Written by bettyswallox

17 Aug 2006

This is a first time experience for the three of us. (Me 34, the mate 33 & the wife 32)

I have for sometime been trying to get my wife into a threesome. Well at the weekend it finally happened. On a previous occasion I managed to persuade her to give me and him a bj and she took us in turn sucking me then him then me, and after a while he came in her mouth, I waited until he went home and we had some really hot sex after talking about what had happened earlier. though she said she felt uncomfortable with the situation, but it was obvious she liked it cause she was so turned on. well after some more persuading and a few months had passed she said she might try it one night if she was drunk enough. well at the weekend me, the mate and the wife went out to a couple of local pubs and got a bit drunk and I could tell she was up for it cause she wanted to shag me in the pub toilets but cause it was our local and if we got caught the whole village would know about it, I decided it wasn't a good idea and she would just have to wait till we got home. we got home after the pub shut at 1am and my mate came home with us for a couple of drinks and got a lot more. surprisingly it was the wife who broke the ice asking if we wanted to see her shaven fanny cause she had just done it before going out that evening, we both said yes and she duly obliged and I knew I was going to see my mate fuck her. in no time at all we had her naked and she was sucking my mates cock while I got out of my clothes and got my camera out to get a couple of pix of the occasion and I had only got a couple, when, before I knew it she was sitting on top of him while he sat on the settee and started to ride him. at this point I was rock hard and loving every minute of it, listening to the wife moaning as she bounced up and down on his prick, then I got her to give me a bj while she still shagged my mate, we swapped places a couple of times then went upstairs to the bedroom where my camcorder was. and we started again both of us getting sucked and fucked by my wife and us taking turns videoing the action. he was on the bed and the wife was sitting on him again and I tried to get it up her arse but she said it was too sore (I have had anal with the wife on a few occasions before, but it must have been too tight with another cock in her at the same time). she then sat on my mates face and gave him a 69er(she said he was good at muffin)(he said she was excellent at bj's and I agree). we spitroasted her for a couple of hours, both of us taking turns at each end, then my mate came up her (that was not supposed to happen as we went upstairs so he could wear a condom but in the excitement never put one on. I on the other hand have had the snip so I dont have to bother about condoms). but I jumped straight on anyway cause I was at the point of no return and took her doggy style for a couple of minutes and soon shot my load. he went home and we went to bed and in the morning I looked at the video we had made and the wife watched it too and got turned on, so, we had a quickie. then she told me that she hadn't cum all night which is not unusual as she doesn't cum unless she gets oral to make her cum and then she can only handle one cum because they are so intense. then she stunned me again and said next time we do it she's gonna make sure she cums. I cant wait till next time. i'll keep you posted. oh by the way as I said I have pix to prove this so if you want to see some reply with pix of your partner and tell me what you think of this story. well she did come the next time and the time after that and i even got her to take me and him and another one of my mates and me at the same time but thats another story as they say........