Written by John

22 Jul 2005

That was what the new girl at our works said to me one night?

Anyway If you remember i posted you a story a while back about me and the Mrs going out one night and having another guy fuck her, and the fact that i work night shift and being away from home for a few hours and what the wife could be up to?

Well never mind i have found my own bit of fun and i must say she is one hell of a randy Girl!

One night this new girl started at my place of work and was put on night shift, she was 18 years old and very cute! My place of work has mostly women working night shifts and ther are not too many blokes around, but all the women are about in their 50's and are more interested in talking about episodes of Coronation Street etc.

Two other girls who work here told me that this new girl who we shall call Claire was a bit of a slut and how she likes to bed a different guy each week, which i found out to be rubbish and that they were only jealous of her looks and body.

Anyway at first as you do you start to talk but something clicked between us everytime she came upto me to chat to me i could feel a bulge growing in my jeans,I just looked into her blue eyes and i really wanted to fuck her, but everytime i had the chance to say something the other women would disturb us or we would be so far apart and so busy that we would never get the chance to talk.

One night in work she walked up to me what the hell was i thinking? as i grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me and she did not resist in fact she put her hand straight down on the front of my jeans and just lightly sqeezed my groin with a twinkle in her eye i knew what she wanted, and she knew damn well what i wanted from her.

Later instead of going for a cigarette i led her to a quiet part outside the factory where know one could disturb us. Oh my god i had her now all to my self and i was going to devour her lovely body i was as rampant as hell and she could see it sticking from the front of my jeans god i wanted release! I took hold of her and pushed her up against the wall and took hold of here breast as i slid my hand under her top she had no bra on and her nipples were lush! i sucked each one gently biting each in turn and then kissing her.

I undid her jeans and pulled them down to reveal her shaved pussy. I dropped to my knees and pushed her up against the wall and pushed my tounge between her legs and licked her cunt very hard and toungue fucking her minge as she moaned with delight! all her cunt juice was drenching me she was ready for a fucking good fuck. But first she had to suck my cock! She was hungry and basically tore at my jeans to get at my cock which was the hardest it has ever been! she took it up into her mouth slurping and swallowing and licking!To be quite honest when it came down to it i did'nt know which was the best way i wanted to fuck her as this i wanted to enjoy as you dont get offers like this everyday, I bent her over and her little pink knickers were right up her arse being rampant and a dirty beast i ripped them off her and stuffed em in my pocket, I bent her over and i pushed my thick cock into her little tight vagina,she fucking luved it and was fucking up and down on me before i had chance to get my self into full steam away, god she had a real sexy arse tight and soft little white cheeks, and her little tits just hung there with her big teets sticking out erect.

Halfway through the shag she then said that she wanted to stop and get dressed? I thought what you gotta be kidding i have not even cum yet? I can't do this she said i have a Boyfreind? I said what you gotta boyfreind oh shit that really took my breath away, I told her don't worry i am married but they dont need to know do they? She then said ok give me it really hard then! So i pumped that cunt of hers for all it was worth and thought about her boyfreind and what i was doing to his girl. She had my cock inside her and not his, i pulled out and told her to lay on the grass to alow me to get ontop of her, she was so fragile! theres me in my 40's and i am pumping this 18 year old for all she was worth god she was a real dirty slut i sucked her nipples as i fucked her and then asked her if she had ever had it up her bum she said no and did not want to but i said to her i would be very gentle with her! She laid on her tummy and i climbed ontop putting lots of wet around her ass i slowly inserted mmy cock she let out a yelp and stopped me going any further i stopped and just left it inside her little tight bum, but soon we were having a very carefull screw i then withdrew and pushed back up her cunt and gave her an almighty fuck i really fucked her hard and could feel the cum inside of me slowly getting to its finale, i took her by the shoulders and pulled her towards me as i spunked deep into her pussy and she moaned and writhed at the delight of feeling my thick spunk. We lay there for a few minutes our dinner break nearly over about another 12 minutes left so we tidied up and i kissed her gently on her lips she stood up and i could see the spunk running down her legs, she reached down and wiped a thick load from her thigh and put it in her mouth and said i love the taste of cum! Mmm so later on our 10 minute break we strolled into the toilets and she sucked me off and i gave her a freash load to swallow. Although she is now on a different shift we are planning to get it together again one night once she gets back onto the shift as her boyfriend is very weary of her going out on her own or with friends on a nightime she has promised me a nice good fuck again.Saturday i am seeing her Mother Karen who is married and not into the dogging scene at all and has always wanted a couple of blokes to fuck her while her hubbie is at work during the day at which i have plenty of time on my hands! but she does not know about me and her daughter. I will keep you posted how i get on.I dont think me and the wife will be dogging any more as she only wanted to try it that one night and i think she is getting her fill when i am at work and she thinks i don't know about it!