Written by Jimmy

13 Jan 2005

This happened a few years after I left school...so about ten years ago now!

I had been going steady with a pretty girl for about three years, we were having great sex and good fun together. One night after I dropped her at work (she worked in a hospital and had to do late shifts) I popped into a local pub for a quick pint. None of the regulars were in so i sat at a table on my own. next thing I know a large hand patted my shoulder, 'alright Jim', the stranger said. I turned around and saw my old gym teacher Derek standing behind me. He drew up a chair and we chatted for ages. He was married too but his wife was away on holiday.

One pint soon turned into three and before we knew it we were being kicked out. 'Fancy a drink round mine?' derek asked. I agreed and before long we were back at his. A few more drinks and we started talking about the old days. 'You were quite a handy athelete I remeber' he said, 'good at wrestling too!', he said this with a flicker in his eye. 'Bet you couldn't take me' he said. 'Ok, lets have you' I replied.

we grabbed each other firmly, but I ripped his shirt, we both laughed, 'come on, lets do this properly' he said and stripped off to his white briefs, 'come on...it's not as if we're bent'. With that i stripped off too, to my pants I might add. We pulled each other and wrestled each other then something weird happened, he pinned me down and was on top of me, but I could feel his cock hardening against mine and mine against his.

I quickly threw him off and dived for the sofa...why was I getting hard..I had never had gay thoughts.

'You ok?' Derek asked.

'Yeah, think I pulled a muscle in my neck'.

'Come here, I'll give you a rub down'. My cock twitched again. I lay on the floor as derek started to rub my shoulders...mmn, it felt really good. then down my back, on to my arse, he slipped my pants down to my kness and really massaged me. Then he turned me over exposing my hard upright cock. 'Derek..Im sorry Im not sure what came over me..', I looked down and noticed his cock stickingout of his briefs...hard and wet with precum. Derek pulled my pants off and slipped in between my legs. he didnt say a word, his muscles were sweating and hard...his cock even more so. We started kissing each other lightly...his tounge flickering across my mouth every now and then. I opened my lips and he sunk his tounge deep into my mouth...His hard cock rubbed against mine, this was so sexy.

I felt him rubbing his fingers over our cocks, getting all the juices into his hand, then he started massaging my arsehole, he slipped in a finger, then another, it was painfull but I was to turned on to care. When he got me all lubed up I felt him enter me...slowly at first..then he got all of his cock in me. there we were on this married mans living room floor, his cock up my tight arse and I loved it. 'Fuck me Derek'...The pained had gone all that was left was the pleasure of being screwed by this hot guy.

I felt his muscles tensen and I knew what was coming, he shot his load deep in me...it felt like gallons! He pulled his cock out of me and carried on kissing. Noticing that I was still rock hard Derek made his way down to my cock and took me in his mouth, it didnt take long. I came and he swallowed, it was great.

'Time for bed' Derek said with another flicker in his eye.

With that we made our way upstairs and spent the next six hours fucking, sucking, snogging and wanking.

We saw each other a few more times after that, with always the same result: sex sex sex. But he moved away. Ive had a few more guys since, but Im looking to get back into again. If anyone wants to meet up in London, let me know.