Written by Maureen

27 Oct 2005

I have been married to Ron for twenty years and had always suspected that he had played away with other women but I couldn't prove it until one night returning home from work early, I found him in our home with a woman who was in a state of undress and he was very busy trying to push his rampant cock back into his trousers.

We not surprisingly rowed about it for weeks and although he promised not to see her again, I lost interest in him.

We have a caravan in a nice park at Bewdley, by the river Severn, I started going there every week on my own, I enjoyed the peace and quiet there.

One Saturday night I had been to the local pub as usual and had been talking to friends that I had made down there and having a good time. At closing time Billy, one of the group offered to walk me back to the campsite, walking along he told me that he was unhappily in the middle of a divorce, he had cought his wife with another man he was devastated.

On arrival at the caravan I invited him in for a coffee, He asked about Ron who no longer came down to the van, so I told him what had happened, the memory of it was still raw and I started crying, Bill put his arm round me to comfort me and we started kissing, gently at first and then with passion.

He removed my top fondling my breasts as he did so, my bra was next, he pulled and tweeked my nipples till they were hard and tingling, I was now very aroused and badly wanted him, he pushed me down on the bed, removing my jeans he practicaly ripped my pants off. My legs opened for him, he pushed his long thin cock into me and started pumping, he didn't last long before I felt him fill me with his cum, but he left me on the brink, bloody men. That night we fucked three times but at least I was able to reach my peak the next times.

The following night Billy again walked me home but this time with another friend Frank, they both came in for coffee, Billy was all over me kising me and fondling my breasts and even undoing the zip on my jeans and pushing his fingers into me through my pants.

Frank offered to leave as he could see that we were both turned on, we both said 'no' and I told him to enjoy the sight, Billy soon had me topless and squeezing my breasts very hard sucked my nipples, I felt them hardening and the felt my jeans being removed, it was Frank, when I did not object they lay me on the bed naked, Frank opened my legs pushing his fingers into my hole he found my clit, rubbing it and pushing his fingers into me I found myself to be getting very wet, he pushed his cock into me and started fucking, I came very quickly, when I cum It is always with a copious amount of juice, so I was now very wet,

Billy stood at the side of me with his cock out, I pulled it towards me and he happily put it in my mouth, sucking it hard it was not long before he came into my mouth, I was going to spit it out but Frank came into me as I reached another climax, causing me to swallow all Billys cum, it tasted quite nice just a little bit salty.

That night I lost count of how many times I was fucked but it was great.

I now have two lovers when I go to the van and am enjoyimg my newly found life.

Just to think that fot twenty years I had only ever had it in the missionary position from Ron.

I think that he is still having it off with the other woman when I'm not there, good luck to him.