Written by Robin H

26 Jun 2005

I’d been living with Zoe for the past 18 months she’d always come across as quiet and reserved. Yes she’d had her fair share of boyfriends and I had caught the odd female friend leaving at the crack of dawn but I had never really put my flatmate in the nymphet category. I on the other hand have a real reputation for being a right slut if I do say so myself. With a new man nearly every week and a regular stream of guys and girls leaving proudly by the front door come Saturday and Sunday morning I know just what I want and I thinking I’m pretty good at getting it too.

Zoe had left a note asking me to pick up some more milk if I got home before her so I headed off the to shop. Our newsagents is a little dark corner shop not five minutes walk from our place with the one big plus being that it does have a great long top shelf with plenty of adult titles. The other big plus is that the counter and the cash register are both at the other end of the shop to the magazines so if you time things right you can leaf through the titles without too much distraction and who ever takes any notice of the hand written no browsing notice selotaped to the shelf anyway?

It was a hot afternoon and I was feeling horny so I thought I take a look at some of my favourite top shelf titles picking up a magazine I fingered my way through the pages. With some great shots I could really feel things heating up between my legs as I sucked on my lip. Eventually I made it through to the reader’s wife’s pages and there she was. Wife of the month! My flatmate Zoe in all her glory spread across our couch! Seven shots that really left nothing to the imagination. The one that really caught my eye had her from behind bending over looking back through her legs with a silver vibe in her hand pressed against the sheer black material of her thong covering her ass and her tight pussy peaking out as the material covering her near perfect wet pussy had been tugged to one side. There was no choice; I had to have the magazine! Looking around the shop it was still empty so I walked over to the fridge picked up a pint of milk and then headed up to the counter. I had always looked but never brought a magazine and the buzz was tremendous as the young lad that always served me gave me a real checking over before handing me my shopping.

I nearly ran home and didn’t waste any time once I was home in getting up to my bedroom. Franticly pulling my top and bra off I threw the magazine down onto my bed. It opened on Zoe’s pages and as I peeled off my dress and stepped out of my undies there was no escaping how wet it had me. Looking over the shots I reached down between my legs and slowly fingered my pussy. She looked so hot and I had no idea that she had so many sex toys. I slide off the bed and crossed the landing to Zoe’s room her door was open so I headed in with only one thing on my mind. Searching through her draws and wardrobe I finally found what I had been looking for.

Pulling the box from under her bed I gasped as I saw what she had in her collection. There on top was the big silver vibe from the pics but she also had an assortment of dildo’s and anal beads and a plenty of S&M clothing too. Licking around the tip of the silver vibe I imagined where it had been and taking one of the smaller dildos I pressed it hard against my clit. With my legs shaking I lied back on Zoe’s bed and brought myself off to a very satisfying orgasm. One was never going to be enough but I needed the magazine and her pictures to really get me off. I crossed the landing back to my room. Picking up the magazine I made a dash back across the landing and heard the front door click as I made Zoe’s bed. Shit she was home and here I was trapped in her room naked with her toys all over the floor and a magazine with her bearing all inside.

I heard her heading up the stairs and froze. Frantically pushing the box back under the bed I pulled Zoe’s dressing gown on and sat on the edge of her bed with magazine tucked under the belt tied as tight as I could get it. Fumbling threw her lipsticks she opened the door and nearly jumped high enough to hit the ceiling. “Sorry is it ok if I borrow your lippy” I blurted. “This dark red one looks great” Thinking of the pics it was the same one she had been wearing. “Sure” no problem she replied. “You been home long” she asked. “A while, I have the milk” I replied. She seemed to be hiding something “What’s that” I enquired. “Oh nothing she replied” placing a carrier bag on her pillow. “Mind if I take a quick shower?” she asked. I started to put on the lippy hoping that Zoe wouldn’t notice how flush I looked whist in the mirror I could see Zoe undressing. “Right I’m just going to hop in the shower, borrow anything you need” and picking up the bag off the bed she headed across the landing to the bathroom.

I lied back on her bed relieved that she hadn’t sussed up what I was up too and then the door opened again. “Sorry Robin I forgot my shampoo” Zoe darted in naked and over to her bedside cabinet and the mirror which I had just been using to put on the lippy. Little did I know that from there she had a great view up between my legs and not only could she see my matted pubes but the magazine was in full view too. “What’s that Robin?” she chuckled. Sitting up on the bed I got a glimpse in the mirror and knew I had been sprung. “Erm what’s what”? I replied. “That magazine under your gown? “Zoe enquired. “Maybe I should be the one asking the questions” I said, pulling the magazine out from under the gown opening to Zoe’s pages and laying it on the bed.

“It would have been nice to know our couch was about to make a staring appearance in a porno mag Zoe” Blushing she watched as I open the magazine to her spread. Looking up from the magazine I could see her nipples had hardened and with her pussy literally in my face I wondered just how things hot were getting in there too. “Oh well erm, what can I say” “So I guess your in here borrowing a little more than my lippy then Robin?” Blushing I let the gown slip from my shoulders. Leaning over I pulled the box from under her bed. “Shouldn’t you have told me about this before Zoe” I asked. Picking up the sliver vibe and slapping it onto my hand like a truncheon. Smiling up at her I could feel the electricity running through me, “you know I am really going to have see just what this does to you now”.

Zoe leaned forward and I thought she was going to kiss me instead she pushed me so hard I fell back onto her bed. She wasted no time in lifting my legs and pushing them back towards the head board and licking down behind my knee to my bottom and then across to my now aching wet pussy. She jabbed her tongue against my swollen lips savouring the taste. “Mmm Robin you have been a naughty girl, if I had known I turn you on this much I wouldn’t have waited for you to find my pictures in a magazine”

Zoe then set to work with her tongue and the vibe working me towards another big orgasm. As I neared the edge she reached down over the bed and fumbled through the box. Pulling a long double-ended dildo out and wasting no time in sliding it deep into my wetness. Sucking on the other end she sent electrifying shivers through me before pressing it up against my tight asshole and slowly pushing the tip into me and then dribbling my juices and her spit around the toy she eased it deep into me. Working both holes with the vibe on my clit I was screaming the place down and so very close to having a huge orgasm.

Zoe then slipped off the bed climbing back on across my chest with her pussy and ass now inches from my face I could really take in just what it was doing to her too. I tried to sit up and tongue her hot snatch but every time I did she just leant forward taking it just out of reach and in turn working the vibe on my clit to make me lie back and thrash around. I could see she was enjoying making me wait and as she reached round to finger her pussy inches from my face the wetness literally dribbled down her thighs and onto my nipples. It was no good, grabbing her hips I pulled her down onto my tongue and started to lick her frantically. She was soaking and my face was soon covered in her juices.

I was enjoying all the attention far to much to let it be over but there’s only so much a girl can take and as I felt Zoe’s pussy tighten on my tongue and the pulses of her orgasm rip through her body I screamed and shock as my own orgasm tore through me. Zoe fell on the bed next to me as we both caught our breath for a second. Then she stood up and walked over to the bedside cabinet and pulled a camera from the drawer. You don’t mind if I get a few shots do you Robin. Lifting my legs up she zoomed in on my pussy with the vibe now just in my ass. Snapping away I manoeuvred into a number of positions for her.

Putting the camera back on the side she sat on the edge of the bed and run a finger through my matted pubes down across my pussy and onto the dildo rapping her hand round it she worked it forward and back causing me to arch my back. She crawled round and began to tease her self with the other end before sliding it into her. I could see from between my legs that she was so wet that it had slid in easily and I braced myself against the headboard as Zoe began to work up a rhythm. Sitting up on the bed our tongues tangled as we kissed and as our breathing quickened I knew I wasn’t far from yet another orgasm. Zoe leaned back onto her elbows so I could look down and see her pussy rapped round the hard shinny plastic. Reaching down I pulled the dildo from my ass and rubbed it hard against my clit in turn really working Zoe’s pussy. She screamed so I pushed the tool hard into me and leaned in as hard as I could. I could feel our pussys touching and our juices mixing and again there was nothing I could do as another huge orgasm ripped through me and as Zoe thrashed and screamed I could tell that she was enjoying the same.

Sliding off the bed I picked up the camera and it was Zoe’s turn to make a pose. Snapping away I got some great close ups of her wet swollen pussy and juice covered thighs. Zoe sat up onto the edge of the bed. “So what was in your bag then Zoe”? I asked. “Only my copy of the magazine” she replied. “I had only brought it to see if I had made it” she laughed picking up the magazine and looking over her picks properly for the first time. “Maybe we should send ours in?” she teased. “Maybe” I replied. So you’d keep an eye out for the too of us on a top shelf near you soon.