Written by Carl901

3 Mar 2006

it was summer, the sun was out and hot and her part time job meant she had 3 afternoons a week off. she dug out her bikini and went into the back garden. soon she was soaking up the sun. only the house next door could see into the back garden and that was empty so she removed her top and oiled her breasts. they felt good as she rubbed the oil in, her nipples flowered and remembered her husbands hands on them earlier that morning before they went to work. she was in her early forties and her body just oozed sex appeal. she lay back down, enjoying the sun on it.

after about half an hour she noticed the curtains in the bedroom window of the house next door twitch. she had forgotten that new neighbours had moved in last week. she didn’t want to let them know that she knew they were watching so resisted the temptation to jump up and cover herself. she lay there just a moment too long. why didn’t she slowly turn over and then put her bra back on and disappear into the house in embarrassment? the curtain moved again and she saw it was a young boy. the neighbours son andrew was home from college. he was 18. she remembered seeing them move in.

she found it quite exciting that he was looking at her body. he probably had fantasies about older women and was probably erect now looking at her. she decided to let him look. after a few more moments of thinking she decided she was getting turned on and quite fancied the idea of him wanking off while looking at her. she raised her buttocks up and slid her bikini bottoms off. she picked up her suntan oil and poured some into her hand. then she smoothed it over her mound and between her legs. she thought she heard a small noise from the window. it looked like he had gone. shame. she was horny. she got up, went inside and put on a short thin low necked summer dress and went to his back door. she knocked and after a minute or so andrew answered.

‘are your parents in?’ she asked him, glancing at his crotch.

‘no’ he answered.

‘well andrew, i’m sure you know why i’m here. it was you i saw at your bedroom window just now spying on me in my back garden, wasn’t it?’

‘no’, he answered, ‘i mean i can’t see your garden from my bedroom window’, he continued.

‘well let’s check that shall we’ she said and marched past him to the stairs.

‘follow me’.

she wanted him to follow her up the stairs and intended to give him a good look as she wore only the dress.

andrew stared up the stairs as mrs hammond walked up. he could see right up her dress and he thought she wasn’t wearing anything but he couldn’t be sure. but then she was naked in the garden. helen walked straight into the bedroom and stopped dead. lying naked on the bed were 2 other boys.

‘get in here’, she said to andrew, trying to work out what to do next. the boys started to get up.

‘don’t move’ said helen sternly.

‘so you’ve all been spying on me’ she said. ‘you little perverts’.

‘it was an accident mrs hammond, we just saw you by mistake, and well, we couldn’t stop looking at you’.

she looked at them, naked and scared.

‘were you naked before you saw me?’ she asked.

‘no’ they protested.

she saw a magazine poking out from under the bed, and retrieved it. it was full of porn, woman sucking cocks, women in disgusting poses, holding their pussies open for the camera, women getting fucked’.

a picture of the three of them, naked masturbating together as they looked at the magazine flashed across her brain, then what they must have felt when they then spotted her in the garden. a real live naked woman naked. she looked around for wet tissues or signs of their cum, and then found some on page 10 and 11 of the magazine. someone had cum over the photo of a woman taking a cock in her mouth while being fucked by another.

’urgh! who did this, she asked.

one of the boys moved slightly. she looked at his cock and yes she could see some cum at the end of it and a drop on his thigh.

‘and you other lads, have you been masturbating?’ she asked.

‘yes, but…’ the other one on the bed started to say, but then trailed off.

‘but what, but i interrupted you before you could do it over the magazine?’

‘we were looking at you’.

‘you were wanking while looking at me?’

‘well you knew we were watching though didn’t you. you were teasing us, you were letting us watch you’.

‘well why don’t we finish what we were doing then’ she said and she began to unbutton her dress. they stared transfixed as she did so and she felt so horny and let it fall leaving her naked, exposing her oiled body to them.

‘come on andrew, you too, i’m sure you weren’t doing your homework’.

soon andrew was naked and all three had hold of their cocks. she laid back against the wall and began caressing her breasts. they were wanking themselves now ogling her. her hand slipped between her legs and she rubbed her slit. she felt so horny doing this in front of 3 young boys, watching them ogling her and wanking their cocks in front of her. oh how she wanted to suck them but she couldn’t.

she slid 2 fingers into her pussy and one of the boys came, his cum arcing across the room, then another dropped to the ground as he too came. she felt so powerful. the boy who had previously wanked over the porno mag was taking a bit longer so she went over to him and knelt in front of him.

‘what a gorgeous cock, i’d like to suck it some day but now i want to feel your cum on my tits, and as if on command he came, his cunm spurting over her breasts. they all looked spellbound as his cum slid down her breasts.

‘i hope that’s get it out of your system ‘ she said, pulling her dress on and walking out.

back at home she masturbated again as she relived the experience.