Written by TF

13 Mar 2004

Hello just got in from a run,well I started to run as I'm in training for this years London Marathon (8th time).

I run for a charity and have been featured a number of times on BBC but as I wear a full custome you would not recognise my face. Lets just say the horn gets in the way!!

Well I was out this morning near Liphook on some army ground which is quite rough when I stimbled and fell and badly grazed my left knee and inner thigh.

The house was a good 7 miles away so I thought I'd hobble to one of the Army houses and see if anyone could run me home.

The first few were empty but 3rd time lucky and the lady of the house said sure she'd help. Would I like to come in a get the grazing treated.

There was quite a bit of blood so I said thanks.

We got chatting and it turns out her husband, aa Army officer is on tour abroad so she gets quite lonely.

I was laying back on her sofa with my left leg stretched out as she was cleaning the wound.

When she went out into the kitchen to get some ointment I carefully arranged my shorts so my cock was partly showing.

She came back and continued to wash my thigh.

I just laid back as if everything was normal but felt a stiffy coming on. She must have noticed my cock as she gradually shifted her washing action further up my leg.

Then she says "I'll have to remove your shorts to check for any more brusing".

As the shorts also contain a mesh pants it meant I would be naked down stairs.

"Oh OK" I casullay mumbled and dutifully took them off.

Laying back magain she started to wash all my thigh and started on my crotch and then cock.

"Oh that feels much better" I said.

Then she blurts out, "I think it will be best if I lick it clean, just like a cat!!"

And so she did all round my balls, cock the lots.

Gave me one hell of a blow job swallowing my cum with great relish.

Then she pulls up my shorts, stands up and says she would happily run me home.

Needtheles to say my wife was quite grateful for the ladies kindness, and me for her extra attention.

Just before she drove away she said that whenever I was passing pop in for a cuppa!! Slipped her phone number into my hand and drove away.

Funny now I think I'll give my running route a different lease of life. Instead of one circuit Saturday mornigs I could be going that way almost daily. Hope it does my running speed some good.

Thank God for the sex properties of Rhino Horn!!