Written by stocking voyeur

26 Dec 2006

alas i have just awoken after a very sexy wet dream or was it for real

last sat i received a text asking me to visit a lodge/pub in derbyshire close by m1 j28

i was told to stay there the night and follow instructions to be sent later and that i was in for a night

to remember.

could this be reality i thought, well i not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth gets myself ready

and heads off down the motorway.

i arrive at the lodge where as i was told a room was reserved for me for the night, pinching myself as i still

couldnt believe what was happening to me i got changed

another text arrived on my phone meet me and your stocking clad sweet princess at another pub in this very nice village

well an offer i could not refuse being a legman and stockings n sussies chap too

i arrived at the pub and entered by the back door

as i entered the pub i noticed this absolutely amazingly stunning young lady sat cross legged in black nylons

and a short skirt with high heels

i bought a drink and as it turned away from the bar the hubby of the beautiful princess said hello kev

nice to see you again, i was the hubby of the sweet princess and his wife

i was flabbergasted

this couldnt be real could it

i walked over and sat opposite this nice young couple right with my eyeline looking straight at these

tremendously stunning legs

i complimented the sweet princess which chap wouldnt she was so incredibly sexy looking

the skirt she was wearing was so short that she couldnt not have been wearing stockings i thought

i complimented the princess on how fabulous she looked and how i liked the outfit she had chosen

the princess replied well you are a good shopper, i like your taste in clothes and am very happy to wear

this outift you purchased for me

it must be a dream i thought i cannot remember going out shopping for an outfit for a young lady recently

as i sat opposite her she lifted her leg a little higher and i was treated to a glimpse of sexy black stocking top

or was it. i had to ask so i did myprincess are you wearing stockings my dear, she replied of course those sexy black seamed ones that you bought me and asked to wear for you along with that lacy sussie belt

you cant be wearing stockings i said not with that skirt it is too short and i would be able to see your stocking tops

if you were !!!

well have a feel then and run your hands over my legs and skirt

never disobey a lady i thought let alone a beautiful princess

i gently rubbed my hands over these smooth sexy nylon clad legs and moved on to her skirt where i felt

a bump of a suspender

my cock stood to attention as i said to myself god she is wearing stockings

we all drank up and hubby said we are going to pub at the lodge where you are staying give us a lift will you

totally mesmerised by these fantastic legs how could i refuse

being a gent i allowed the princess to lead the way

christ she is wearing seams too me thought

as she walked out of the room and thru to the back door i noticed crooked seams

excuse me dear your seams are crooked straighten them then she said as hubby followed on a little behind us

i crouched down and ran my hands over her seams from ankle to sussie belt straightening them as i went along them

we were soon out in the car park where i opened the door to my car to allow the sweet princess to slide into

the front seat as she did her skirt raised a little giving a brilliant view of her stocking tops, bare thighs and tiny black panties

once in the car and under way i couldnt resist running my hand under her skirt and caressing her bare thighs and sussie straps....... this lady was a true gorgeous princess a lady of any mans dreams

as we arrived at the lodge i parked the car around the back thus meaning quite a walk to the bar

as hubby hung back a little i walked alongside this lovely lady raising her skirt and caressing her stocking tops and bare thighs stopping briefly to straighten her seams again which were crokked after the car journey

we walked into the bar and i was conscious that many eyes were on the lady of my dreams

she bought me a drink as hubby visited the auditorium

as he returned we found a quietish corner and went to sit down

once sat down my hands were under skirt and all over her stocking clad legs, bare thighs and feet

her hubby and i took it in turns to run our hands over her stockings and she took off her shoe so that

we could caress and massge her feet

i was finding it increasingly difficult to hide my appreciation i was as stiff as a flagpole

after a while a female singer went on stage and started to sing a few songs

she was quiet good but no where near in the class of the princess sat next to me

hubby decided to go to the bar and chat to a few friends whilst the princess sat next to me

with my hands massaging her back and shoulders in between caressing her bare thighs under her skirt

i also ran my hands over her stocking clad legs and feet as her shoe came off yet again

once hubby was at the bar i put mjy arm around her waist and began to caress her legs and lifting her skirt

so hubby had a great view of this near stranger flashing off his wifes excellent legs and stocking tops

in front of him

there appeared to be one or two admirers from a far also having a good look atwhat was on offer

hubby was fidgeting at the bar, i reckons because he was unable to contend with hiding his appreciation

suddenly the princess had to make a visit and when she returned she heard her mobile bleep

it was hubby sending her text from the bar, at first she could not find her phone in her bag, and as she struggled

to see it she grabbed a tiny pair of panties

oh my dear you carry a spre pair do you i asked

no she replied i have just taken them off

i nearly came in my pants there and then

after a short while the princess intertwined her gorgeous stocking clad legs over mine

as i caressed her inner thighs again

this was certainly turning hubby on

soon after we left the bar the princess tellingme she was to be taken to my room

as we walked out of the bar back to the lodge i noticed hubby following some distance behind

so i gently lifted her skirt to give him a great view of her superb stocking clad legs and bare thighs

on entering the lodge i informed the princess we had to climb a flight of stairs to the first floor

i opened the door to the stairway as any gent would and followed her closely up the stairs

as i did i noticed that her stocking tops and bare thighs were well in my eyeline

i couldnt wait to get up to that room

once in the room we heard a bit of fumbling going on and suddenly in walked hubby

now that is why the receptionist said there were 2 keys to the room

once hubby was in the room the sweet princess walked around the room and then went to the ladies

when she returned she lay out on the bed with her skirt around her waist showing off her great stocking clad legs

and thighs and these wonderful pair of shoes

i fell in love with the shoes as well as the princess

i noticed that the princess had put her tiny erotic panties back on

i was as stiff as a board and after caressing her legs and thighs for while again i took off her shoe to give her a foot massage

it wasnt long before my trousers were off and my cock was in hand and i was wanking viusly

i asked the princess to unbutton my shirt as my hands were full ( one wanking away and the other between her warm upper thighs )

so i was there naked and hubby dropped his trousers

the princess reached out for his cock and in no time had it in her mouth

she was giving him one of the best blow jobs i had ever witnessed

i wanked viusly and was soon cumming all over her bare right thigh, stocking top and also splashed on her tiny panties

as i finished erupting all over this lovely princess i ran my hand over her thigh and rubbed my cum onto her stocking clad thighs and also into her bare thighs

in the meantime she was still furiuosly sucking away at hubbys cock

i continued to run my hands iover her thighs and stocking clad legs before sinking to the foot of the bed and removing

her shoes to give her fully fashioned stocking feet a long massage

next i moved up to her shoulders to massge them and her head

she got up and swapped places and before long hubbys cock was back in her mouth and she was going twenty to the dozen

i in the meantime had suddenly come back to life as i stroked her legs and thighs again

and it wasnt long before i was fully erect thinking and wishing that she had her lips around my cock

as she went faster and faster i got stiffer and stiffer and it wasnt long before i came over my legs and her stockings yet again

i really was in dreamland

all my birthdays and xmases had come at the same time

and santa was certainly filling her stockings with cum

we all collapsed into a heap and then the princess and hubby got up

before i got dressed i beckoned the princess to me and lay her on the bed and had her lay

close up to my body in my arms as my cock pressed into her arse

i then offered them both a lift back near to home

i was treated to the usual performance once in the car

my hands all over her superb stocking clad legs again and upper thighs

after a short drive she suddenly lifted her right leg on to the dashboard and her skirt was arounf her waist

with all her beautiful legsand stockings on show to all who cud see in the car

we approached the pub we first met in and i stopped the car to let them out

as they got out i pecked the sweet princess on her cheek a couple of times

and thanked them for a mind blowing evening