Written by blossom

27 Dec 2006

late nite fuck

it was his birthday and we:d had a busy and late nite christmas shopping,work ect,things were tense and frought,so much to get prepared for those wonderful,and most ungraciouse relatives,yet wanting time for ourselves and our first christmas together,when would i get him alone,we:d barely had time to kiss and screw yet alone fuck and be rauchy,just making his breakfast was making me wet,i needed to be rude,very rude with him, ,i wanted the blow job in the park, the sex in the work place when all had gone home,fingering in the carpark after shopping when he said,lets go out at 10 pm. and i was exausted from cleaning and preparing, i did my worst, i showered and made my pussy sweet, i pushed my fingers up my swollen pussy inthe shower, too make it sweet and wanting, i stood and lathered my body with sweet smelling body cream ,and adorned my body thus,silky stockings ,stilletoes, leather mini dres and no knickers ,and so we went dancing, i made sure that i grinded too every song and made love too every piece off music that was played, i knew he could see the men watching me move, seeing them look at my stocking tops, in my leather dress , knowing i was moving ,flashing my thighs, with no knickers on.till i was hot and sweating, and wanting him with every beat of the music, wanting him and every horny woman and man in the room too fuck me, time out and i went to the ladies and was almost instantly pushed into the cubical, the door locked,and the hornest woman,shoved me against the wall and slowly sid her hand up my dress, watching my lips,till she found what she new she would, my hot,wet and wanting pussy,she pushed her fingers hard in me,and fucked me , no kisses just a finger fuck and she was gone, my pussy wet and wanting i went back to the dance fooor, making excuses for my time in the :ladies:danced out and rather horny we began our drive home, but my pussy was wet with come from my lady encounter,and i neede dcock real bad , so i reched over and un buttonned his fly, the weeks of wanting and needing were unleased,his cock ,huge and swollen from my dancing spilled out ,in full mast , i could hardly believe my luck as to the size of his cock ,nor could i wait ,,i took him in my mouth whilst he was driving ,and sucked him hard and deep, , pulling over he reached down and slid his hand up my stockings and found me wet and wantin, i told him that id been finger fucked earlier by an amazing woman, which made him swell too fill my mouth and i sucked him,licked him and ate him till my lips were sore,,the size off him made me gag,,his swollen cock made me suck harder, and i wet my fingers to rim him, slowly gently moving my finger tips around his arse, ,his cock was pulsing under my touch,and his pre come was so tasty,i couldnt get enough, i told him how the womans fingers up my pussy had made me so wet and ready for him, and pushed my finger up his arse and sucked his cock so hard that he shot his come all in my face ,and over my lips,i hungerly swolled it and licked it from his cock, but wasnt lettin my pussy missing out on his huge cock, lifting my leather dress i slowly slid my swollen clit and warm pussy over his dripping cock,and rode him for all i was worth, my breast swinging in his face and my dripping pussy from bitch come ,and fucked my man, he came back to life,but i wanted to give him more so slipped him, up my bottom, ,, whow what a fuck, fingered by a woman, sucked off my man ,,and now an arse fuck, he was spent , so i got to ride him ,till id fingered myself to a frensey,i came and came and came ,all over my mans cock, ,, well worth the ,,shopping and the3 ,,,dance, i cant wait to go dancing again, and take time in the ,,ladies ,,, finger fucks by a strane woman that might be there next week, please,,