was straining at the thought and Sue had to suck me off, and fast, Sue being fucked in front of me was a real turn on for me.

Fortuatly we were holidaying with a group and the next night I asked a close friend if he fancied some fun, but it must remain between the three of us, Ian readilly agreed and I elaborated. We were all to go back to Sue and I's rooms, Sue would get changed and act as maid to us both. Once she was comfortable with the role I would spank Sue in front of Ian.

Any progression in the spanking was Sue's decision alone.

We made our excuses and left the rest of the gang at about 8.30 and went to the rooms.

Sue went into the bath room.

Again I swore Ian to secrecy, and was begining to wonder if Sue had changed her mind when in she walked.

Sue looked stunning, Black, short uniform with cute white apron, the lace tops of her stockings just on show, high heels and a very nervous smile.

I knew I had to act if Sue was not to back out.

Have a glass of wine, Sue, and then you are to be spanked for keeping us waiting."

Sue replied that she was sorry but very nervous as this was her first time.

I moved a chair close to the end of the bed and told Sue to stand on my right. Ian sat on the bed.

"Now, Sue, you are here to be spanked, put yourself over my knee and prepare for punishment."

Sue willingley draped herself over my knee, her pert bottom uppermost. I lifted her skirt out of the way displaying neat black panties and wide sussy straps, mouth watering. Her bottom wonderfully framed. And then I commenced spanking, gentle at first and then harder and harder, covering those cute panties, then a pause whilst I stroked her warm bottom.

" Now, Sue, the next part, are you ready for bare bottom ?"

"Yes, please, Sir, spank me on the bare."

Sue was enjoying this !

I slowley rolled her panties down to the tops of her stockings, displaying a hot pink bottom.

I looked at Ian, he was obviusly getting aroused.

I then commenced spanking those lovely bare cheeks, they shuddered and got hotter and hotter. Sue was raising her bottom to meet the spanks and getting very aroused herself.

I stoped again. " part your legs, Sue, I think you are enjoying this."

Sue complied and I slipped a finger into her pussy, it was soaking.

I then invited Ian to join me in spanking Sue, one to each cheek. Sue took the hardest spanking I had ever given her and was shuddering in extacy.

After her bottom had turned bright red I told my maid to stand up and bend over the back of the chair.

Producing a leather slipper sole I then gave her another 20, hard and all to the lovely fleshy underhang. Sue was rubbing her crutch against the chair back, she must have come again and again.

I stopped, Sue stood and said; " wonderful I am so turned on, now you two over the back of the chair, now !"

Ian looked confused, "It's only fair, Ian, Sue's turn now, strip and bend."

We bent over side by side and we coould see Sue select a tawse from our toy bag. Sue alternated her spanking between us, hard slaps from the leather, the stinging was wonderful, after she stopped I felt her hand on my cock, "I want fucking, and now."

Sue knelt on the bed, her red bottom high and ready, I quickly moved behind her and slipped into her hot, wet pussey, Ian moved to Sues head an placed a leg either side, his hard cock inches from her mouth.

Sue was in writhing her hips and moaning. "Do you want to suck him, go on take him in your mouth."

Sue needed no second biding and greedily took Ians cock deep into her throat.

We were all in extacy, Sue sucking and being fucked, her hot bottom stinging and arousing her even more. Ian's eyes were rolling, one thing Sue does well is suck cock. I could see her head bobbing up and down and her right hand pumping Ian's shaft in rythem with her warm, wet mouth.

Ian gave out a load groan as he shot into her mouth, Sue greedily swallowing all she could milk out of his cock.

Then it was Sues turn, with a scream sh bucked wildy on my cock and came, and came again, She must have climaxed 4 times.

Sue slid forward, swivelled around and took my cock into her mouth, her tongue flicked over the jap eye and I could not hold back. I filled her mouth with hot, stickey cum.

When she had milked all she could sue straightened up and kissed me full on the mouth, inserting her wet stickey tongue into my mouth, letting some of the compbined cum of Ian and I trickle in. It was delicious.

We all collapsed onto the bed, I had my fingers into her cunt, Ian had a hand on her tits and Sue was holding both our cocks, slowly wanking them, and they were getting hard again.

We all agreed it was a fantastic session and we would continue to have our threesomes whenever possible.

"Well, boys" said Sue, "I think we will have a foursome soon, I want to see Kathy spanked and fucked, just like me. And I have not finished with you two yet, John's girly things will fit you, Ian, I want you both to have an enema, get changed into frillies and get ready for me." Sue then reached into the toy bag and brought out her strap on...but that is anouther story.

The above is true, even the conversations, I taped the whole evening.