Written by Jillian

20 Aug 2008

It was great reading the story by Anette. I thought I was the only person who had done something like that.

I,m not one of those pretty little things.I,m always thinking men doing things to each other.

I,ve got several gay videos on the internet ,I love watching men wanking and sucking each other off.

I have gone to gents toilets on a few occasions,even though I,m always scared I can,t resist .

I recently visited a toilet on the outskirts of York,I,ve found that evening time is best,after the rush hour.

I went straight in a cubicle,there was a hole in the partition,nobody next door. I lowered my pants and briefs . My pussy was already wet.

I started to wank myself,bringing myself off almost immediately,I was feeling really horny. I heard somebody go in the next cubicle, my heart was thumping.

I sat there silently ,waiting. I could hear the sound of what I know is a chap wanking,when they slap their hand against their thigh to make sure you can hear.

Breathing heavily I looked through the hole,he was completely naked,sitting on the toilet ,playing with his fully erect cock. He knew he was being watched,he stood up and slowly turned around,his hand fondling his balls, then back to his cock, wanking faster.

Somebody else entered the toilet,everything went silent,I sat there my fingers stroking my clitty,copious juices running from my pussy.

I heard the door of the next cubicle open,I could hear whispering, I waited, the door closed.I could hear the rustle of clothing,then again the sound of wanking. I looked through, my favourite sight, two chaps ,both naked. They knew they were being watched.

Their cocks were of a very similar size. I watched and waited,then one chap went slowly down and took cock in his mouth,sucking it in and out,his hand between his legs wanking himself.

I was rubbing my clitty quite roughly,I was coming off again,I couldn,t help moaning loudly ,but I didn,t care. They will have thought it was a chap wanking himself off.

I pushed off my pants and briefs off, I needed to spread my legs wide apart to get my fingers deeper in my pussy , then I went the whole hog, I removed my top and bra. My nipples were as erect as the cocks next door.

I looked back through the hole, they had swapped places, I was coming again, I needed to dry between my legs with toilet paper,I was soaking, I nearly missed it,as I resumed my watch the chap who was being sucked pulled his cock from the mouth and started furiously wanking himself right in the other chaps face.

I was hurting my clitty as his spunk started shooting from his cock,in long white streams it kept coming, I was coming again,the other chap stood up, I watched as the spunk landed on his cock and he used it to lubricate his own wanking.

His spunk spent I watched his cock subside,I watched him clean himself as the other chaps hand got faster and faster,his back arched ,his cock straight in the air,his balls bouncing. His spunk shot straight upwards , most of it landing back on himself. I didn,t care now ,I was screwing myself,I was coming with more and more force.

I was aware I was making loud noises,I almost collapsed. They got out of there fast. I took a chance and with my clothes under my arm went next door just to see how much spunk there was, it was everywhere.

I rubbed it between my fingers ,I love its slippery texture.All was quiet ,I played my clitty between my fingers bringing myself off again. I cleaned myself, dressed and left, as I drove along my memories made my knickers feel wet again.