Written by Benny

1 Dec 2005

Life for my wife Shelly and me was getting a little boring.We were so busy with our seperate lives,hers with the kids and house,mine with my job. We only saw each other when we went to bed,usually too tired for sex.So we decided to have a holiday on our own.We picked out a villa miles from any where in Malta.Kids farmed off to the grandparents off we flew to Malta.

Now I saw it as great oppertunity to have another threesome ( see Danish threesome )

Shelly knew how excited I am she has another man fucking her.On the plane I said it would be great to have another threesome.She was reluctant as it was quite a few years since our previous encounter with our Danish friend.

Our villa was great,the outdoor swimming pool was totally private,the nearest villa was miles away. So we could sun bathe and swim totally naked. Of course seeing Shelly`s firm 36 inch breasts gave me ideas a plenty!

Very soon after arriving I was massaging sun cream into her naked body,paying special attention to her breasts and inner thighs. Shelly then kissed me shoving her tonge into my mouth ( it was just like our courting time )Why don`t you kiss my pussy she said. I gradually worked my lips from her lips,via her neck,breasts,belly,inside her thighs and onto her cunt. She was in heaven! Shelly`s cunt was so wet,it was gushing cunt juice all over my face and her thighs. Then out the corner of my eye I noticed we had an audience.It turned out to be the son of owner of the villa. Shelly had no idea we were being spied on,so I thought this would be a great way to start our holiday with an unexpected/planned threesome.

I continued to tonge Shelly`s cunt,then started to tease her by finger fucking her,then whispered to her if she would like two cocks fucking her.YES,YES was her instant reply.I want to be fucked by two cocks,NOW.She had no idea we were being watched.

I still continued to tease her,then I beckoned Dom to join me. Dom was of slight build,waring only some worn out cut down jeans.I could see he had a hard on,his purple cock end was sticking out the bottom of his shorts.I told him to take off his shorts,it revealed one of the bigest cocks I`ve ever seen it was like what you see on porn films.I thought mine at 8 inches was big.Dom`s was at least 3 inches bigger than mine!!

Still Shelly was un aware of Dom. I got Dom to kiss her already wet cunt,still Shelly did`nt know.Then I positioned my self so Shelly could kiss my cock and I could kiss her erect nipples. It was then she suddenly twigged on,there was two men!!

She looked up and saw Dom`s head between her legs.Dom stopped tonging her cunt. At this point I thought Shelly was going to stop everything,I sensed this and started to rub her nipples through my fingers. I now she loves this. Then she saw Dom`s weapon,she stretched out and held his cock,gave it a few wanks,and kissed it. She was up for it.

To see my wife giving a blow job to Dom was again fantasic for me.Because of Dom`s huge cock Shelly could only take half of it in her mouth.It did`nt take long for Dom to shoot his cum in Shelly`s mouth,she then swallowed the lot.Whilst she was mouth fucking Dom I had shot my load,I was so turned on I spunked without wanking!!

God I was turned on.I told Dom Now you must fuck her cunt with your cock.He man handled his own cock and placed it into her very wet cunt.He started to fuck her slowly at first then increased his spead.Shelly was in dream world,she had a huge cock fucking her whilst I was kissing her tits. Shelly was screaming with delight,and all she said was FUCK ME,FUCK ME.. Dom fucked her until he filled her cunt with hid cum.Then I started to fuck her doggy stlye. After only a short time I was inside her cunt,she told me she wanted me in her arse. I have always wanted to try anal.but Shelly always refused me this pleasure.This was my chance. I lifted her arse so her little hole was visable.I then pushed my cock very slowly into anal hole. I could`nt believe how good it felt,it was much tighter than her cunt hole. I pumped her until I shot her anal hole full of my seed.

We all went back into the villa,to freshen up.We did have some more fun that day,we both fucked Shelly several times.As this was the first day of our week holiday we did much more fun,Perhaps I will tell you later.

As a footnote Dom has become one our best friends and every year has a holiday with us.