Written by David

19 Jan 2005

My marriage was over and my wife asked me to leave the house, I was glad of it because we just could not talk, everything descended into an arguement. Not having a particularly close family I called a long time friend and colleague Jan who lived in the next town. Jan had been divorced for years, lived on her own and was a very independant and attractive 68 year old lady, she offered me a room in her house without question. We had worked together for years and had been close, but not in a sexual way, just good friends that hugged and kissed in a polite way.

I was in a right state and it was such a pleasure to be welcomed without any question, she gave me a squeeze as she greeted me, and even though the circumstances of my stay with her I would have been daft not to notice how good she looked and smelt. As we embraced in her hallway I could feel without question two very hard nipples pressing into my chest through her blouse & office suit, she kissed me gently on the cheek and said that she was going to look after me.

Leading the way upstairs I couldn't help but notice the swish of material as her arse moved from side to side in her tight skirt, mmmmmmm nice I thought and could not help but get hard.

Reaching the room I was to stay in, she stood in the doorway and showed me in, we brushed against each other in the tight space and my now fully errect cock ran along her thigh, she flushed and so did I, Whoops sorry, I said, now see what you have done to me!

Without saying a word the door was closed and she moved closer so I could smell her perfume, she moved up against me and moved her hand onto my trouser bursting cock, with deft and mainucured fingers she slid down my zip and reached in with cool hands to clasp, encircle and wank me off. I could not stand the teasing and after months of no pussy I roughly pulled her face to mine and deep french kissed her, she moaned and responded. Pushing her against the wall I ripped open the front of her suit and roughly groped her very big tits, I sucked on the nipples through the material of her blouse and they grew huge between my lips. I had to fuck her, so hoisting her over to the bed I removed what was left of my trousers and lay back with my thick 8 inch cock fully errect, sit on it I urged her, Good god she replied are you sure I will get all of that inside me, without any delay I eased her sodden panties to one side and she impailed her very hairy dripping pussy. I thrust deep and for an older woman she really rode me like a pro.I told her I was going to come and asked her if she wanted it inside her. Christ yes she screamed and I shot buckets of hot thick spunk up and into her.

We have been together now for a few months and she loves trying new positions, however my favourite is to have her just as she is leaving for work and make her walk to the bus stop with my spunk running out of her now well used pussy. I stop in my car and collect her, watching the come run down her legs into her shoes, she will clean up before going into work as a temp ( yes she has gone back to work, lied about her age and is now eyeing up the younger men for a potential threesome!

I have taught her to give a mindblowing face fuck and I can really say that she has become my total whore,

Sod younger women, I have never had it so good!