Written by Doc

3 Jun 2006

I used to work with Diana a few years ago now but she left to join another company over 2 years ago. When we worked together we had been out a few times and I had fucked her gorgeous blonde pussy quite a few times. After she left we lost contact, but I got her email address from a mutual friend and we finally managed to meet up this week.

After a few drinks I took her for a spin in my new car and she loved it. Before I even had the chance to pull over she had my cock out and was wanking me with some vigour. I pulled over on a quiet road and she pulled her jeans down to her knees and leant over to give my cock a good suck. At the same time I rubbed her pussy and massaged her ass through her cute little white thong. She was clearly enjoying this as she started to suck harder and faster and used her hands to rub my balls and asshole. I pulled her thong to one side and shoved a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy. I pumped her pussy for a while and then pulled out my well lubed fingers and popped my index finger into her arse. This sent her over the top and she came all over my hand. I couldn't hold back any more and held her head still while I pumped my cum down her welcoming throat. Wow what a blow job!!!

I'm going to see her again next week but until then she has given me her thong to sniff and lick to remind me of her, what a babe.