Written by Cuckold husband

31 Oct 2005

My wife and I went on a city-break holiday in Spain about a month ago and during the day we visited all the sites, but at night it was my wife that became the attraction. Being a cuckold husband this was a perfect holiday.

We visited a club in the city centre but discovereed that we were the only visitors - we waited until 1 am when only a few couples arrived so we decided to leave and try elsewhere. The next club was busier and we decided to stay. The clubs in Spain, like Holland and France do not require membership to enter and many allow singles as well as having couples only nights or part nights so that singles can meet couples at some venues on many occasions, mostly up to Friday night - Saturdays are usually couples nights. In the club we visited though there were singles allowed on every night. What we also discovered was that most people go to swinger clubs after midnight and when we left at 3am on our second visit, people were still coming in, both singles and couples. The place was busy when we left with many couples and several singles.

The first night was OK, with my wife making love to me on the large public bed area and not swinging at all. The next day she said she had the measure of the club and would like to return for Saturday night fun. She dressed in stockings, thong, black top and short skirt and black high heels and looked a sexy picture, despite being in her late 40's, but retaining her 36c size 12 figure.

On arrival we went to the bar and the staff remembered the English couple from the night before and were very friendly. A young man, about 27, got up from his bar stool and offered it to my wife, who acepted, and the young man took a seat near the bar. My wife had a couple of drinks and we chatted about the fun - she insisted that I should also have a female but I told her that would happen at some time duing the night and if she wanted to have fun with a single man that was OK. She normally has sex with single men at house parties but we usually only go to couples clubs because when there are singles they tend to prowl and crowd any couple or 3some having sex which is very off-putting.

We found out that the Spanish men were very respectful and although there was at least one man for each couple at the club, the singles only had sex when invited and did not stand watching, just wanking, when not invited.

I asked my wife if she had seen anyone she fancied and she said the young man who had given her seat had been looking at her an she fancied him. For about 20 minutes she continued to have a drink and take in the atmosphere but I noticed she looked over to the young man from time to time. At last she said "Do you want me to fuck that young man - do you mind?" I told her I had taken her there to have sex with other men and so would love her to. At this point she looked over to the man, got up, smiled at him and walked into the playroom where there was no-one yet on the bed. The young man followed. I went to the bar to get a locker key for towels and when I returned my wife as sitting on the bed kissing the young man. I went to the locker, got undressed, deposited my clothes, got the towel and returned to find my wife on her back with the young man playing with her up her skirt and kissing her nipple which he had exposed.

She lifted herself up and pulled down her knickers and handed then to me, then took off her top and skirt and also gave them to me - I went to put them away for her while she undressed the young man.

When I got back he asked me if I had a condom - the sexual delight in giving a stranger a condom so he can fuck your wife is magnificent. He put it on and my wife bent down and in front of me started to suck his cock while he finger fucked her.

She then lay back and he got on top of her while I just watched and played with myself, in the background so as not to put her off. He eased his 8" cock up her wet pussy and fucked her hard then soft, then turned her over and dogged her hard. He did not last long and soon pulled out - I looked at his cock to see a large amount of spunk in the condom as he had just cum up my wife's pussy. She turned round looked at the spunk, took the condom off him and poured the spunk on her tits, then kissed him full on the lips for a long time and thanked him for pleasuring her.

She began to get dressed and I took the condom to the bathroom to dispose of it - when I returned a man had appeared at the other end of the bed and my wife was undressing - she said "I am going with that man over there" and prompty did. She crawled over to him, took his cock in her hand and began wanking him. His wife turned up and immediately encouraged her husband to go with my wife by stroking his leg and kissing him softly. She then came over to me and we started to have sex. Although I enjoyed having full sex with her I also kept watch on my wife. She sucked the new stranger and then lay on her back, opened her legs and invited him to fuck her which he promptly did. Another man came to see - a friend of my wife's new lover. The man turned my wife over and dogged her whilst the other man sat in front of her face - she took his cock in her mouth and was spit-raosed for about 10 minutes. The first man then turned her over on her back and invited his friend to fuck my slut wife - he rammed up her and the first man got hold of her hair and forced his cock down her thorat - she had a hard spit-roast this time, fucked both ends by two strangers. For about half an hour they continued to change positions so she was taking it both ends all the time. They really used her as a slut and she kept cumming and cumming.

In turn they both came up her pussy, the second one while she was snogging the first man.

After this session she wanted a drink and got dressed. A young man who had obviously seen her having a spit-roast came up to her and as he did not speak English gestured that she had a great figure and kissed his hands ,meaning he really liked her. He was naked and I asked my wife to wank him in appreaciation of his gesture - she did and he took out one of her tits from her top and sucked her nipple - another great cuckold experience, standing in a corridor fully clothed while a perfect stranger is wanked by your wife and offers her tits for sucking in public.

She gestured she needed a drink and we communicated she would return to the play area later.

We sat at the bar fully clothed and cooled down. Normally at clubs my wife goes to the playrooms with me, although she does separate when there as she likes going with couples or up to 3 men at one time (when their wives let them fuck mine on their own), and prefers that I am not there at that time as some men can be put off by the presence of the husband. Suddenly she just announced " I am going for a fuck" (this is a middle aged, middle class well educated female speaking!!!) and she disappeared to the play area on her own, such was her confidence at the club that she would meet a man but not be prowled on. I stayed at the bar and then after 5 minutes went to see what she was doing.

She was on the bed with another man and a couple and was being fucked by the man whilst the women was sucking her tits and the other man had his cock in her mouth - for the second time she was being spit-roasted but this time with a woman also involved. I watched her from a distance and over the next hour she was fucked by 4 men, two of which came on her tits and face.

What a great cuckold experience seeing my wife used by several men in turn and passed onto the next - a total slut experience for her.

We have booked to go again and she will have two nights at the club. Now we know that party-goers attend after midnight we intend to sleep until then after sightseeing, then attend at about 1 am and hope to stay until at least 4 am. My wife tells me that it is the best couples and singles club she has attended and fully intends to have sex with many men, irrespective of whether I have women or not as I told her I had loved seeing her with single men for such a long period. I am looking forward to the next trip as I hope to see her go off with a man at the start of the evening and then change sex partners all evening with me just being there to take her home.I will also supply her with extra condoms if she needs them, and look after her clothes when she is stripped by her first sex partner. I may have sex with another woman or I may just sit in the adjoining lounge and watch all evening.