Written by Terry

13 Oct 2004


I had placed an Ad on this site for a some time looking for a mature couple who wanted me to join them, after little success I received an e-mail from a couple who lived in Chester. As I live near Chester I was well up for it.

About me, well I am 34, meduim build and of course very horny!! anyway

We arranged to meet in a pub in town to give each other the once over and to spell out what was wanted by all.

I sat there and eventually they arrived, I know them straight away from the picture they had sent me.

Sue was a stunning, about size 20, with large tits and a lovely arse to match, Bill was slim and quiet.

We chatted about what we expected, basically Sue wanted to be fucked while Bill watched and poss joined in.

I just wanted to get into her knickers.

After a couple of drinks Sue whispered to Bill and then turned to me and asked if I wanted to go further, of course I did.

So we jumped up and off to their house, which was about 10 mins away by car. once inside Sue started to kiss me very sexily, pushing her tounge deep into my mouth.

We went straight up to the bedroom and Sue told me to strip while she went to the loo. I lay on the bed full of desire and nerves. Bill just undressed and sat in the corner on a chair and waited, we chatted about the scene and what got us into this.

Next in walked Sue, wow, she was dressed in Stockings and nothing else, shaved pussy and large breasts hanging there, waiting to be held and sucked.

She joined me on the bed and started to feel my now hardening cock. I'm not huge down there but I do know how to use it. I started to feel her tits, holding them in my hand and started to suck on each nipple, Sue moaned so I knew she liked it. She was busy playing with my cock.

I ran my hand down her lovely body to her pussy and started to feel all around her thighs. she opend her legs to allow better access and my fingers fell into her folds of skin, she moaned more as I put my finger inside her and felt the wetness.

All along Bill was slowly wanking his cock and stared at his wife enjoying her self. I finger fucked her for a while, but I so wanted to taste her. Down I went and ran my tounge along from her opening to her clit, sue started to come and flooded my face with her juice, mmmm it tasted good.

Sue started to tell me what she wanted, fuck she said and with out any ado I climbed up the bed and pointed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I nudged a bit and then removed my cock until Sue was shouting, just put it in me.

With that I did in one lunge I put all of my cock in. Sue screamed and started to buck against my cock. Fuck this was good.

I started to pound into her enjoying her wetness, I was conscious not to come too soon, I wanted her to enjoy this.

She then asked me to fuck her from behind and rolled onto all fours. Sue was there all to see, wow it looked good, I soon had my cock inside her again and started to fuck in a steady rhythm.

Sue then looked over to Bill, the 1st time I think and told him to come over she needed something to suck on, He was soon at her mouth and she swallowed him up to his balls. It wasn't long before BIll was near to comming and he pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her face. This was enough for me and I pulled out and went round to her face and shot what felt like and looked like gallons of come all over her face and tits.

Sue was still coming I think from the noises she was making and started to lick her lips of all the come.

Anyway that was that we chatted for a while and promised each other we could meet again, but this has not happened, so If there are any horny couples in the Chester/ Wirral area get in touch, the more mature the better.