Written by Scotsmassageman

10 Dec 2013

After a break away from SH I somehow drifted back into this and all the fun it offers. Being up here in the North of Scotland the opportunities to have fun are a bit more limited than down south but we manage. Let me tell you how giving a simple massage brought me back here.

I have for over 20 years mixed my massage skills with my photography skills but on this occasion I was asked to give a friend a massage. Let me tell you a little about Carol who is a friend of a friend - she is in her 50's and has the most amazing pair of breasts I have ever had the pleasure to handle. She had been busy working in her garden and had over done it and now her back was sore. She asked my friend if I would be able to come round and give her a back massage which of course I was happy to do. I arrived and after setting up my couch I asked Carol to undress and pop up on the couch face down. Placing a towel over her to cover her I started with massaging her back, and after a time I moved the towel up and started on her legs, slightly disappointed to see she had kept her knickers on. As my hands massaged the oils into her calves and thighs I noticed she had spread her legs further apart which allowed my hands to explore further up till I was just brushing her pussy through them. With that she let out a soft moan and said it was feeling good. Time for her to turn over I though.

I poured more oil onto my hands and started rubbing it into her belly first, slowly working my way up and for now around her breasts. She let out more soft moans which was the signal to be more adventurous and slowly my hands were cupping her breasts and gently massing her very erect nipples. As she moaned more and told me how nice it was feeling it was time to remove the towel covering her legs, which were spread wide apart waiting for me to massage them. I poured more oil on my hands and started slowly massaging up and down her legs, before in one swift movement I took hold of the sides of her knickers and pulled them down and off in one movement. I traced my hands back up her legs before with the lightest of touches I moved my fingers over her pussy, gently seeking out her clit and massaging it. This brought out loud moans from Carol and soon her hips were moving in time with my hands as I slowly inserted first one then two fingers deep inside her by now very wet pussy. As I worked hger clit with one hand and her pussy with my other her breathing quickened as her orghasm started to build up deep inside her. With a thrust of her hips she gripped the sides of the couch and let out a roar as she came on my fingers deep inside her. I continued slowly whilst she came back down from her orgasm. She thanked me for giving her her first orgasm in many years, which shocked me as she was married and I assumed leading a good sex life.

Theres more to the story but for now thats how I have found myself back here on SH and happy to offer the same to others - hopefully 2014 will be a great year to come.