Written by Tony little cock

3 May 2006

My wife debbie and me Tony, have always had a full and kinky sex life. We had both been married before suck in a empty loveless rut, but this time was fucking brilliant, sole partners the lot. In one year i had transformed my wife into a sexy horney housewife, i had alway been a dirty kinky sod with lots of unfilled fantasies and debs new this and made it her mission to satisfy me and fullfill my fantasies. I have alway had a fetish for stockings, women legs covered in nylon really for me especially seamed fully fashioned sheer brown flesh coloured, my wife by now had a collection of stockings, suspenders, matching underwear sets including sexy outfits sluttie 6inch mules and really complemented her stocking covered feet. Debs was 37 5ft6 34f enhanced boobs a pressies from me, long legs with wild brown curly hair, brown eyes sexy as fuck lucky fella. Most w/ends debbie and i would have a few bottles of wine smoke a joint or 2 and debbie would dress in matching bra sussys fully fashioned seamed brown stockings 6inch glass heel fluffy red mules full makeup no knickers and shaved pussy and would walk around the house just perfect, clock on to SH for some kinky fun. 4 years ago 4b i meet debbie i had 3 yrs of single and on off relationships with other women but still lived on my own, had a good job and party most w/ends clubbing and hoildays with the boys, drunk loads dapp in other times smoked the odd joint to chill out after a hard night and of course loads of sex. During these times i must confess on many occassions back at my flat 3amish after clubbing i would stay up watch porns and wank myself silly, and sometime would phone a local escort agency and have the pleasure of a stocking clad pro for a hr. Most of the time i was so fired up but alway horney as fuck i would get the girls to sit in front of me in just sussys and stocking sluttey shoes legs wide open playing with they pussy while i watched and wanked myself and asked them all sorts of pervy questioned mainly about the cocks they have had especially the big thick ones, because i consider myself as having a rather a small cock 5 inchs hard not very thick and cut. I have a thing about very large thick uncut cocks, i would love it when they would relay scenes of being fucked by big cocks in just they stockings and how much better a big cock is to a small one like mine. I would alway shot my lot to details of when they would come time and time again when feeling a thick cock pounding into they wet cunts and how they could feel the spunk shooting up deep into them, this made me come everytime. Some nights i would watch porns of huge cocks shagging stocking wearing sluts, i would then put on old pairs of ex girlfriends stocking which would feed my fetish. Now and again i would place a stocking over my hand and wank and spunk over it only to clean in off with my tongue.

Twice when really horney i had visited a male masseur for man which resulted in me sucking them off. The first was about 7 inch long quite thick and uncut with tight foreskin which i find fascinatey, he lick and sucked my cock balls and arse for the first time which made me feel so dirty, after which i sucked his cock until it came in my mouth. 3 lovely spurts of salty muskey spunk, i swallowed every last drop inc the dripple from his spunk covered foreskin. Second time was with a very tall fit late 40s tanned bi masseur, he was very dom not really a masseur more of a sex service. he would order me to suck his 8 inch thick cock big balls, he had a very heavy foreskin half covering his purple helmet. One time i remember begin told lay on the bed back down then he knelt over me getting into a 69 position. His huge cock was inchs from my face, and a pair of smooth large heavy ball dangling on my chin, soon i was sucking his cock pulling back his thick foreskin, licking the pre cum hungrily into my mouth while having my own little cock sucked. After a few cock sucking mins Richard placed his hands on the cheeks of his arse and pulled them apart exposings his brown sticky hole, taking my cock out of his mouth he ordered me to clean his bum hole and processed to lower his cheeks to my face guiding his opening to my mouth which i happily obliged, licking a sucking and rimming his hole clean as told. Somehow i soon found myself on all fours face down being told i was about to be fucked. It wasnt something i came here for but somehow didnt care, i was so turned on by the sound of Richard sliding a comdon on his thick cock but pleased for saftey reasoned, but some part of me loved the thought of bareback sex dirty and kinky but risky. Flashing images of Richards thick cock sliding in and out of arse time and time again shooting wads of spunk into my streched hole. But not this time, after greasing my tight hole with lube Richard placed his helmet to my opening and quite firmly pushed it in, at first i couldnt relax but when i felt his hand reach under my legs and grab my cock i pushed back and was soon taking his full 8 inchs into me. He rode me for some time before i pleaded with him to come in my mouth. Removing the comdon he sat on the edge of the bed, i knelt in front of him and took his huge cock in my mouth, pulled his skin back and fourth cupping his huge balls gently squeezing them, Richard groaned telling me to suck his cock, i slowly took my hand off his balls probed his bum hole inserting one of my fingers up into his slit, Richard wanked his cock frantically, his dripping head placed on my tonuge mouth wide open, squeezing his balls with my other hand sent 5/6 jets of warm thick creamy spunk into my mouth, swallowing every drop. Debbie new all about my pass.

Debbie often got turned on by my stories of my bi days. I love nothing more than when i wear my own black seams stocking suspender belt, 6 inch mules cock ring shaved cock and balls. Debbie had brought everything for me over the net. We would sit opposite each other cladded up debbie fucking herself with a choice of vibraters often choosing the 8 inch thick black one. I would wank my cock to this, both debs and i saying we would love me to watch her being fucked by a tall fit older man, huge uncut cock 9inch plus, large balls heavy creamer. Both of us dress in our stockings, debbie would usally come first, just as i would tell her to imagin the huge cock feeling her pussy with buckets of spuck. Soon after debbie would kneel in front of my small cock sucking it into her mouth squeezing my balls telling me my cock was to small for her, how she couldnt wait for a real big cock that she could feel and i was only to come in her mouth, not inside her that was only for big cocks and said she wanted me to be her cuckold husband when she has found the right lover. This never failed i shot my load deep down her throat, debbie always swallowed.

We placed a detailed ad on SH, sexy housewife loves cock looking for older business type gent 6 foot plus vwe thick uncut cock, must be heavy creamer to fuck her bareback while her cuckold husband with his small 5 inch cock watches, both love to dress up. After weeks of time wasters we received a email from Lenny a 57yr business man,

6 ft 4 well built and he said vwe,and very heavy creamer.

2hrs later we had arranged for us to visit him saying it was a large detached house with is own grounds. Sat soon arrived Debbie dressed in a black pencil skirt, white blouse, no bra and a pair of fleshy brown sheer fully fashioned seamed stockings topped with her slutty mules. I dressed in just jeans and teeshirt taking my maids outfit with me. Pulling up the drive of a large tudor style house about 30 mins drive away, stopping the car i turned to Debbie and said ready babes, Debbie just smiled and stepped out the car. She rang the brass bell on the large oak door, a tall stocky tanned bald headed man answered the door dressed in a smart pinned stripped suit, crisp white shirt and tie, he had a very young fresh complection for his age. Welcome he said in a well educated voice im Lenny, moving forward he greeted debbie kissing her full on the lips which she responded by kissing him back. Taking my wifes hand he lead her through a large hallway telling me to close the door, moving into a large openplan living room, a huge leather curved sofa faced a roaring log fire, centred by a heavy looking wooden coffee table Lenny poured 3 glasses of champagne and toasted to the evening ahead. Nexted lenny showed me to 1 of 6 bedrooms telling me to change in a firm but friendly voice then returned to the lounge. I quickly undressed putting on my suspenders seamed stocking maids outfit and mules, but shaking while fixing my strap around my balls and cock. Slowly i went back to the lounge, Debbie and lenny were taking and laughing, on a large plasma tv i noticed a porno showing a man with a large cock fucking a stocking wearing slut. Debbie sat at one end of the sofa removed her blouse, her massive tits made lenny smile saying lovely my darling, she then stood up slipped her skirt off showing lenny and me her stocking covered legs and shaven pussy. Debbie sat back down opening her legs exposing her cunt to lenny. Lenny removed his jacket and tie, telling me to come over a take it followed by his shirt, he was still quite fit a few grey hairs covered his chest. slipping out of his shoes, socks and trousers lenny sat at the other end of sofa in just his silk boxers, he then told me to put the clothes in the laundrey room next to the kitchen, when i came back lenny was smoking a cigar and drinking champange, my wife to was smoking and drinking bubbley. Come here little cock he said from now on you will refere to me as master lenny and answer to cuckold or any other we choose to call you. Yes master i replied, lenny was a very tall man big feet and hands and his posh firm voice the wealthy surroundings made his master status more convincing. Lenny then told me to kneel in front of him and to remove his boxers, lifting his bum off the sofa i pulled his shorts down over his large feet, looking up i was meet by the biggest cock ive every seen. Not yet hard but as thick as my wifes wrist nearly 8 inch long, a big helmet was just poking out his fleshy thick fleshy foreskin but that was nothing compared to the site of sack. lenny opened his legs releasing a massive pair of balls the size of 2 oranges he was completely shaved and smooth, sliding to the edge of the sofa he told me to suck his cock, taking hold of the huge member i slowly pulled back the foreskin his helmet was sticking and covered in a thick resin. Lenny said he had just got in from work and hadnt washed from early that morning, debbie then suggested that i clean it, i lowered my mouth over the head of his cock and processed to clean the creamy fluid from under his skin. His cock swelled to a unbelievable size 10 inchs of thick vainey meat, lenny then stood up even in my 6inch mules he towered above me, his huge cock pointing outwards, debbie said lets go upstairs and bring the drinks maid.

The last door on the landing was open to the master bedroom, a large room with a massive antique bed facing a large plasma screen playing the same porn as downstairs. One end of the room had a small soft leather sofa. Debbie lay on the bed parting her hips and fingered her pussy. lenny downed his drink in 1 and moved over between my wifes legs, kneeling down he started licking on debbies wet cunt, his hands parting her legs even more, debbie moaned in pleasure his tongue lapping at her juicies, his cock hung down between his legs half hidden by his huge balls. Debbie glanced over to me with 1 hand on the back of his head she beckoned me over with the other, get down and clean mastered arse and balls little cock. My own cock was now throbbing and up to it full 5inchs, i lowered my head between lennys cheeks and fed my tougne up his muskey hole, debbie was now groaning reaching the first of many climaxs her groaning turned to words of filth and lust, lenny she said i need that big cock in me. let me ride you until i get used to it, the fact is debbies biggest cock to date has been mine apart from a few strap ons and dildo i have used on her. Moving onto his back lennys cock bigger than ever ouzing pre cum i was then told to sit on the leather sofa and watch your wife get a proper fucking. sitting down i parted my legs and started to play with my 5in cock, just feet from where i sat debbie straddled his hips, held his vainy thick cock for the first time, squatting over his large helmet her pussy lips opening she lowered herself on to his giant member. I was shocked to see how quickly she drove down onto it, my wife lent forward so lenny could suck her breast, his big hands cupping them and sucking hard on the nipples. The site of his fat long cock sliding in and out of my wifes cunt bareback was such a turnon. Soon debbie was grinding into lennys groin taking all 10 ins of thick cock. her voice trembled with words of yes yes im cumming, with that my wife cunt contracted over his massive tool coating its length with her own love juices. The next 30 mins lenny fucked my wife in serveral positions she must of cum another 3 times going into a sexual trance screaming out that she loved his big cock and wished her husband wasnt so small, lenny replied you can have it as much as you like my cock is yours. With that debbie turned to face lenny saying fuck me deep and hard i need your cock cream. I new what was coming next we had often fantasized about this. debbie moved onto her back her head up by the brass headboard, pushing a pillow under her waist her legs slightly raised and bent lenny knelt infront of her taking his shaft she guided his tip into her open slit. Soon half of his thick cock was sliding in and out of my wifes pussy. Pushing her stocking covered legs seams twisted debbie hooked her feet under the bar of the headboard, giving easy access for some deep fucking. Lenny rode my wife deep and hard the room filled with sounds of his cock pumping in and out my wifes wet cunt. Debbie screamed out as she came again gripping lennys vainy cock, lenny groaned out he was coming about to shoot, seconds later he emptied those heavy huges balls into my wife who muttered she could feel his spunk surge deep inside her. He withdrew his cock causing a wet plopping sound his shaft coated in spunk and my wifes juices, debbie kept her feet hooked under the headboard her cunt stretched to the girth of lennys prick. Lenny walked over to where i was sitting and ordered me to clean his now semi hard cock i greedily lick every drop off his sticky shaft pushing his foreskin back over his tip forcing a large drop of spunk into my mouth. Lenny then took my place on the sofa pointing to my wife he said maid clean my guest, i slide onto the bed lowered my head to debbies open gash, my nose was soon sniffing the odours of her wet well fucked hole. Debbie told me to turn on my back head between her legs unhooking her feet and in one move she managed to 69 me taking my cock in her mouth facing lenny who was now smoking a cigar. I was then told to open my mouth tilting her arse down she lowered her cunt over my mouth, her cunt contracted causing a river of thick spunk to flow down my throat. All i could do was swallow, gallons of it, this sent me to cuckold heaven and i shot my own small amount of cock cream into debbies mouth. Over the next month we repeated the session again but debbie spent many nights alone with lenny and they became lovers. 2 months later i was oftered the job of a lifetime in usa accepting the job gave us only 3 months to sort things out this end, after telling lenny my wife suggested that she visited him most nights and to complete my cuckold task said she was going to stop taking the pill so lenny could get her pregnate with his huge cock. I had no say in the matter she has now been fucking lenny bareback for 2 months off the pill without him knowing, maybe this w/e she will get what she wants, I HOPE SO