Written by Ivan

28 Aug 2004

They say that the supermarket is the place to meet the opposite sex. Apart from a rather clumsy approach from a dumpy little woman over the potatoes it had never happened to me until I met Sylvia. Even then had things not moved so quickly I would not have believed it because she was not my type.

This time we had got past the vegetables, through the meat and passed the first time in the ready meals. She was skinny, athletic, had poached egg breasts and was wearing jodhpurs. In the trolley was a delightful small girl who was complaining about something. As I usually do in such circumstances I pulled a face at the kid and winked. She was quiet for a moment and then started again. When we passed again on the butter and cheese isle I did it again and the little girl said, “Mummy that man’s pulling faces.”

Mummy turned and smiled and with the deep eye contact she gave me, I felt that wonderful sexual rush that you feel when the chemistry kicks in. Don’t be silly, this is a super market!

“You must have a way with kids!”

“I ought to, I’m a granddad.”

“You look too young,” she kindly lied.

I could feel the sexual aura developing round us. We walked around the rest of the supermarket together and by the time we reached the checkout we felt like old friends. At the front door she invited my back to her place and I followed her in my car. We pulled up outside a very expensive house 5 minutes round the corner.

It was one of those very modern houses with polished floors in the hall and stairs. The little girl ran into the lounge and mum (Sylvia) followed leaving me in the hall. Moments later she emerged and taking my hand lead me upstairs.

“I was just arranging for Molly to be put to bed.”

“Who by?” I asked, wondering.

“My husband.” She replied, and then she added, “he’s always wanted me to fuck another man.”

By now my body was in the total control of brain between my legs, so even though the reply came as a shock there was no stopping. In fact, if anything my rapidly hardening cock redoubled it’s pace and felt about a foot long!

We then went into the age old erotic ritual of getting naked and touching each other for the first time The room was full of sex and lust. We both had to give in to it and had a very satisfying short sharp fuck. What made it more exciting was she was so noisy. I realised that it was deliberate, put on for the circumstances, but it was fabulous having this woman greeting my every move with multi-decibel pants and screams. I’m sure the neighbours must have heard as well as her husband.

I was so aroused by the situation that my cock only went half hard and when that sensitive moment had passed I found her mouth round my cock getting him ready for action as well. This time we were able to take it slowly, exploring each other. It struck me at one point, we had only met an hour before and yet here we were rimming each other. If I were to say it was the best sex session I’ve ever had would not be doing justice to all the fabulous fucks I’ve had with other women, but it was up there with them.

I heard the sounds of somebody moving around, presumably putting Molly to bed and then I felt sure we were being watched through the crack in the door. I think Sylvia felt the same because the noises increased. I carefully moved us round on the bed so if somebody was watching they would get a grandstand view of my cock sliding in and out of her. She was folded double with her ankles behind her ears and I was taking my usual long slow stokes pulling back until it almost pops out. Being the second time I built slowly to a massive climax leaving that wonderful mixture of all our cum oozing out and staining the sheets. I had a good idea they would not be changed before bedtime.

When I stood up to go, Sylvia embraced me feeling my cock in front of the open bedroom door saying, “what a lover!” Eventually I left, never having even glimpsed the husband.

When I spoke to Sylvia later on the phone I asked if her husband had given her a good seeing to and she said, “No! I wanked him off and made him shoot on the floor. Then I made him clear it up. If he wants to play cuckold games we’re going to do it properly!”