Written by Connor

21 Jul 2005

My wife, Melanie, has always liked sex, and looks forward to swinging at parties. Normally, though, she's a tad shy, and won't fuck in front of other people; she likes to retire to a back bedroom with a single partner.

Things changed this past weekend, when we went to a party at some friends' house.

We got there a bit late, and most people were already there — watching porno vids on the telly, starting to get undressed, one woman starting to masturbate a large black man in the corner.

As is her custom, Melanie retired to a bedroom to change. Usually, she comes back out in a sexy, but fairly covering, silky nightgown. Not this time. She walked out wearing only crotchless black panties, exposing her own neatly trimmed black pubic hair. She had on high heels, and wore tit clamps with weights dangling from her inch-long nipples (Melanie is tall and slim, with small breasts, but her nips are something else again). To my surprise, she was smoking a cigarette; she doesn't usually smoke.

Melanie didn't waste any time. She reclined on the floor directly in front of the telly, rested her back on a chair, spread her legs, and began massaging her pussy as she watched the porno. As I said, it wasn't like her, but after all, it was a fuck-and-suck party.

Then I found out what had her so hot. When we had arrived, I had noticed an athletic-looking black woman also slipping into a bedroom. Melanie has always liked sex with blacks, and she does like to take a turn with the occasional woman.

At that point, the black woman walked out. She was naked, built like a midfielder with a taut, muscular body. Her head was shaved — evidently, she had removed a wig. She was wearing no clothing, only high heels — and a long, dark strap-on dildo.

"I'm Francette," she announced. "I'm a big black dyke with a big black dick. Who wants to take it?"

"Oh, I do, I do," Melanie responded, standing up, stubbing out her cigarette and walking toward Francette.

"Then get down and blow me first, you skinny whore," Francette commanded, and Melanie did.

Melanie is no novice at oral sex, and it showed. She took a lot of that strap-on down her throat. It seemed to turn Francette on. It certainly turned Melanie on; I could see her reaching between her legs and wanking herself.

"Good job, baby," Francette said. "Now it's your turn to get fucked, and when I fuck a woman, she stays fucked."

She wasn't joking. Melanie first got on her back, Francette got on top of her, lubed her up, slid in the strap-on — "Jesus God fuck shit" Melanie exclaimed — and started humping.

As I pulled my cock out out of my shorts and started stroking it, it occurred to me that a woman with a strap-on has an advantage in fucking another woman. She knows she isn't going to cum too soon and lose her hard-on; she can fuck as hard as she wants, as long as she wants.

That was Francette, all right. She fucked Melanie missionary style until Melanie exploded into orgasm, breathing out, "Uhhhhhhhh, my cunt, my cunt, uhhhhhh, shit, I came."

Francette turned her doggy style and fucked her that way, hard, hard, hard, until Melanie shrieked "Fuck my cunt, I'm gonna cum again!" and did. She got on her back, had Melanie get astride her, jammed the strap-on up as far as it would go until Melanie screamed, and kept jamming it up Melanie's snatch until, shouting "Holy fucking cunt!" Melanie came for a third time.

I couldn't believe how hard I was, and how ready I was. So I was glad when, as Melanie lit another cigarette and relaxed for a breather, Francette took off her harness and said to me, "Now, you fucker, I want you to fuck me the way I fucked her."

"I thought you were a dyke," I said."

She smiled.

"Only when I wanna be, fucker. Now I want cock in my pussy."

"How do you want it?" I asked.

"I like it from behind," she said, dropping to her hands and knees.

I was ready, and so was she. I rammed my hard cock into her slick hole, and knew right away it was a perfect fit.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "Oh, yeah … give it to me big time, you nasty fucker."

I did. I fucked her long. I read her every move. When she wanted it fast, she got it fast. When she wanted it slow, she got it slow. When she wanted to me spank her ass, I spanked her ass.

But she didn't get her rocks off until Melanie, having finished her smoke, slid underneath her and started eating her pussy.

"Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!" Francette shouted. "Baby's lickin' my wool! Baby's eatin' my snatch! Baby's suckin' my clit!"

She began bucking, panting, and grunting, and I could tell it was time. I jammed my cock in harder than ever, did it again, and felt her jerk as her cunt clenched around my dick. She spasmed, screamed and collapsed, saying "Oh, Christ, oh, baby, oh, holy shit!"

There was only one thing left to do, and Melanie helped me do it as she rolled out from under Francette, her face gleaming with pussy juice. I pulled out my big cock, and Melanie yanked me off as I shot a giant load of creamy white cum all over Francette's black buttocks.

That wasn't it for the evening. More sucking and fucking took place, but it was secondary to that first time around.

Now, Melanie spends a lot of time talking about the next time we get together with Francette — and with Brandon, her equally black, equally muscular partner, who had been watching after he finished fucking that woman in the corner.