Written by Jack

5 Jan 2006

About six or so months into our relationship came a turning point. My

Syrian lady (S) had become more and more adventurous. We began to have some

outdoor fun (not dogging though), some role play and she increasingly liked

to act the tart. As yet, there were no moresomes and she really did not seem

keen to try.

Once when her husband was away I arranged a night at the theatre and I

booked a room at a gentleman's club I know in the west end of London. This

club was somewhat quaint and had a no females rule (except those that worked

there). However, they did turn a blind eye to the high class hookers that

visited the gentlemen members (so it was rumoured). The plan was this - I

would check into the room pre theatre while S sipped a coffee a few doors

away, then after theatre I would go back to my room there and wait for her

to arrive a respectful time later. That evening she dressed well and had a

short skirt, high heels & long coat - she certainly looked the part of a

hooker, and sure enough after theatre, I went back to my room in the club

and waited for her. When she arrived, she breezed into reception like a pro

(literally), tipped the concierge and came straight to my room. She was

really hyped up when I let her in, the adrenaline rush led to us having

fantastic sex all night; she really enjoyed playing the hooker.

At about 4 in the morning, when I lay there exhausted, my balls completely

drained, I played with her pussy which was oozing with our cum. I asked her

what her husband would think if he saw us now, and would it excite him? She

then told me that he would probably be horrified, that she didn't care and

that he was incapable of getting excited - he was impotent and had been for

years (this is pre- Viagra of course). She admitted that he still makes

advances to her, but that she won't even let him so much as lick her pussy.

I actually felt sorry for the guy and even guilty that I was screwing his

lovely wife for all that I was worth and she was loving it. She drifted off

to sleep and I don't know why but I resolved to end the relationship. The

next morning as we were about to leave (her first or course) I told her that

I hadn't yet paid her for her services and threw a couple of twenty pound

notes at her, partly in the hope to offend her. To my surprise, she said

nothing, picked up the notes, slid them into the top of her stockings and

left to go back to the coffee shop where we were to meet. At least she saw

the funny side and bought me lunch. What a gal!

It was a while before we met again and we squeezed in an evening at her

place the night before her husband was due to return from a business trip.

We shared some wine then had wonderful sex and I left her at about 11pm

asleep in her bed, again with cum oozing from her.

As I got into my car, (a discreet distance away from the house) I noticed

another car drive past and up on to S's drive. I watched in my mirror and

could just about see a man (who I presumed was her husband) use his key to

get into the house. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I could hardly call

her to warn her. It was a close thing.

She later told me that she remained asleep as he crept into bed and as he

snuggled up to her he slipped his hands between her legs to find evidence

that she had just had a thoroughly good seeing to. A row developed until

the early hours when she gave him the ultimatum - let her fuck who she wants

to or head for the divorce courts. He chose the former.

This 'outing' of her lifestyle greatly increased her confidence and was a

further boon to our sex life. Then one day she told me that she wanted to

arrange something special for her husband's 50th birthday (he was over 10

years older than her). She was going introduce sex back into her marriage,

and she insisted that I play a part in it.

The arrangements were made, she bought a ball gag and handcuffs from a local

sex shop (she admitted that she'd never have done that before meeting me!)

and invited me over for 8pm. When I arrived, the whole downstairs was lit

by candles. The lounge had dozens of small candles all around, forming

almost a sacrificial area in the centre of the room. And there, in the

corner, just about visible in the half light was a middle aged man, naked,

cuffed, gagged and blindfolded kneeling on the carpet. I could just about

make out his cock which appeared small and flaccid.

S and I enjoyed some wine on the sofa and she openly flirted with me,

calling me Mark (not my real name). It took me a little while to catch on,

but she was making this appear to be a first meeting between us, although I

wasn't sure why. I played along with it and increased the level of flirting

announcing that I'd like to kiss her and wondered aloud whether she looks as

great naked as she did in her outfit. She then confessed that she had no

underwear on as she found it 'so restrictive' - every thing was said out

loud to provide a running commentary for her cuckold husband.

Before long she was sucking my cock, breaking off now and again to describe

every detail - how large my cock was (it isn't) and how thick (its quite

average) and how she loved the taste of my precum. The gimp in the corner

grunted now and again, but no sign of his cock twitching.

We then 69'd on the floor, again with S providing a running commentary as

best she could. She even described her first orgasm of the evening as she

clamped her lovely thighs around me. We fucked doggy style and we could see

her husband wriggle a little as she described in detail how my cock was

massaging the inside of her cunt. Then she said "that's great - fuck me with

that big black cock!" - this was a shock, I'm barely tanned, let alone

black! The image she was creating for her husband was that she was taking

her first black cock in front of him.

I took the initiative, pulling my cock out of her cunt, I slid it slowly

into her arse. She had not let me do that before, only fingers, but she

could hardly complain. Instead, she described the feeling to the gimp as I

slid my entire length in and started pumping away.

She was screaming with pleasure and pain now, telling her husband that she

was being fucked up the arse by a big black cock, reminding him that she had

never let him do that, even before he became 'useless'. I was close to

coming and told her so. She instructed me to empty my balls in her arse and

make sure there was plenty of it for gimp to savour. Now I understood her

plan and I came and came as though my life depended upon it. There was so

much spunk that it started to ooze out almost as soon as I'd finished.

Again, she had described to him what it had felt like to take hot spunk up

her arse for the first time and from a large black cock too. As a white guy

with an average build, I felt positively flattered!

She instructed the cuckold to move forward. As he did so (still on his

knees, hands cuffed behind him) he knelt on some of the candles and was

clearly hurt by them. When he reached the centre of the room she told him to

stop and she manoeuvred herself on all fours, backing on to him. She then

instructed him to clean up the mess that her well endowed black lover had

made, but to wait for her command.

She told him that her friend was just leaving. I took it as a take my

go. I quickly got dressed and kissed her. She winked at me and mouthed the

words 'love you'.

As I squeezed quietly through the front door I heard her say 'now you can

start, you useless bastard'.