Written by Kevin & Ex Whore 2

19 Jul 2004

Partly true story, the meeting was as describes, the question is what happened before??

Well you always wondered what makes me hard and what memories I have heres another one

Remember when you met me from Indonesia at Heathrow, that morning at 6 o’clock, you were dressed so sexy, short black skirt, no bra or pants fish net crotch less tights see thro blouse and leather jacket and to cap it all little high bootlets you gave me a hard on just as soon as I saw you.

In my mind I imagine what you did before, did you come dressed like that or get changed at the airport? What did you feel like while you were waiting were you approached by anyone, did you take them up on any offers. Did you sit and have a coffee with guys looking at your wet hairy pussy? Did you open your legs so they could see more? I remember you had done your eye make up as well that has always been a big turn on for me, maybe I never did spunk over your face enough while it was made up so sexy.

In my mind you had already had sex that day, in the carpark, as you were getting out of the car a guy watches you walks over he is talll darl hunky, he doesn’t say anything just takes your are and walks over to his van that’s parked opposite, you get in the passenger side and he follows, he kisses you, no words just probes your mouth with his tongue, he reaches under your jacket and feels you nipple its very hard and he caresses it thro the see thro black silk bouse making it more erect you feel your paussy which was already damp with anticipation get wet with excitement. He opens your legs and pushes your thighs apart and feels your juices, you moan, take a quick look at the time its 5.15 you don’t have to leave yet, his middle finger enters you and he rubs your clit with his thumb, All the time his tongue is in your mouth and his lips are glued to yours. He breaks off the kiss and speaks for the first time “do you want more? Do you want my prick in your mouth slut, do you want your cunt fucked” you answer quietly “ quickly”.

He pushes you into the back it’s a bit cluttered but there are some blankets and you are laid out he’s on top of you his hand still between your legs two fingers working away opening you his tongue is in your mouth again, your legs are wide aprt, His fingers stop and move to you anus he forces a finger deep, “ I think you can take prick there as well” he says with a smile. You get a chance to look at him more hes Italian or Mediterranean looking, dark feature, dark hair, he releases his cock from his jeans and its big, big and angry looking wetness glistening from the slit it has a big mushroom head. He straddles you and offers it to your mouth you take it taste the pre cum lick the slit, he takes his jeans off he is very hairy , you suck his balls , Now his fingers are back on your clit and probing your cunt , you can hear that slopping sound as he works more and more into you. You are on your back, skirt up to your waist your bare bum on the dirty blanket, hes on top of you and you feel the first thrust deep and continuing as he goes deep opening you up your soft flesh yields as the large mushroom head pushes until you can’t believe it can go any deeper then he lifts your legs up and carries on so deep its against your cervix, brutally massaging your deepest pleasure spot, its fast and hard and just what you need you feel yourself cumming involuntary you didn’t want him to make you cum but your body had other ideas, “bastard, you bastard” you say “you love it slut” he replies, you want his spunk deep he has other ideas he straddles your face offers his balls for you mouth, you are in a 69 position with out his mouth on your cunny, you have gone very sensitive there and can’t take any more rubbing and defiantly no more cumming, he rubs his prick over your face and mouth, your tongue finds his anus very hairy you push in, then its his balls and the underside of his cock then back again his fingers start again on your pussy you can’t believe it you cum again, he pushes his bottom onto your mouth and he spunks over your neck and breasts, “here my phone number he says call me for more “