Written by Ray

23 Jan 2006

Im a 50+,guy with a healthy appetite for sex, whether it be with a male or female.

I live in a block of flats in the Newcastle/Gateshead area, and see plenty of people come and go, there was an empty flat next to mine and one day I met the new tennants moving in, they were in their 30's both good looking, so as I was at a loose end and offered to help them bring stuff in, they eagerly accepted as they were fed up of packing loading and unloading the van.

After about an hours slog we got everything in the flat, and sat down to a cup of tea, Diana and Jeff were most thankful for the help, and Jeff said he had to go to the old house and collect some more stuff, and why didnt Diana stay here and put stuff away, so there was space for the stuff he was going to bring, so off he went and I helped her put stuff away, there was a box marked Bedroom, so I took it into the bedroom put the box down and turned round to see Diana there taking off her jumper, revealing a pink bra, she said sorry but she was too hot and was going to change into a tee shirt, "Bugger I said, I thought you were going to take your bra off too" I got a reply I wanted and she just took it off to reveal a pert set of boobs mmmmm nice I thought to myself, " you can touch them if you want" she said, so I move forward and cupped them in my hands and squeezed them gently, she shuddered and I pulled back, "whats wrong" I asked, she told me that since she had been married no one else has touched her boobs.

I apologised and left the room to carry on moving boxes, after 10 minutes she called me into the bedroom, I went in and she was stark naked on the bed willing me to join her, I lay on the bed and we started to kiss, I kissed her all over her body, slowly working my way down to her fanny, as soon as I kissed her mound of pubic hair she sighed and opened her legs, I began to kiss her fanny, and she was squirming a bit, and urged me to lick it, so I began to lick her fanny and after a while she got so worked up, she ordered me to strip off, I asked how long Jeff would be, she told me the old place was over an hour away, but we would have a couple of hours, so I stripped off and joined her on the bed, she pulled me on top of her, and urged me to fuck her, I then eased my cock into her and she was rampant, she pulled me further and further inside her, we bucked around for ages, then she screamed out loud, and cum so violently, Ive never seen a woman come like this before, but I just carried on, eventually cumming deep inside her fanny,I rolled off her then collapsed on the bed, this was a wonderful time for me as Id not had sex for over 6 months, and was very frustrated, this I told her and she said "you had better ask Jeff if you want more" I told her I wouldnt work up the courage to ask him, then the wardrobe door opened, it was Jeff, my god I thought this could end up in a punch up, "Dont panic he said we do this alot".

Jeff did say a few words about our antics and said he enjoyed seeing his wife being fucked by someone else, Diana then said that she likes seeing jeff with guys too, I felt a twitch in my cock, mmmmmmm I thought am I about to get involved with Jeffs lust for men, we all lay on the bed, Diana was in the middle, Jeff was also naked by now, and she asked "are you interested in Jeff at all", she looked at me I frowned and looked down at her boobs, "Oh I see your straight then" I then looked at her and smiled and then began to tell them all about my sexual exploits with men and women.

With this Diana got up and left the room to make a coffee, and Jeff leaned over and took my cock in his hand, and slowly began to wank it till it got hard, it didnt need much encouragement, he slipped his lips over it and began to suck me so nicely and gently, agter a while he went to the drawer and produced condoms and lube, placing a condom on his cock and lubing it with ky then asking me to turn over and lubing my hole, he got on top and entered me, slowly working his way inside me until he was all inside me, Diana came into the room and lay next to me , feet ay my head legs open, so I fingered her whilst jeff fucked me, eventually Jeff filled his condom, and rolled off me, Diana took off the condom, and to my surprise emptied it into her mouth and swalloed all the cum she could.

We rested a while got dressed and finished off moving them into the flat,we had many many sessions together,they stayed there for a couple of years untill a lottery win, made them move out, to their own place, I miss the sessions, but have recently been contacted by Jeff, he and Diana are seperated and would I like to come over one weekend, will I? well thats another story.