Written by Steve

24 Oct 2003

Hello again, You may have read my account of my 1st Bi experience well let me tell you my favourate.

It was Saturday morning and my wife had gone away for the weekend. I had watched soccer am and went on the PC. I browsed various sites looking at ads and posted my own.


I checked my e-mail about 4. There were a few replys but most from timewasters wanting to swap pics or may be able to meet next week. Then I opened the one from the W Yorks Couple. They were in there mid 40's and the young ones had fled the nest. They were looking for some fun tonight and told me they were genuine. What the hell, I replied and sent them my mobile number.

Within 30 mins it rang. It was him, We chatted about our sex lives and experiences and i described myself." I am 6' tall and used to play rugby so i am not a lightweight" I told him.

Not a problem as long as you turn up.

I got to there house at about 8. Its great when you have satnav. no asking for directions.

He greated me and we shook hands. I had brought a couple of bottles of wine, a nice italian red and a chablis. Then i met his wife, she was small and curvy about a size 16 with dark hair. Her breasts looked fantastic in her low cut top. I walked over and kissed her on the cheek. One thing I know is to treat anyone I meet as would want to be. Boundaries are not to be crossed and she may not like me. He was about 5 10, greying hair and about 14 stone. As we sat down he brought the wine. We drank a few glasses and got to know each other then it started. B got up and removed her top. She asked me if i found her attractive, Of course i did and asked if I could show her. I kissed her fully on the lips and felt her tongue in mine. I was hard and pushed my cock against her leg. She rubbed it and at this stage i knew it was going well. I undid her bra and let her breasts free. They were fucking huge. I licked and bit her nipples and she moaned. He said to lay her down and lick her pussy "she fucking loves oral".

She undressed and lay on the settee, I parted her legs and slowly licked her moist pussy before inserting my tongue. He came behind me and I realised he was naked also. " take over while i get undressed" i told him.

I wanked as i watched him lick his wifes cunt. I walked over and she took me in her mouth. She was good and i felt my knee's weaken. He then joined in and both licked and sucked me until i came. Now my turn, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the head, B was now fingering herself and telling me what to do. I put my finger in his arse and he moaned. Without warning my mouth was full of his hot cum. I did'nt swallow but went over and kissed B.

The rest of the night involved us both fucking B, and B telling us what to do. I love it when a women know's what she wants and is not afraid to tell you. We hav'nt been in touch for about a year now but we had some great times. It was on a later visit that I had my first male anal experience and that was brill. I was fucking him while his wife fingered my ass. God i feel so hot now, i will have to finish and go and pull on off.

If any of you reading want to meet, please e-mail me at scperrys@hotmail.com maybe we can PLAY. XXXXX