Written by Don and H

12 Sep 2005

i was trawling online and managed to hook up with another guy, about a 25 minute drive from me, who wanted a good cocksucking

As soon as i walked in he pointed to behind his couch and said "stand there."

when he told me to turn round he was naked ,

"kneel and suck me" he said.

I got on my knees, sucked, licked and swallowed his fairly thick 7 incher,licked and sucked his balls,till he turned my head slighly on its side, and began to gently fuck my mouth.

He suddenly pushed his cock deeper and i felt the warmth of his cum spreading on my tongue,

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and continued cumming over my face, rubbing and smearing his cum ,making snail trails of thick white cum crisscross my face.

when he said "stand up,bend over, and pull your pants down " I thought he was going to try and fuck me.

I did as he said and i felt his soft kok being rubbed over my arse and him trying to push it between my cheeks.

I could feel him dribbling cum on my arse, as he wiped his cock clean on me.

when he stopped, i stood up but he said

"stay there and dont look."

I felt him rubbing something over my cheeks but couldnt make out what the sensation was exactly.

He finished and told me to

"pull my pants up and leave"

I asked him for a tissue to wipe the cum off my face but he said "no "I was to go home with the cum drying on my face till it peeled off .

By the time i got home, i was able to flake his dried cum off me, but id forgotten about his mysterious rubbing on my arse by then.

Now my missus knows i like a cock now and then, and is fine with it, as long as i tell her, but later, when i picked her up from work, she immediately said

"did you enjoy sucking cock today? "

I blushed cos i was saving it to tell her later in bed.

I asked her how she knew? she said

"the cum trail on your face"

when i looked in my mirror properly, id competely missed flaking off the cum by my left ear.

I bullshitted her about wallpaper paste, and she said "yeh ok" in that tone that says yeh right.

It wasnt till we were in the bathroom,getting ready for bed when she said "why have you got writing on your arse?"

"Where?" i said,

"look in the mirror" she said

As i stood looking over my shoulder at the reflection of my arse, there was writing, in big purple letters, two words on each cheek, MY COCK WAS HERE.

Thats what he was doing when i thought he was rubbing his cock on my arse.

My missus was now telling me to tell her the whole story as she was now horny

I was now incredibly turned on myself and we ended the evening banging our brains out.

The pen he used on me was indelible ink so it survived days and days of scrubbing, but has now finally faded.

I cant wait for the next message he leaves for my missus to discover