Written by Jillian

25 Sep 2008

I didn,t hear from Ben for a couple of days following our early morning meeting. I wondered if he had just used me. My mind was constantly full of the things I had watched him do. I was thinking that perhaps my own reluctance to get physically involved had turned him off.

When I heard his voice on the phone I felt so relieved. Sorry he said I,ve been away.What are you wearing ,he asked,skirt and blouse I replied. Will you take them off for me and tell me how you feel as you do, I did as he asked, just my bra and briefs now I said,please take them off he said, I slowly removed them as I talked to him.

I,m naked I said,so am I he said, I was removing mine at the same time. Is your fanny wet ,he asked,I,m covered in my precum,I,m soaking I replied,I,m rolling my clitty between my thumb and forefinger,I,m going to come off, let me hear you. I started to orgasm ,his voice in my ear whispered yes,yes,yes until I finished.

Can we meet again ,he whispered. Same place I whispered back. I,d like to meet you alone and get to know you better,he said ,I promise I,ll never touch you until you want me to, I want look deep into your fanny while you wank yourself off.

I knew I wanted that, yes I replied,where? I know a travelodge. I,ll book us in. When I arrived in the car park he was waiting. Hi Jillian, he said,I,ve booked in. I felt excited as we entered the room. He opened his bag and took out a bottle of red wine,got the glasses from the bathroom and poured two. To us he said.

I want to show you something,he said,I hope you like it. He started to unbutton his shirt. As he opened it, I saw the white lacy bra, he removed his shirt,I started trembling ,he looked fantastic. I,d obviously never seen anything like that before. He knew I liked it,he had a lovely smile.

He undid his trousers very slowly,then opened them very slowly,revealing lacy suspender belt. He pushed his trousers down. The white undies just contained his simi erect cock and balls, his smooth legs were covered in really sexy stockings. He removed his trousers and stood smiling as his cock pushed itself up from his undies under the suspender belt and stood solid almost reaching his bellbutton.

I just stared,that is beautiful I whispered,thanks he said,let me see you. I was so pleased I had decided to get new undies for our meeting. I followed his example and slowly removed my clothes. He gently played with the head of his cock as he watched me. You,re fantastic he whispered as I stood before him in pale lilac bra and briefs. He pushed his undies down and released his cock from the restraints of the belt.His smooth balls were shining, I watched them move up and down as he wanked himself,his precum was flowing.

You know what I want to see,he said.He went to the bathroom and returned with bath towels, he layed one on the bed and the other on the floor at the end of the bed. He got the spare pillows from the wardrobe and stacked them with the others on the bed. He started to remove his undies,he was naked. I removed mine,he continued wanking himself as he watched me. Please, he said as he indicated to the bed.He was standing with his legs apart at the end of the bed,I suddenly knew what the towels were for,he didn,t want to wank on the carpet,the one on the bed was for my juices.

I got on the bed and supported myself on the pillows,I spread my legs as far apart as I could, I took the lips of my pussy and opened them fully. I could feel my juices running down my arsehole,tickling me slightly.

He was staring into me,I prised myself further open with my fingers. my clitty was hard and throbbing, I took it in my fingers. I can actually see it ,he whispered.Your insides are gorgeous, so pink and wet. I was coming ,my back arched as I raised from the bed in orgasm. He moved his head between my legs ,I hoped he could see me spurting. He did,I saw you come then ,he said, I saw every part of the inside of your fanny contort, I,m amased how big your clit is,I didn,t even know you could actually see it.I think mine may be a little bigger than most from whar I read.

Its beautiful, he said,its so like a minature cock. Can you bring yourself off again, then I want you to watch me wank,I can just about hold on. I was very quickly in orgasm again,again he watched my wide open pussy closely,lovely, he kept saying,lovely,lovely,lovely.

I needed to get my breath back, he stood at the end of the bed his legs apart,his cock was throbbing in his hand,wanking very slowly. I opened my eyes and smiled at him,he smiled back and started to wank himself faster. His breathing got deeper as his cock seemed to get even bigger. He was grunting loudly as the first spurt of spunk left his cock, the towel on the floor was of little use,his spunk was landing on the towel between my legs. I was amased by the amount he was shooting,it just kept coming. At last the spurting stopped,but still more spunk flowed from him onto the towel on the floor.

I watched as he pushed the last drops from his cock,I was coming again. I lay back with my legs apart,the towel beneath me soaked. I watched him walk towards the other bed,we looked at each other and smiled. He lay on the bed with his legs wide apart,his hand gently stroking his cock.I slipped mine in my pussy and dosed off to sleep as I stroked my clitty.